Google Plus Critics: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Uploaded by salestipaday on 21.01.2013

so you hear from these so-called social media expert bloggers
and every once in while they blog about how
you know google pluses is a ghost town, and then
if you look at their profile
you see that they have not circled very many people that not many people of
circle them
so the analogy i'd like to use is
at face book you go to a party the face book party is
all your high school buddies your college buddies your friends your family
right so you go to that party you have a great time you know everybody
now obviously there are some people in your path that you might not want to hang out
with but they're all at that party it'd easy party to go to
the google plus party is a completely different party. at the google plus
party you don't know anybody
but at the google plus party there are people who you don't know but
they're both
you and they are both interested in the same thing
and so they're very interesting
so you can go to parties Facebook party
with people you already know
or you can go to google plus party if we don't know but people who are hot
sexy and share your interest so now the people who say that google pluses is a ghost town
down there basically saying i went to this party full of hot interesting
people and i didn't have a good time it's "the party sucks"
I would maintain, you're a loser, it's your fault