Coogan Auto - Meet Becky

Uploaded by LOUD on 21.01.2013


BECKY: You know, the constant innuendo, the constant
commenting on me coming from a room.
JERRY: Well, I wouldn't mind seeing the coming part.

BECKY: I kind of wanted to get into paralegal work, but I
applied at a few places around town and no
one was really hiring.
JERRY: I mean, she works in this
testosterone pit every day.
Surrounded by men that just want to feel those tits.
Becky's like a daughter.
BECKY: And I applied at some places at the mall, and no one
was really hiring there.
-Does this mean we can't talk about rubbing our schlongs on
those precious melons?
BECKY: And then I applied to some restaurants, and no one
was really hiring there.
RANDY: She's a really nice to me.
I like her.
She's a special girl.
Sometimes she'll let me like go get her yogurt and stuff.
BECKY: And then I applied here at Cougan Auto.
And, you know, I'm not going to say it was a last choice or
anything, everyone's really, really nice.
VIP: I swear to God, if I could afford Becky, I would be
right there.
But I have a feeling she's sort of expensive.
RANDY: I'll go get her drinks.
I'll go get her stuff.
And sometime I give her a ride home.
She's high maintenance Jimmy Chew bullshit.

LOUIS: It's fine.
it's fine.
-Is she going to pull out her ta-tas and
rub 'em in our eyelids?
LOUIS: I'm anxious to meet them, though.
JERRY: Oh, fuck me, and that face, you
just want to [SMOOCH].
Fuck, I'm getting so--
till the break of dawn!
Till the fucking break of dawn!
God damn it!
BECKY: I do know judo, so if it came down to it, I could
kick all of their asses.
JERRY: No, no, no.
Becky's like, one of my daughter's hot friends, that
given the right situation, and maybe enough
alcohol, and a hot tub--
you know what I mean?
VIP: No softcore bullshit.
Real chk-chk-chk-chk.
-Fruit salad, yummy, yummy.
-What's the joke with the Smirnoff Ices?
They're delicious.
Sometimes, me and my bros, my homies, pound a few cold ones.
You ever been iced?
They're fun and delicious.