Normalizar Volumen De Canciones - Adobe Audition 3 (With English Subtitles)

Uploaded by TheVideoSonico on 26.05.2011

Hello !!!!!!!
I am eliu150
and in this opportunity, we will learn to standardize the volume of the songs in adobe audition 3
First we concerned the songs
then, we straight give click in one of them; and we selected this option
here we selected all the songs that we wished to standardize
later, we go to the following eyelash in which we selected statistical information.
here, it begins to analyze the information of volume of each song.
here is all the compiled information of each song
then, we go to the following eyelash
here is to the volume average of all the songs
but we can define it to our pleasure
finally we executed the normalization
I invite to see the following video to them in which they will learn to creates fused of entrance and exit in adobe audition 3