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What in the World Are They Spraying? Transcript done by Cassie Zievers
________________ Newscaster on webcast
Could a strange substance found by a southwest Arkansas man be part of a government test?
That's the question at the heart of a phenomenon called chemtrails now getting widespread attention.
Fox 31 Newscast online Male Anchor: Well now they say the government
is dumping chemicals on us to control or manipulate the weather..
Female Anchor: And they say the unusual looking jet trails in the sky are actually chemical-laden
NBC Newscast People say the government is up there in airplanes
spraying all kinds of chemicals to change or manipulate the weather, leaving what you
see there and they call that a chemtrail.
Male Reporter So when I look up there what I think are contrails,
you're telling me are chemtrails.
Female witness Yes. A contrail would be dissipated by now.
News Channel 10 Webcast Dave
That's interesting Dale and Christina, this is of interest not only in this country but
in European countries and indeed all over the world. A lot of folks are interested in
Christina Well, Dave, you mentioned that climatologists
and others who study the atmosphere believe that they would be able to surely spot any
kinds of signs of an ominous plot.
Narrator – Michael J. Murphy Our journey started in San Diego, California
where thousands of scientists, engineers, policy-makers, and journalists gathered for
The American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference. One of the topics was
the artificial manipulation of the Earth's climate, also called geoengineering. During
the meeting, scientists spoke about he plausibility of implementing geoengineering campaigns throughout
the world, under the guise of preventing global warming. One widely accepted theory was to
block the sun by spraying something into the atmosphere. When they were asked about existing
aerosol programs they stated clearly that no such programs had ever been implemented.
But strangely, these proposals sounded exactly like what people around the world are claiming
is already happening.
Stewart Howe – Journalist When I found out that the American Association
for the Advancement of Science was going to be held down here and the main body of topics
would be on geoengineering, I had to come. I had to be in on this. I had to hear what
these top climate change scientists had to say.
AAAS Conference Panelist As to the other question about chemtrails
and whether geoengineering would be deployed right now with or without our knowledge, I
think, it's my personal insight that, other than to say I work in government at pretty
high levels, at the White House and in state government and I am personally skeptical of
that. But honestly, you never know with government.
Newscast online Chemtrails. On the internet they are cited
as proof of the government creating clouds to combat global warming.
Webcast of New Zealand Parliament Speaker
They claim the American government with the secret approval of the national government
is covertly using jet aircraft to spray population centers with aluminum, with barium, and with
strontium so as to reduce people's humility and to reduce the global population.
Online video – speaker unknown Yes, I'm always a little bit suspicious because
the government doesn't seem that capable to do something on such a large scale, you know?
Weather Webcast Channel 10 (location unknown) That is not rain, that is not snow. Believe
it or not military aircraft flying through the region is dropping chaff, small bits of
aluminum, sometimes it's made of plastic or even metalicized [sic] paper products, but
its use is an antiradar issue and obviously they're up there practicing. Now they won't
confirm that but I was in the marine corp for many years, and I'll tell you right now.
That's what it is.
Webcast Channel 10 Weather (location unknown) Now what happens here is military jets come
out of Key West Air Force Base and move off into the atmosphere and drop mylar strips.
Some could be a little wider, some are small glass fibers that are coated in aluminum.
What the Air Force does is they take their military jets and they dump these out of the
aircraft and they fall into the atmosphere, and some take as much as a day to fall down.
Weather Webcast ABC This is inevitably military or something going
on. The government, the Air Force. When you see this kind of pattern like this you can
rest assured there's something going on. They're actually little bitty magnetic, little bitty
strips of whether it's aluminum . . .
Weather Webcast Channel 10 (location unknown) While it's a nuisance to you and I, to determine
what's real and what's not but it looks like it's a lifesaving operation by the military.
Webcast of New Zealand Parliament Presenter
The apparent motive behind this conspiracy theory is one world government.
Speaker Order, order, I cannot hear.
Presenter Mr. Speaker, I want to assure the House, that
both my ministry and my colleague, the Minister of Health who have received correspondence
on this issue, that this conspiracy theory does not have an iota of truth and that the
trails observed from aircraft simply come from jet engines. [laughing]
Speaker Number Nine, order.
Presenter And I think what an appalling example it is
of the new Thoroughfare Spokesperson for the Labor Party that she's spreading conspiracy
theories about the United States government.
Speaker I think this House has heard sufficient.
