[TUTORIAL-YouTube] Come mettere logo PIP automatico (Programmazione InVideo)

Uploaded by FakeDevRepo on 10.01.2013

Hi all ragas are TheElettronicMan FakeDev team and we are here today with a short video
its time to tell you how to enable a logo in your automatic channel or
or picture in picture like this
the only thing is that you can click on it and it will open the
page of your channel
well go to settings
programming InVideo
and here
and choose where you want to put it as the lower left and
When you view the entire video here
ok or you could also featured video
but we are interested at least in this video, the logo.
Okay, let's save ...
and now let's see the result it will be epic
Look with your own eyes
is really something sensational
here it is, a little let down 'volume
now I'll show you the difference between a logo made with any program
and logo put YouTube
ok put the logo with any program such as Camtasia can not be
click on it and if you click the YouTube logo above
page will open our channel
This is a function for partner partner not short for all
obviously are not yet partners
so if I did you can do it just as well you
ok all for today
I wanted to explain this one, I'll see you in the next video, hello hello