Israeli Mossad Assassinated Vittorio Arrigoni - Gaza Palestine West Bank +Multi Subs CC

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This is a personal message...
to express my deepest of love and respect for my brother 'Vic' Vittorio Arrigoni,
a true hero in the real sense having lived here in Palestine with the people through Operation: Cast Lead.
When all foreign nationals are advised to leave and the vast majority do, Vic stayed here
and did everything he could do expose
the crimes of Israel. He's lived here and he's more than just a foreign national: he is a Palestinian
in the eyes of many a Palestinian and he has done everything he can to act as a brother.
And it is important not just in the case with Vittorio, but in everything of this nature that happens:
the first question we must ask ourselves is, who stands to benefit?
And I cannot think of anyone that would stand to benefit more then the Zionist state the Israel... the apartheid state Israel.
While Israel has been getting away with bloody murder for decades stealing Palestinian land,
mass murder... everything you could think of: treating the Palestinians as sub-humans on every level,
violating both the people of Palestine, and international law. Doing everything it can to basically turn
this World into one big bloody jungle. The Zionist state is finally, finally, starting to lose because people around the
World are recognizing the truth about what this State is all about, and what it's doing to the Palestinian people.
And Vic is one of those people who's been here helping to expose it before the vast majority of people
who realize it today even knew anything about it. Vittorio is part of that process. And who would gain more than anything?
It is Israel, that would gain more then anything if anything happens to Vittorio.
Israel will do it all with the xenophobic freaks out there and try and make Islam out to be the enemy of the World.
These hypocritical Christians to such a great degree, claiming to be Christians while they commit their Crusader wars
around the world. Murdering the Iraqi people to the tune of 1.5 million plus,
creating millions of orphans in Afghanistan, Pakistan. Violating people, killing innocent people every day.
These are the people that would wish to see Vic injured or killed.
They will celebrate secretly, not openly. They will claim, feign, false-love, or respect or regret for whats happened here. But what they
will really do is say 'look, there's Al Qaeda in Palestine, we cannot end the blockade.' The Israelis will try to justify the continuation
of this collective punishment policy so that they can continue to torture the people here including over 800 000 children.
Nobody benefits more if anything happens to Vic. So whoever did this to Vic, if it's a supposed Palestinian you're a traitor.
A traitor to Palestine, how dare you claim to even think to care for the people of Palestine if you do this. If you do anything
to that man you are traitors. More likely you're not Palestinians. You're agents. Collaborators.
You're one of the few that did not get taken care of when Hamas for all of its problems Hamas has done a good job of getting
rid of the collaborators. And there must be a few if they're doing this to Vic. And nobody stands to gain more then Israel.
So I would say to everyone out there, before you claim it's any friction, that any little faction group of Palestine did it,
No no no no! And even if Israel has nothing to do with it, which I think they most certainly do.
They've got the Freedom Flotilla which they are scared to crap of. Knowing full well that if they do what they did with the Mavi Marmara,
they're over. They're done. The whole world will be watching this time and they will not get away with. They are frightened
to death of the Freedom Flotilla, they know their blockade of Gaza is in it's dying days. They're desperate. It would not
be out of the realm of possibility. In fact it's completely possible that they would have their collaborators here in Gaza do this and take Vic.
And if they are agents of Israel, then they will kill him. And if they're Palestinians they will let him go. Never have Palestinians
kidnapped and killed foreigners. It happens in many parts of the World... Columbia, Iraq. It happens in many parts of the World,
but it does not happen here. And if it does happen here it does not happen by a Palestinian. That's the bottom-line.
Nothing but love and respect to my brother Vittorio.
I'm going to break a rule now. You've mentioned 911, basically in public I don't talk about it because it makes you such an easy
target for abuse and false charges of anti-semitism and everything, doesn't it? >> I've certainly noticed that.
So basically I stay away from it because it gives them a focus to take away from your main message.
... they were initially reported as being Muslims are you aware of that? >> Yeah middle-easterners, I think is the code-word.
Yes, but the impression was they were Muslims, the were the "bad guys." So the FBI gave chase, and these 5 guys tried to.
avoid being arrested. But they were eventually caught, and they were arrested. And guess what? They were all Mossad agents.
>> That's right, it was confirmed.
Oh yeah, yea. That's fact.