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hello this is rick
and i'm going to do series
a small series
on- my findings on how the ancient Incans
cut their massive stones for their stone walls
let me rephrase that...not cut the stones, how they "fitted"
the stones together
in their large walls
now let's look at the historical record
and for a moment
take your twenty-first century mind
and turn it off
think back that you had lived 500 years ago.
you lived in one small space
on the planet
with seven million other souls, like-minded
i don't know what reason these walls were built
but they were built and we look at them and say well how could it be done ?
we don't know how long they took
but in the historical record
we find
they have Stone
in the museum's down there which are about
oh, I dont know= maybe two feet long?
they have large handles on them for two hands
and the handles are smooth
they also have stone hammers
but no Metal tools
and a large stones are fitted
perfectly, in some cases
all over the empire
this is going to be a Large Video series
Here we have
some Inca rope here (demonstration)
It was Woven
The Incans were expert weavers
the spanish conquistadors when they invaded,
said this, it is in the chronicles
and they also said that the incas work together
to pull these huge stones
now why they built the walls- i don't know
but basically from what i can see is that the Incans were , Terrace builders.
They build Terraces-
even on their large fortresses
they would start at the bottom
with very large rocks
forming a small plateau and they would go up,
and up... and up.
now we look at it
from this point of view, right here
I will see if I can draw this with my left hand
and we're looking at it- we're looking at the terraces or their
with Our twenty first -century mind: or
twenty- second century
and saying
how did,, how the hell did they do that???
I cant draw a "?" mark very good,
Well- they had to do it some way.
they didn't have electricity. they didn't have the wheel, they did not have horses...
they didn't have ,uh...mm
you know- lasers are golden disks or anything so they had been some way
limited i'm i i i'm going to play how they how they did this
videos ecstatic