Fabricación de Limoncello - Receta / Limoncello recipe

Uploaded by AbabolEdizions on 23.07.2012

Hi everyone!
I can't do it naturally!...
Today we are going to make limoncello. What we need? lemons, obviously...
you have to peel them
then you keep the peel in the alcohol
And then?
you will wait about one week
we have already all the peel from lemons
we will keep lemons in the frigde
what are the proportions?
1,5 kg of lemon for 1 liter alcohol
Later we will add more ingredients
96 º alcohol
be careful as this is inflammable
alcohol speficic for consumption
now let's add it
We already have the alcohol with the peels after one week of soaking
you can wait more time if you want
but it will develop a bitter flavor
when we have the alcohol ready we need to prepare a syrup
with a kg of sugar for each liter of water
then you will add one liter syrup for each liter alcohol
traditionally lemons are not used for limoncello
but we are not going to through them away
so we cut them in halves
we squeeze them
and we will add the juice
to the mixture
be careful while squeezing
you use all lemons
and we mix