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>>Soon after I had my children, I decided to stop working. I wanted to be a
stay at home mom and take care of them. They were growing up and they started going to
school. And that's when I realized I had a lot of time on my hands. And then once we
start the broadcast, I'll begin the class. Which is when I began Archana's Kitchen. Thanks
joining the Archana's Kitchen hangout. It started off as a blog where I started writing
down recipes of what I cooked for my children. Carrot almond cupcakes. And now I've started
doing online cooking videos. And if you made cakes before. One day, my husband said, "Hey,
you know what your visitor count is? It has reached a million." I was like, "Wow." I started
getting business opportunities. People wanted me to start a catering service. There are
a lot of women entrepreneurs in India who will do a lot of small businesses, but their
exposure into using technology is low. Women Entrepreneurs on the Web was created by the
Google team in India to help all the Women Entrepreneurs who are using technology for
their business. Women Entrepreneurs is a great starting point to connect with women who are
doing something similar to what you want to do. It's a great learning place to see how
women are using technology to make their presence felt on the web. Today, as you know, we're
going to be cooking paneer and cabbage parathas. Archana's Kitchen is the best thing that's
happened to me. I didn't think that I would come such a long way to get to where I am
right now. Archana's Kitchen has turned me into a photographer, a food consultant, a
food writer, an author and a culinary trainer. My dream now would be to build Archana's Kitchen
studio, combining health and food together. If you are passionate about doing something,
that's the foremost thing that counts into being an entrepreneur.