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Hi, mom.
Yes, I met teacher Tai.
I got the new room already. It's in the same dorm.
I'm moving because there are often problems with my roommate, Jane.
Yeah, lots of problems. But she's a good friend.
Me? Keeping secrets from you?
You're too smart, I couldn't trick you.
But I want you to know that I'm very happy
to be able to change rooms.
No, please don't...
I can handle trivial issues like this myself, no problem.
You don't have to worry.
I love you, mom.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.
Kiss 1,000 times.
I also love you, dear. Kiss, kiss, kiss, 1,000 times also.
"Nice to meet you mate" O Pie O
Don't come in! Don't come in!
It's you who should back off!
Hold on, I'm hurt.
Are you a girl?
Of course I'm a girl!
Aren't you even going to apologize?
For what? It's because you suddenly jumped on me and surprised me.
Didn't you see that house-size cockroach? And this is also our room.
Our room?
Oh no! I ran away from a lesbian just to meet a tom.
Hey! No... no... no! I'm not a tom.
You're not a tom even though you look like this?
I'm really not a tom, I'm a girl.
Umm, a girl?
A girl like this? Oh, so feminine...
look at your face, hair style, personality, body...
Where? Which parts of you look like a girl, tell me?
Kae. I can't bear it anymore. Can I change rooms, please?
- Why? You just moved your room? - I can't stand it anymore.
Honestly, it's not that I dislike her, but it's difficult for me to get anything done.
It's as if I lived with a man. I'm not comfortable living with a tom.
How uncomfortable?
It's tough, teacher. I won't be able to get used to it.
Just put up with it for a while. You'll get used to it.
Tom or not, if you're not interested, there shouldn't be any problems, right?
But I have the right to move, don't I?
Yes, you have. But you've used it already.
And I personally don't approve.
I was here before you so I'd like to have the
following privileges: I'm on this side, and you're on that side.
This is the borderline.
We won't cross it.
I like it quiet because my fish are easily frightened.
You won't probably understand what I mean.
Oh, and it's better to be quiet, if you can.
Can I do some singing?
If you think you're a good singer, sing softly.
If this is the way you sing, then I prefer silence.
Can I cook?
Actually, it's against the rules.
If the flat maids know, you'll have to move out.
Go ahead and cook!
How can I use the bathroom with this line separating us?
- Just cross the line then. - OK
"Nice to meet you, mate" O Pie O
The landlord isn't home.
Hey, they're coming!
- Oh - Are you OK?
- My heart.. My heart's melting. - Oh.
- Moron! - Wow, managed to say it at the same time!
- Oh, my heart hurts. - Why?
- I met a girl who's more handsome than me. - Hey, are you so handsome then?
Do you use Mr. or Miss?
- I'm happy now. - Hey sis, where are you going?
You can blow your nose, I don't mind.
Who has made her so happy this time?
I don't know but...
it's like I hit the jackpot.
Even Noed was surprised.
Noed was surprised?
Even if a building fell on her, she wouldn't be surprised.
I don't know, I feel like she understand me
in a way that no one else can.
You've got a blind side that no one can see so who understands that?
How about the senior you cried for?
Don't talk about that, I'm in a bad mood now.
You were rampaging and broke lots of stuff.
Hey, Noed. When Jane's in love, does she change at all?
Excuse me, but I need to concentrate.
I thought it didn't make any noise.
But you're doing so many movements.
So, it's noisy anyway.
And the light kept flashing.
How about you changing sides?
Pie, do you have anything to eat? I'm hungry.
Pie, please come with me.
Hey, who's that?
Your roommate?
- Don't tell me... - Yes, she is..
- This is the one I told you about. Do you think she's handsome? -Meh
Hey, why?
I think it might be better if we changed rooms?
OK? Oh and about Noed..
Noed is quiet..
What size battery does she use? Very sluggish.
- So what's her name? - Uh, I don't know.
Hey, why didn't you ask her?
Hurry up, ask her.
About yesterday...
thank you.
I don't mean to intrude.
So, did you blow your nose?
Crazy! I didn't
but I washed it already, I'll give it back later.