Webcast explanation of geoengineering Narrator
It is called geoengineering, fighting global warming by putting chemical dust in the atmosphere
and reflecting harmful radiation back into space.
New speaker We take geoengineering to mean deliberate
large scale intervention in Earth's system.
Online video of John Holdren – Advisor to President Barack Obama in Science and Technology
There are a variety of schemes that have been discussed for geoengineering. A classic example
is injecting reflecting particles into Earth orbit.
Web video featuring David Keith, University of Calgary Geoengineer
Nevertheless there might be good reason to be thinking about aluminum. It turns out there's
been a lot of work on the environmental consequences of aluminum in the stratosphere. The big deal
really is that aluminum has four times the volumetric rate for forcing in the small particles
as does sulfur and that David Keith
means you have four times the surface area for the same radial forcing. And this is a
much bigger deal, that you have roughly sixteen times less the coagulation rate. That's the
thing that really drives removal so you can get away, we think, with much smaller mass
Stewart Howe So that's why we see things like in the Hughes
Aircraft patent from '89, they talked about aluminum so that's why we're seeing in the
surface water samples aluminum, and here's David Keith saying that aluminum has four
times the reflective volume surface area. So they'd like us to think that we're talking
about sulfur, and here they slipped up and let it out that aluminum is four times better
to achieving their ends and it sounds like it's the one thing they don't want us to know
the effects of.
David Keith The little picture is from a nanofabrication
study which shows that you could make very high quality, do this with a jet in just a
very simple way, to make aluminum particles by spraying aluminum vapor out which oxidizes
so it's certainly, in principle, possible to do that so there's a big literature that's
already looked at that. And you could do that by either building new versions of these aircraft
or even re-engineering existing aircraft. So there's some ideas about, you go to an
engineering firm and you want this done, they don't say it's hard or unusual they say, okay,
yes, we could do it. Aerosol geoengineering looks like it's so cheap that cost is basically
not going to be an issue. That means that implementation decisions will be risk to risk
decisions. The risk of doing it against the risk of not doing it. It makes the problem
of how we govern it fundamentally harder and different and um. So I've told you that it's
cheap to deliver materials to the stratosphere and I'm convinced that's true, I don't think
that will change. But I think the more we do research the less easy this will look,
the more complicated the environmental effects will look and that's a good thing because
right now, it looks too easy. So I think if we do more research we're likely to find out
that it's harder and more complicated than we thought and side effects are harder to
manage and that's a healthy outcome that will make it easier to do the management. Of course
the opposite reaction is possible. It's an empirical question how people will actually
react to knowledge about this. And if their reaction is to say these crazy scientists
are so concerned about putting CO2 in the atmosphere they want to think about these
things and that might actually mean we ought to be more serious about the risk of CO2 in
the atmosphere. And by the way it's not really a moral hazard it's more like free riding
on our grandkids.
Dane Wigington Recent air quality studies including CARB
California Air Quality Resource Board have named submicron-sized particulates as being
particularly harmful for human respiration. Through all the
Dane Wigington discussions today I have not heard any mention
of this fallout, and has this been studied and also the effects of a highly reactive
metal like aluminum on toxifying soils and waters?
Alan Robock – Geoengineer The question is what would be the effects
of these materials on human health if they come on down into the stratosphere in particular,
small particles of aluminum?
David Keith So that the collaborators of mine working
on the aerosol scheme are actually folks from Carnegie Mellon who've focused on human health
impacts and while we haven't published it that was the very first thing we did was to
do the order of magnitude calculation not with pencil and paper but with an expert on
human health impacts on whether there could be a human health issue and for aluminum and
a lot of other particles there are a lot of toxicological things that they need to get
looked at seriously. But if you're thinking just about the sheer number of particles,
the human health impact, the answer is while we haven't published I, that was the first
thing we looked at with some of the leading experts who do epidemiological research on
human health impacts and it's not even close to an issue.
Dane Wigington So let me clarify, so ten megatons of aluminum
dumped into the atmosphere would have no human health impacts?
David Keith So let me be more careful here. Let's separate
out the toxicological. The alumina we've only begun to research and published nothing.
Mike Murphy to Stewart Howe Dane looked at him and said, so you're telling
me that spraying ten to twenty megatons of aluminum as you said, would have no human
health effects? He took a deep breath and he swallowed and said, 'Let me be more careful
David Keith We haven't done anything serious on alumina
and so there could be something terrible that we'll find tomorrow that we haven't looked
Mike Murphy And that, for me was the whole main point
of what's going to be coming out to the public. It's the damaging effects of aluminum that's
being found around the world in massive amounts, and here's David Keith, confronted on this
very issue and he looked, at that point, like they just let the cat out of the bag.
