HA5KDR Gerecse 090719 - making QSOs

Uploaded by Nonoo64 on 20.07.2009

- Is Vanessza on the contact list?
- Yes
- Now I know!
I have her on my contact list too.
- Now do the CQ calls!
- Okay
- Do I have to do it too, Nonoo?
- You are already doing it.
- CQ CQ this is HA5KDR,
calling CQ and standing by.
this is OM5NA/M, OM5NA/M calling, over.
- Do I copy it right, OM5A/M?
This is HA5KDR,
your callsign again please, over
- OM5NA/M OM5NA/M over
- OM5A/M this is HA5KDR
Hello, op Gergõ,
QTH is top of the Gerecse mountain, JN97FQ over
- Hello Gergõ, I repeat my callsign again
My report for you is 59 59
I'm on road 75, road 75 in Slovakia heading to Érsekújvár.
On the road 75.
To Érsekújvár, I'm 10 kilometers away from Érsekújvár.
My name is Dezsõ, over.
- OM5NA/M, this is HA5KDR
Roger, thank you,
I give you the report in the next period,
I forgot to watch the S-meter.
Are you heading home? Over.
- Soon there will be a junction in front of me,
So I have to watch out, good bye
thanks for the contact,
- Thank you, byebye! Over.
- Byebye, have a nice day!
- Well. You have done the QSO.
- Let's try it again. Your report is 57.
Come again please!
- Okay, it feels like if there's a problem with...
HA5KDR, hello, I'm Gergõ,
The guy you talked to had to go to the kitchen
because we are making lunch.
So now I'm here and talking to you, over.
- He disappeared again.
- If he is talking turn the volume down.
- Call him!
- What? Hotel alpha...
- The station.
The station who you talked to.
- Should I just say his sign?
- Say his callsign, then yours, and that's it.
HA6PJ this is HA5KDR.
- It's not smelly, erase it! You won't find it!
Erase it because you won't find it!
- So Dávid, how many QSOs do you have now on PSK?
- 28
- 3
- Well done, okay!