- My name's Jane. - My name's Kim.
My name's Pie,
and I'm not a bridge you can use to flirt with each other.
So, what plants are you planting?
- Are you an agriculture student? - Yes
I'm from a farmers family.
Are you giving it to me?
It's beautiful, what kind of plant is it?
Love at first sight.
Do you love me?
No, the plant's name.
Can you find your way to the right room, Jane?
"It's delicious"
I'm sorry, I was trying not to...
But I couldn't do it less noisy...
Hey, I don't mind something like this.
Are you hungry?
I cooked a special recipe today.
Can you cook in a rice cooker?
What is it?
It's called "baked chicken rice".
There's lots of nutritious things in it... mushrooms, vegetables, herbs.
You want to try it? It's delicious.
How about it? Good, right?
So so...
Do you like to cook?
It's fun. Sometimes it's delicious, sometimes it isn't.
And what about those plants outside?
Basil and mint. Vegetables like that.
If I need any. I just pick them. So I don't need to buy them.
So, do you like cooking or planting?
I like both...
How about you, Pie? Do you like fish?
That fish that you keep, what does it do?
- Really? - What?
"Really" is the name of the fish,
and the species is "little dolphin".
- The name is cute.
- Is it really a dolphin? - No, it's not.
They just look like dolphins that's why it's called "little dolphins".
It's actually a short trunk elephantfish. It's an imported fish species.
Your keeping only 1 of these fish, won't it get lonely?
It's very aggressive, so it can't have tank mates.
Don't you try bringing another fish. It'll attack the new one.
Like its owner?
It's just being choosy who to be friends with.
Are there any fish that look like a tom?
I don't know.
But there are fish that like to be with the same gender.
Any fish that doesn't like a tom look alike fish?
I'll give you another chance.
I'm just kidding.
Don't frown like a mackerel.
But she can do all that herself, Waen.
Yes, in a rice cooker.
It's delicious. So weird.
Hey, Waen
you know she's very tom... so don't tell my mom.
Everyone will think that she's a man.
Ei Ei I don't know how long I can stand her.
My mom will get goosebumps.
You can blow your nose if you want.
You miss me, dear?
How's the plant I gave you?
Kinda complicated but I can handle it.
If you have any problem just tell me.
I'll tell you when it needs to be fertilized.
- Do you want to play game together? - OK
Excuse me.
This is a good song.
Hey, it's not a song. It's a game.
You think this is the right place?
It should be. The security guard told me it was.
Surely the university is a great place.
God, I can't believe it. Are you a girl or an angel?
Excuse me, son.
- Is this girl dorm 'A' building? - Yes
- Is this your car? - Yes
You can't park here. You have to park on the other side.
I'll take you there.
It's OK, I can find it myself. Thank you.
Hey, hey, come and clear this up.
We have the same hairstyle maybe we're soul mates.
Where do you think you're going?
You don't have to fight, Pei can handle both of you.
Double pack! I like it. - Od
- Hello, Kim - Hi
I only want a few of them.
- Where should we put them? - You can't get inside, so just lay them down here.
Here you are.
- Where are you going next? - I've got to go lots of places.
- Can I help you with anything? - It's OK, I'll go to aunt In's cafe myself.
- Good bye - Bye
Hmm who's Pei huh, Boy?
Any of you know this place?
This is In's cafe. It's behind the university.
Could you take me, Pie?
I have some errand to do with Boy. Go by yourself, it's not hard to find.
Go left down by the pool and at the end take two rights.
You'll see an alley, turn left, go down the street 5 mins and you're there.
Oh, and it opens in the evening.
Out of the building, turn left...
Turn right 2 times...
when you're at a small junction, turn left.
Turn on that street, out of the street...
5 mins and you'll be there.
Turn on that street...
down the street, 5 minutes and...
it's dark.
So, didn't you find it?
I got lost.
Where's Boy?
He went with the girls.
Why didn't you ask someone for help?
No, I don't want somebody else to take me.
Could you take me?
OK, that means I paid you back for the roasted chicken.
Don't overdo it!
Are you coming or not?
If you don't move, I won't take you there anymore.