Reiterating David Keith We haven't done anything serious on alumina
and so there could be something terrible that we find tomorrow that we haven't looked at.
Stewart Howe to Mike Murphy They're proceeding because they have an agenda
that's separate from trying to thwart this crisis of global warming. You know there's
obviously several other objectives whether it's depopulation, control, weapons aspects,
communications aspects, it's all kinds of things, you know, wild cards that we know
nothing about. We don't really know and I'm not going to attempt to speculate on exactly
what the agendas are but we can see clearly the agendas are not benefiting mankind. It's
benefiting the agenda of the elite.
Ken Caldeira – Geoengineer And so I think the question is how do you
draw the line between some activity that is allowed and doesn't need global governance
and activities that do require global governance?
President Barack Obama in Webcast Dr. John Holdren has agreed to serve as assistant
to the president for science and technology and for Director of the White House Office
of Science and Technology Policy. I look forward to his wise counsel in the years ahead.
Dr. John Holdren My personal opinion is that we have to keep
geoengineering on the table. We have to look at it very carefully because we might get
desperate enough to want to use it.
“FORA tv” Webcast So what would we do if in the year 2040 or
2060 there's a severe climate crisis, say widespread famines or Greenland's sliding,
suddenly into the ocean that the only plausible way in which we could start the Earth cooling
this century is to directly intervene in the climate system, say by putting particles in
the stratosphere.
M. Granger Morgan, Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
We do stuff in the stratosphere all the time of course, and so it's not as though the stratosphere
is absolutely pristine. But you don't want to have people going off and doing things
that involve large radiative forcings or go on for extended periods, or for that matter
that provide lots of reactive surfaces that could result in significant ozone destruction.
“FORA tv” webcast You know, maybe I'm putting a particle into
the atmosphere because I'm trying to make money, or maybe I'm putting a particle into
the atmosphere because I'm engaging in scientific research, trying to understand cloud physics
or maybe I'm putting this particle into the atmosphere because I'm trying to make it rain
locally, to seed a cloud and get more snow on our ski slopes. And this obviously raises
all kinds of questions. It's usually risky. It will likely negatively impact some people,
but we might find ourselves in a situation where those risks seem worth taking.
Mike Murphy talking to Stewart Howe and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
One of the things that really shocked me was in one of the breakouts they had the benefits
of these programs and then the risks. Now, of the benefits, the one thing that was stated
was the, just cooling the planet. Some of the risks were ozone depletion, droughts in
Africa and Asia.
Stewart Howe I gotta tell ya, I came away from this experience
after listening to these scientists for four days of symposiums really concerned because
it's clear now that they are justifying, rationalizing, and looking to legitimize some really really
horrible impacts, further impacts on our environment, and they're basically formulating the sales
strategy and the implementation and oversight strategy and the funding strategy.
Mike Murphy After San Diego, I was shocked by the programs
that had been proposed so I decided to write about it and that night when I finished I
sent the article to an online publication with my email address attached. When I woke
up the next morning, my inbox was flooded with responses from around the world. Why?
Because I had just broken the story on aluminum in geoengineering models, which I had no clue
at the time that very few people knew about. Now this metal aluminum is being found in
massive quantities, way above normal levels all over in rain, in soil, and in snow. After
that, the calls came pouring in from people who were desperate for someone to investigate.
That was the fuel that started the film. Before we started filming we had the opportunity
to sit down with one of our favorite authors and documentarians, G. Edward Griffin, to
find out what he knew about the subject.
Mike Murphy I'd like to talk for a minute about an issue
that's getting more and more attention and that's the issue which scientifically is called
“stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” also called the chemtrail issue.
G. Edward Griffin I am very well aware of the chemtrail versus
contrail controversy. As far as I am concerned, it's an open and shut case. I have been watching
the development of jet travel from its very beginning. I used to live near the Los Angeles
airport and remember when the first jets came in and landed, and man! They make a big noise!
We'd never heard a noise like that before. And we used to go down and sit at the end
of the runway and watch these jets come in and take off because it was a novel experience.
I've been watching jets all my life and I know about jet contrails. I've watched them.
