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why do people go to los altos buildings for dental care
it's all about the money
in the last twenty years the cost of dental care of the u_s_ has skyrocketed
if you need a full mouth restoration it could cost more than a new car or a
small house
recently one of our patients was quoted
forty four to fifty one thousand dollars for a full mouth restoration including
twenty seventy if the united states
his costed affordable dentistry
fifty two hundred dollars about ninety percent savings
another patient was quoted over a hundred thousand dollars perform out
restoration including six implants Los Algodones dentist review 0:00:49.760,0:00:55.100 his costume affordable dentistry seventy three hundred dollars again over ninety
percent savings
affordable dentistry in los l developments gets a few eighty-two
eighty five percent of your out-of-pocket cost and in some cases
even more
whether its root canals implants crowns bridges dentures or any other type of
extensive dental work we can handle it
call us today to schedule an appointment will give you a price quote right over
the phone
laghari english-speaking staff assist you with travel lodging arena retain
that yuma area
first time to los al gud onus will send one of our staff to meet you at the
border and walk your office
car offices today let's talk about what you need and will give you a quote right
over the phone
los outgunned on us
dentist 0:01:47.350,0:01:47.850Los Algodones dentist review