Then stand up yourself.
Wow, you were so fierce that the fountain went off.
Would you like the whole university to blackout?
Is aunt In here?
- Kim - Aunt In
Little brat!
You look so handsome. How are you?
- You're also more beautiful. - Really?
It's just a little bit.
Dad sent me a new wine for you to try.
Wine? Well, I'm thirsty now.
You have good taste.
Your girlfriend? She's cute.
- No! No! No! A friend. - Hey!!
I'm joking, don't get hot under the collar!
- Good - Kim
I've got a new song, Come up and join me!
Seems like every time I meet you,
my heart weakens more and more..
I want to speak with you, greet with you.
And why should I be shy?
I can't endure the feeling when I meet...
May I ask you something? Is In tom?
Come on tell me, I want to know.
- I don't know. - Nahhh
I really don't know and care about these things because I'm not one.
Hey, Kim... I'd like to speak frankly
nobody thinks that you're not a tom. I'm serious.
The more you refuse, the more you are.
OK, so please tell me...
exactly what is a tom?
They're like you. They act like you.
They aren't feminine at all and have girlfriends.
Some of them like to act overly manly.
Oh I see, like the dorm teacher?
- Yes - So, I...
don't look like a girl...
and I don't like girls...
and I'm not overly manly.
What am I, then?
Have you ever been with someone?
Have you ever liked someone?
No, never.
Both men and women?
Never liked anyone?
If I like anyone... like to speak with like... to play with
and like to be with, but if she's a girl...
does it mean I'm a tom?
Will it change the meaning of being myself, Pie?
I like playing games, roasting chicken and doing anything else as usual.
While other aspects about me, will anyone ever notice it?
Other than "You are a tom"
It's flooded!
- Just wait, I'll go and complain! - Pie
Oh no...
I made it with my own hands.
You can sleep on my bed. I'll sleep on the floor.
No, it's alright.
Hey, you can cross my line, I don't mind!
Are you sure?
Sure, I'm a farmer's daughter. Sleeping on the floor's no problem!
That's enough!
Are you afraid of ghosts?
- Everyone's scared of ghosts. Aren't you? - No
So what are you scared of then?
No, I'm not afraid of them. I just don't like them.
I understand.
I don't like the dark or silence. That's why I always make noises.
I'm also afraid.
You don't like me to play, right?
So you won't be afraid anymore.
I'm not good at playing.
Don't pretend that you don't play well.
I'll bust your head open.
Fucking sadist!
Fucking queer!
Do you know who...
who's keeping an eye on you only.
Everywhere you go.
But you're the one who
gives energy to my heart.
I keep it for long.
If I only could be near you,
I'll let you to know my feelings
look me in the eyes to see something inside...
you'll understand the meaning...
Do you see someone inside my eyes? Do you see yourself inside them?
Can you understand me? See what I'm thinking?
I've seen you for a long time, you know?
Never looked at anybody else.
I wish our eyes could meet once again
one more time.
If only you look at me
and tell me what are you thinking.
Someday you'll have to walk with me...
just you understand me...
I like water.
Actually, I like jellyfish the most.
I like how free they appear to be in the water.
They look so soft, and kinda like floating in the water.
I'd like to have one, but it's difficult to keep.
We've got such big mouths, don't we? Of course we have!
- Ouch, my eyes hurt. - What's wrong my dear friend?
Love just hit my eyes.
- But my eyes are irritated. - Why?
It's like a tom took over our colony.
We'll sing this song for them...
Ching Chub Ching Chub (Used to tease girl lovers, very rude)
Please, don't overdo it, OK?
I think you should preserve nature
because our ecosystem is in bad shape now.
If I conserve nature and get men like you...
I'd rather go on the Ching-Chub tour It's much more fun.
- What? Ching-Chub tour? - Let's go, darling.
- Waste of time. - Hey, you.
Hold on, let me ask something. When you kiss, do you get excited?
There's no excitement in just talking.
But if you guys do it with me, I'm sure it'd be exciting!
Why are you still here?
Hey, that's Waen? Waen!
Hello. Hello.