They're vaporized moisture, ice crystals, and they get out there in the atmosphere and
they effervesce and evaporate and then they disappear, and you can see them. The plane
moves along and the little white trail follows along right behind it, usually about ten to
twenty lengths behind the plane or thereabouts and then it's gone. And you can still see
them that way, by the way, once in awhile, and it's “there goes a contrail”. These
other things we're talking about are not at all the same phenomena, at all. These planes
go by and they billow out this white smoke and it covers the sky from horizon to horizon
and it doesn't dissipate at all. And they criss cross each other, and you see this thing
cover the sky and turn it milky G. Edward Griffin
and people start to have trouble breathing and then you hear the stories about the aluminum
and barium deposits that they're picking up in the residue and you put it all together
and I don't see how anybody who's got their eyes open and their mind open can come to
any other conclusion but that somebody is spending a lot of money and effort to spray
the planet. And my question is why? I've got my own theories but I hope that there will
be some good investigative reporters go out there and get us the answer. I know that whenever
it's finally discovered, and it will be, the people who are doing it will undoubtedly say
“Oh, we did it for you folks, for the greater good of the greater number. It's for society.”
It's probably to prevent global warming or maybe it's to inoculate the people against
a dreaded biological attack. “We can't go around shooting everybody in the arm but we
can spray them and save their lives. You see how good we are? We're doing it for the benefit
of society.” I know they're going to, whatever it is, they're going to say it was for your
good and mine.
Photos from Webcasts sources unclear at AAAS Conference, featuring Ken Caldeira, Geoengineer
Think of this, if we had the ability to steer hurricanes, and a hurricane was going to slam
into New Orleans. And let's say you could steer it so that it would hit Mississippi
instead where for a hundred, that means I would be willing to more or less kill say
eighteen Mississippians to save eighteen hundred New Orleanians. And if you do that deliberately,
you know, are you murdering those hundred people, and there's all kinds of equity issues
“FORA tv” Webcast Now also, we might be wrong about our steering
and if we didn't do the research right, maybe our steering would intensify Katrina, and
kill even more people in New Orleans and so this question of how you develop the confidence
so you know your intervention will reduce overall damage and then how do you deal with
the understanding that that you have damaged more people who wouldn't have been damaged
before while saving people overall?
G. Edward Griffin – in discussion again with Mike Murphy
The spraying appears to be mostly in NATO countries. I've seen it here in the United
States, I've seen it in England, I've seen it in Scotland, I've seen it in Canada and
I've had reports from people who live in France. There's a grouping. There's a political grouping
here of some sort and it's international in scope. It's not just a national phenomena
and anyone who wants to investigate that, I think, has to take that fact into consideration.
They're going to find a political grouping and a political motive here. But in my humble
opinion, it's not for your good or mine at all. But whatever it is, we'll soon find out.
I'm sure if you follow the old advice, which is to follow the money, you'll come to the
answer sooner or later.
Mike Murphy Soon we realized that we all shared the same
need to get this information out there, to share with the public, to let people know
what's being done. Ed felt so passionately about this issue, he offered to help us.
G. Edward Griffin Well, the main thing now, since it looks like
the budget is going to be met, is to get it done well. We don't come off the tree knowing
any answers at all.
Mike Murphy Yeah, we're not scientists. We're just asking
questions. Exactly.
G. Edward Griffin And we're very skeptical about the answers.
That's being totally accurate, totally honest. Why can't people see this? They're not hearing
it. They don't know. The facts are not being presented to them. We're very lucky, do you
know that? Look at this opportunity that's been dumped on us.
Mike Murphy I know.
G. Edward Griffin [laughs] Opportunity.
Mike Murphy It's going to be a battle, I know that.
G. Edward Griffin A challenge and a battle, I know that. And
why are we here if it's not for them?
KPFK Radio 90.7 FM Los Angeles DJ to Mike Murphy and audience
I've seen the sky criss-crossed with chemtrails and I don't remember if it was in LA or on
the road, but I looked up one day and I thought, look at that! That's not the flight path man!
It was a grid, a grid, a regular grid over the city and I couldn't believe my eyes!
Mike Murphy Milky white clouds.
Caller And you know it all seems so obvious and the
evidence of what we have on the ground with the aluminum, the barium, and the strontium,
and with what we see in the patents and what the geoengineers say are going to happen and
for the everyday Joe, this is a slam dunk.
