LAA Custom Rock Devil Review by Joey Tassello with English Subs

Uploaded by SpaghettiGuitarTube on 29.03.2011

Spaghetti Guitars Tools presents:
Joey Tassello and LAA Custom.
Hi Guys! I'm Joey Tassello. Welcome to another
Spaghetti Guitars Tools' episode!
Today we introduce... Today... Today?
Today we introduce the LAA Custom's "Rock Devil" from Turin.
Rock Devil is an overdrive that contains in a handy pocket-sized
all history of the english rock amplifiers.
On this pedal you can find the classic three-knobs:
Gain - Volume - Tone.
A feature of this pedal is that the tone controller
works as amplificator's pot presence.
This not affect the bass freq. and adds "bright" to your sound.
It makes your sound marvelously rampant!
And now let's try it!
First of all, let's try the amplifier's clean sound.
The first sound we listen to is... oh... Come on!...
It's a tipical 70's rock sound.
This pedal was born for Rock, but I like it for Blues too!
Another feature of this pedal is that at high level of gain
the sound remains defined and intelligible.
Rock Devil can be used as a boost on crunch channel of your amplifier.
And if you like traditional swedish music
But this pedal gives its best with Humbuckers!
This is our starting sound...
And if you like the "Bearded Rock"...
I offer this one!
Ah! Yes... Yes...
Do you want to trasmute a simple crunch... in... ?
Laa Custom Rock Devil. The History of Rock at your feet.
It's all for today. See you next time with Joe Tassello and Spaghetti Guitars Tools.
Seems I said "The history of Rock has YOUR feet!"
A brand of shoes!
The pieces done in this video are totally improvised. Any reference to riff existing are just accidental.