Pie, your mom told me to pick you up for dinner.
This is Kim, my roommate and this is Waen.
- Hello. - I'm Pie's boyfriend.
Is this Kim who can cook with a rice cooker? You're very skillful.
- Come on, let's go Pie.
Let me help.
Boy, do you think this couple looks OK?
OK, good looking and polite.
But I don't like this kind of guy, too boring.
Yeah, me too.
Yep, not spicy at all, you have to add a lot of sauce and chili.
- Pie likes to eat something like this? - Pie doesn't like eating anything weird.
How strange, my family calls us normal people.
Do you think Pie will look at us as normal people?
Hello, Aunt In.
Give me a cup of hot milk please.
Thank you.
Is it delicious?
Not good?
What's up? Why is your face sour like that?
No, I'm just feeling a bit depressed.
Depressed? You argued with Pie didn't you, coming alone like this?
No, she's with her family.
A man picked her up.
So my cake weren't good because of that?
Aunt In please don't laugh...
You like her, don't you?
What? You're ridiculous.
Let me ask you frankly...
This expression of yours, how are your inner feelings?
You mean me being tom?
There are people who look like it but they're not.
And there are others not like this, but they are.
Actually, things like this comes from the inside,
not from any appearance.
Don't let the appearance make the decision for you.
You should be what you are inside.
I see you two are always giggling together. In what way do you like her?
- Friend, just a friend... - Are you sure?
Search carefully,
in both your body and your heart, for what it really wants
So you won't have to be sorry later.
Pie, can I pick you up for the cinema some other time?
Waen, please don't ever say that again.
Speak what?
You said that I'm your girlfriend in front of my friends.
My girlfriend?
Waen, have I ever told you that I'm your girlfriend?
I'm sorry.
I won't say it again.
I'll wait for you to say it yourself.
Nah, it's no big deal, right?
Don't frown like a tuna.
- Kim! - Huh?
Are you asleep? Why did you go to bed so early?
Why didn't you turn on the lamp?
I'm sick.
I have migraine. I'll feel worse when I see the light.
Did you take some medicine?
You know that just taking drugs won't make it go away?
You need a massage.
Come on, I'll massage you.
If that doesn't make you feel better
I'll also massage your head.
My aircon is broken.
- Huh, what? - It's so hot I can't sleep.
- So, you're... - Let me sleep here, please?
Which bed?
Actually, it doesn't matter
your bed is OK, but Kim's bed is better.
She's not well, she's got migraine.
Kim, how are you feeling?
Have you got a bad headache?
Let me massage you.
Jane, Kim's head is damaged now. Don't disturb her.
Sleep with me, OK?
In's Cafe, Yes or no?
You're crazy!
Hey, where are we going today?
Wanna eat pork on a hot plate?
I'm hungry now that I see your face.
She's right to the point.
But I don't want my hair to smell, let go to In's cafe instead!
Do you want to go?
Let's go.
No, I don't want to.
Let's go! I'll treat you to a cake.
No, I'll only eat cake when I'm in a bad mood,
and today I'm in a good mood.
Hmm, what's your point?
Dear Boy..
I also want to go to In's cafe. We could listen to her music.
So, do you want to go, Pie?
No, I don't want to.
Did you get it?
Still a lot left?
Let's use this here.
OK, that's enough.
Seeing each other by our eyes
sensing each other by our hearts
but it looks like our love is backtracking
till I can't reach it, grab it
You're so close to me
just a breathe away.
But why..
Love is on the far end of the sky?
Hello, Waen Every other one has a dream.
What's up Pie? Every other one has a dream.
I'm bored. Every other one has a dream.
Tell something funny Loving you...
Ha ha, his fart smelled really worse than the others... Loving you... impossible.
I'm going out to get some stuff. ...impossible
I'll be right back.
Are you going for long?
- Only a few minutes. - I'll wait here.
And everyone was like...
- It's very shameful. - Hold on, another call's coming.
- Where are you? - I'm at the fountain garden.
What are you doing?
I'm on the phone with Waen.
He told me that the sunset was beautiful.
- So?
Hey, I've got news for you..