Mauro Oliveira This is a very delicate moment for the powers
that be because they're taking a very covered-up operation like the tropospheric aerosol program
or chemtrails, Project Icharius or however many names it's had over the years and they're
making overt into a geoengineering scientific shield to deflect sunlight because global
warming is out of hand. So, at this very moment, the belly of the beast is right above us with
no armor. Whether people believe in chemtrails or not, the geoengineering should be scary
enough and when people learn about geoengineering, the chemtrails will then become apparent because,
they're the same.
Radio broadcast with Mike Murphy as guest. [station and location unknown]
DJ So you're talking about a global conspiracy
Mike Murphy Geoengineers propose doing this on a global
level. Mike Murphy Narrating
We're off to Redding, California. This is the second step after the AAAS meeting and
we'll see what we find. We're out here in Northern California at Dane Wigington's house
he owns over 2000 acres overlooking Lake Shasta and he told me about some of the challenges
that they're having up here. Let's go talk to Dane and see what's going on on his property.
We'll see what he's going through and also what action he's taking based on the test
results that he has.
Dane Wigington You know I have a background in the energy
fields. I worked in the first solar plants in the continental US in the early 80s. My
home was on the cover of the world's largest renewable energy magazine so this is my background.
My goal has been to alert the public. There's a mountain of toxic material falling on us,
period. Four or five years ago, our skies were typically blue but now you see it's covered
with lines and haze and virtually nothing you see on the horizon, nothing you see in
the sky above us is a natural cloud. I mean it is virtually all the remnants of these
aircraft lines that you see fanning out, spreading into clouds, artificial clouds, but the sky
has a very dirty look to it. It is not the white clouds blue sky that we had only a few
years ago, but it looks like we had some sort of massive industrial activity or forest fires
burning over there and we see that, typically, every night. You see even down to ground level
the clarity drops off significantly and we don't see that except for the days when we
have these long lingering trails that spread and cover the whole sky and on certain days
you can see these trails dropping vertically like a veil. We assume the particulates are
descending and we have the tests to prove we are being inundated with levels of aluminum
in particulates that are literally tens of thousands of times what would already be considered
high. So we're not talking about exposure to a slight percentage higher of these toxic
materials. We're talking about quantities for example off the side of Mt. Shasta. If
you could pan back [motioning off to the distance]. That's a landmark in Northern California,
considered to be a pristine water source. A snow sample off the side of Mt. Shasta tested
61,000 parts per billion.
Enter Francis Mangels – USDA Biologist with document of test results dating 07/09/08
[Pointing to document of Mt Shasta snow tested] This is just ordinary snow water and people
are drinking this stuff when they're hiking on the mountain. And remember, government
action is required at 1000. This is 61 times over the government limit and our hikers are
drinking this poisonous water on Mt. Shasta mountain itself. Barium 83, strontium 383.
Mike Murphy So this summer, the people climbing are drinking
Francis Mangels Basically. I certainly wouldn't want to drink
61,000 micrograms per liter of aluminum.
Dane Wigington And again, we've already seen in 5 years soil
pHs in this area that have escalated ten to twelve times and we can prove that conclusively.
It is not speculation. We can prove conclusively that these metals have been in the rain. We
have duplicate samples.
Francis Mangels Bachelor of Science in Forestry International
School of Forestry in Missoula, Masters in Zoology, specialized in aquatics and 35 years
with the Forest Service as a wildlife biologist and before that several years with the USDA
Soil Conservation Service as a soil conservationist. Also have run the botany programs, range and
grazing programs and I continue that. Today I do a lot of Master Gardener consultation
work. [walking out to garden] When I started this garden back in about 2005
or so the pH here was about 5.5 to 5.6. This is the old soil survey of the county. You
can look at the page right here, this is my soil right here. It's at deeds 125, 126 and
it's right here at my house and here the soil reaction, pH should be between 4.5 and 6.0
and over there in the pure mud it's even a little darker. It's 6.8 right there.
Mike Murphy And what can this do to plant life and ecosystems?
Francis Mangels Well, you hollow one of these things out and
you start looking at the little things that are crawling around in the soil and a lot
of times, they aren't there any more. The little soil arthropods that you can barely
see on a microscope, you can actually see movement with this, little tiny tiny microscopic.
They look like little pieces of dust. Those start to go away. They're not entirely gone
but they start to go away. This is black oak acorns. This is pieces of cedar wood. You
know, come on folks. This should be very acid and I'm getting ten times higher than expected?