Where's your girlfriend? Why did you sneak out to call me?
Girlfriend? Who do you mean?
Ah, I'm talking about Jane.
Which story do you want me to tell first,
about Jane is not my girlfriend
or Pie is not someone else?
If I'm not someone else,
who am I?
You're so close to me, just a breathe away
Just a word
Love is just a word
Like it's embedded in my heart
I don't know when I can tell you
Want to tell you once
that I love you so much
but telling you my love...
is impossible.
Pie, are you Waen's girlfriend?
No, I'm not..
We've been close since childhood.
- Sure? - Yep
My mom told me, if we like someone,
we'll feel like there are hundreds of butterflies flying in our stomachs.
And sometime they're flying... here.
So, do you also feel dizzy?
Maybe, I don't know.
But my feelings for Waen, I haven't even felt a caterpillar.
Have you felt dizzy?
With girls or boys?
Since my mom passed away,
my dad became a big playboy.
So many girls around.
He told me that mom was his love.
When she's not here anymore, he can't use his love.
He also said that
love can't be something else.
If we love someone, that's when the love comes.
If someday I happen to love a girl,
will you still be my friend?
Pie, Kim
I'm tired
Why do we have to do something like this on a holiday?
- You think you'll be able to go on? - No, I don't think I'll be able to.
When will you finish? What kind of project is this?
So exhausting!
Come on.
Let's sit over there.
I'd like to eat some sweets.
Aren't you going to give me any?
Hey, it's not something people share.
It's up to your feelings, if you want to share or not.
There's so many butterflies around here.
- Maybe they just escaped? - Huh, where?
- When I opened my mouth just now. - Huh?
There have been butterflies inside my stomach a long time already, Pie.
Where are you going, girls?
- Waen - Surprise.
What took you here? Did my mom requested you to pick me?
I told you that I'll take you to the cinema.
Uh, but why didn't you call me first?
If you're not free, it's OK.
If you have something to do, we can go some other time.
Where are you two going? I can drive you.
Jatujak market.
Both of you, where did you go last night?
And where are you going again? Why didn't you invite me?
Can I come with you?
You should ask Pie cause even I couldn't go with them.
Why, Pie? Do you only want to go with Kim?
No, if you want to, it's OK. We can all go.
- That's good Waen, let go with them? - OK
Jane, let's go.
- Hey hey Pie, look. - Huh?
- I want this, will you buy it for me? - Um, yes.
- Waen, let's go there. - OK.
This one is nice.
- Hey I forgot the shopping bag. - Where? I'll get it.
I can't remember which street, I'll go with you.
No no you don't. I'll take her, it's on that street.
Come on Pie, I'll show you.
We'll be right back.
If Pie's mom saw these 4 girls,
she'd faint.
I don't know if Pie has ever told you...
Her mom doesn't like things like this.
What kind of thing, Waen?
Girls that look like boys.
The elderly all think that way.
So is being a tom is so offensive, Waen?
I don't mean to criticize you.
Pie told me that if I'm a tom, things will get out of hand.
Lots of girls will like me.
I can assure you of one thing...
Pie won't be among them.
And I'm sure that Pie won't do something unnatural like that.
Pie's not there.
Then go back.
Where did you go?
Kim, what's wrong?
Do you think you can do anything, and go anywhere you like?
I called you hundreds of times, why didn't you answer?
Did you get your period?
Wasn't it convenient for you? You could be with your boyfriend.
How many times do I have to say it? Waen is not my boyfriend!
And look who's talking? What about you and Jane?
You guys were walking together like twins.
Don't act like this, I don't like it.
I know. You don't like whatever I am.
You don't like me.
Good that you know. So you will understand.
Don't demand my attention, because you'll never get it from me.
It'll just annoy me!
I like water.
Actually, I like jellyfish the most.
I want to have one, but it's difficult to keep.
What are you doing?
I'm not demanding your attention.
I'm not demanding anything.
I did it because I wanted to.
I understand that you don't like me
I know it for sure.
I know that you won't like no matter what I do.
Hi, Waen.
Will you pick up my mom first or me?
See you soon.
My mom asked me to do an errand with Wean. Can I go?
Are you OK... teenager?
It's OK, just go.
OK. Stay here and be a good girl.
Don't let Jane come in and rape you.
I'm a jealous girl.
I can tell Jane about us.
Are you mad?
I don't know what will happen after this.
If somebody asks me
about us or...
if someone knows that we...
What's the matter? There's no need to feel ashamed!
No need to be afraid.
I love you, Pie.
I'm not quite ready, Kim.
I don't want to tell anybody,
do you understand, Kim?
Kim, Kim, Kim
Here, taste this!
It's my latest new cake recipe.
It's very delicious!
You've got to try it...
Put it in there, dear.
- Pie, let's get something delicious to eat? - Where?
In your room, of course! I've never met your friend.
Call her what she would like to eat.
She's not there, she probably went home.
- Call her just to be sure, OK? - OK.
- Kim - Huh
- Kim - Huh
What are you scared of?
Follow your true love.
It's not funny.
Please come in.
- My bathroom. - Lovely
You've become so cozy lately.
Yeah it's cute.
Don't you need to pee? Please use the bathroom.
You room is lovely.
Hello, I just came by to borrow Pie's book.
Pie, my book?
Pie, your friend came to borrow a book, get it.
Thank you.
Pie, if she didn't speak, I would have thought that she was a man.
- Who's that? Is she from the same faculty? - Only some subjects.
Eieie, I have goosebumps all over.
She didn't do any harm, mom.
I know dear but I think it's disgusting.
Girls pretending to be boys
and boys like to be girls... I think that...
society is very weird nowadays.
I'm glad you're not like that. If you were I'd probably drop dead.
Those toms like to cut their hair short, you see?
And they like to say "Krab Krab" as if they're men.
Hey, get up to take your medicine, come on.
Can you get up?
Ah, come on.
Don't be a cry baby.
- Can I not take them? - No
Take them or your headache will kill you.
Take them.
You're really stubborn!
I'll be back for lunch after the exam.
Do you have an exam in the afternoon?
I'll be back and we'll eat together first.
You'll be exhausted, there's no need for that.
I have a migraine, I won't be hungry.
I'll have dinner with you in the evening instead.
I'll think about that later.
But I won't be tired because of that,
cause you're my girlfriend, right?
Sleep well.
I'll be back, OK?
See you.
Do you have any more questions?
Where is Boy?
He'll be on his own, after finishing his exams.
How many subjects do you have left?
One more, but I'll finish it tomorrow.
And how about Kim, is she finished with her exams?
Kim has migraine, she's sleeping at the dorm.
Is that so?
Should we go to Rong Klua this summer, there're so much cheap stuff to buy.
Sure, I'd like to go but...
Should we let Waen drive us? We can save on the travel costs.
I think we shouldn't, shopping with men is no fun.
Why? Isn't it like shopping with a woman?
I'll think about it later.
It's just not the same.
We'll talk later, Jane.
Why? Have you and Pie got something to hide?
I'm sorry. I didn't think it was you, Jane.
Who did you think? Pie?
Aunt In, have you seen Pie?
No I haven't.
Sit down, I'll get you something to drink.
Kim, come speak with me now!
What did you just mean by that?
But I told you already that I didn't meant to.
You didn't really mean it?
I never thought you'd be like this.
I'll tell everyone about you and Pie.
Are you mad?
Yes, I'm very crazy.
You'll be sorry for what you did to me!
Here, have some water.
50% of stupid tom and lesbians
like to get attention by committing suicide.
Why am I not good enough for you?
No, you're OK, you're fine.
So, why don't you love me?
Love isn't that easy.
If it was that easy, then everybody on Earth would have been happy.
Look at you and me,
You love me so much,
but I love Pie instead.
Do you understand?
Then, can I ask you to stay with me?
I can be with you as a friend,
but not for anything else.
I know, I know.
I feel bad enough.
have something to drink.
You've been crying for hours.
Is there anything I should know?
did Waen do something bad to you, dear?
if I don't love Waen,
would you feel bad?
Of course I won't feel bad, dear.
Why should I?
I'm not forcing you about Waen,
I just see you two usually go together
so I thought you're OK with him.
And if...
the one that I'm OK with...
is not a man?
Would you be angry at me?
First of all, I would like to apologize.
That day I pretended to borrow Pie's book.
I'm actually Pie's roommate.
No wonder you looked familiar. But why did you have to lie?
- Did Pie tell you to? - No, I did it myself.
I happened to know that you don't like...
people that look like...
You don't have to say it.
It's good that you understand.
I and Pie are very close and...
I want to ask for your permission to be together with her.
To be with her?
I love her.
What kind of answer do you want?
You know...
I can't accept abnormal sexuality.
So you came to my house,
and asked to have a relationship with my daughter.
What kind of answer do you want?
Do you want to force me to accept it and...
say... please take care of each other and have a good love life?
I'll tell you frankly. I don't think this relationship will be long lasting.
But I'm serious.
If you say that you are serious,
so let's see if Pie is serious or not.
Pie, get down here!
Did you hear what your friend said?
- I'm sorry, mom. - We can talk about that later..
But I want to know what happened.
No, nothing happened.
I'm sorry.
Do you think she's being serious?
I understand.
There's one more thing I would like to tell you.
I didn't realize it was Jane.
I shut my eyes, you know that very well.
But I'm not sure why I should explain any of my feelings.
Pie, I'll go now.
Surrounding with many other people,
you pretend that we're not in love,
I don't deserve to be with you, right?
It's like our love has to be underneath dark shadow.
I'd like to see you to be brave enough for the love.
I'm still waiting for your love right here.
- Please take care of her. And there's a path that's waiting for us not far from here
For one day, I just want you to look up for the stars
and don't be shy with the sky
Or if you look down for dirt on the ground, don't avoid anybody's eyes
you don't have to feel anything
Waen, I'm sorry. For one day, I want you to dare to look at people's eyes
and tell them we are in love
There might be no one who would understand
but it's alright if there are you and me.
This is the most important thing
if one day you'd be brave enough
For one day, I just want you to look up for the stars
and don't be shy with the sky
Or if you look down for dirt on the ground, don't avoid anyone's eyes
you don't have to feel anything
For one day, I want you to dare to look at people's eyes
and tell them we are in love
One day, I just want you to look up to the stars and not be shy with the sky
Or if you look down for dirt on the ground, don't avoid anyone's eyes
you don't have to feel anything
One day, I want you to dare to look at people's eyes
"One day that you'd be brave enough, we'll fly together"
Hi, remember me?
Boss, there's a girl who would like to meet Kim.
- Hello - Hello
- A friend from? - From the university.
I want to ask for your permission...
- Your name is Pie, right? - Yes
This is the girl she talks about. When she's home, she can't sleep or eat.
It's good that you came.
You're cute.
Take care of her. She plays video games, but her eyes aren't so good.
And one more thing, don't ask her to cook often or she won't study.
- Um... I - Od!
Tell that rascal that his girlfriend is here.
- I think I maybe I should take her. - That's OK, a glass of wine, girl?
This way please.
Kim certainly have a good taste!
How dare you! You left your girlfriend's photo in the room.
I'm hurt, Pie.
What? It's only a little problem.
I'm sorry.
I was afraid.
I was confused.
I was afraid of everything,
that my mom would be angry at me,
that my friends would tease me,
and that I was afraid of others' seeing it.
But now I realize that..
If I'm still afraid,
I'll lose you.
I don't want to lose you.
Is it too late?
It's OK.
I probably came too late.
It's OK, I'm OK.
Thank you.
Thank you for being brave enough to love me.
Mom, do you remember the story of hundreds of butterflies you used to tell me?
Now I know what it's like.
Is this called love, mom?
I love you and Waen. But I've never had butterflies.
I have never been able to fly.
Could you give me an opportunity, mom?
Please give a chance for this love. I want to know if it's true...
I want to know if it will make me fall and break my arms and legs.
I don't want to worry about this my entire life. I want to find the answer.
- I love you, mom. Kiss you a 1000 times. - Hey, don't cry.
Are you alright, my teenager?