There's something really wrong here. [back in house now]
You can see all those reports, lots of them.
Mike Murphy You have over twenty reports here.
Francis Mangels Well at least twenty, I'd say closer to thirty.
Mike Murphy All revealing dangerous amounts of aluminum
and barium.
Francis Mangels Well, you know, the science is there to say
that something funny is happening and the naysayers say “Well, so what? Isn't neutral
good?” Well no, neutral is not good. Neutral is not good. If your soil is supposed to be
5.6 then it should stay 5.6 if you want the forest to stay healthy and if you want to
grow a good garden, you have to keep your pH around 6.0 to 6.5.
Mahaia Sol – student I think that we just need to wake up and just
look at what's happening because we just can't ignore it because it gets worse and worse
if we just keep ignoring it and pushing it away like oh, that's nothing. There was Mason
jars and they were brand new, sterilized, and that's what we catch the rain in and there
was a HEPA filter that we tested the air with.
Mike Murphy Okay, so you caught rain and you basically
filtered air. What did you find?
Mahaia Sol Aluminum, barium.
Mike Murphy [inside residence with Francis Mangels]
Here's another test that's revealing 375,000 parts per billion aluminum. Barium at 3090,
strontium at 345.
Francis Mangels Yeah, that's from a lined pond.
Dane Wigington [outdoors] With EPDM fish safe pond liner there is no
chemicals, manufacturing materials at all in that pond liner that's available to the
aquatic life. It's designed for that purpose. The well that feeds this pond has been tested
and retested and indeed no detectable aluminum, zero. The only other place this pond can receive
water is rainfall and we're located on a filtered forested hilltop miles and miles and miles
away from any industry, highway, and so forth. After several heavy spray days there was a
film that we would see form on the surface of the water so we tested that crust and it
was aluminum and barium. But after a year and a half's accumulation we had 375,000 parts
per billion of aluminum in it. It's literally toxic. We can say conclusively that what we
see in the sky matches expressly what's outlined in the numerous patents and the materials
in the ground match those patents and this material was not there five years ago. It's
a recent phenomenon in the quantities it's in. It has escalated in some cases 50,000
percent in five years in the case of aluminum from original baseline reading of 7 parts
per billion which was already high, it has escalated up to 50,000 percent in five years.
We have seen profound changes in that time.
Francis Mangels Dr. Leonard Thyme, PhD in Chemistry, I cross-checked
with him and he said the oxides of aluminum, barium, and strontium will drive your pH from
an acid soil like this up into the neutral. There is no question about it.
Mike Murphy And that's exactly what you see happened.
Dr. Lenny Thyme PhD I have a Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry
from Oregon State University in which I was working with different metals and oxidation
states and then did post-doctorate work at Brandeis where I was working stabilizing off-oxidation
states of different metals. The goal is to sort of figure out how everything fits in
the dynamic equilibrium of life.. I was working with Francis in Mt. Shasta and he showed me
some rain water analyses that had to do with levels of aluminum, strontium, and barium
in the atmosphere so I feel the knee jerk toxin in these chemtrails is the aluminum.
From the levels we were looking at in Mt. Shasta this is totally, totally unacceptable.
When you get to metals and biological systems you're
Dr. Lenny Thyme PhD no longer talking about the bulk aluminum
that most people think about when they're using, drinking from soda pop cans and that.
So once it gets to the aluminum oxide stage it just forms a plaque within your arteries
and shuts down life. When you take elements that normally aren't out in the environment
and you start putting them in the environment, it raises some serious red flags. Aluminum
is a very specific nasty to biological systems. It takes that site and it never lets go and
it shuts down the site and that's it. And so, as you accumulate aluminum over time,
it causes major neurological damage because it ends up as aluminum oxide that's essentially
stuck in place and can't be flushed out by normal systems.
Tammy L. Born, DO [showing Toxicological Profile 4 book]
At the core of everyone's condition there's always some level of toxins and aluminum is
known to have cancer causing effects. The half life is decades. I think we should be
working on taking more of these toxins out of our environment rather than taking more
toxins in. It's very concerning that if we add more toxins to our environment that we'll
be increasing the rates and risks of cancers. Even one patient is not worth it. It is so
sad that they would consider putting aluminum in our environment to affect something when
they could be causing so much more damage.
Dane Wigington Wherever that material is coming from it is
there. The amount of metal falling on us cannot be disputed. Absolutely this is not speculation.
The amount of metal, as I have said, over the last four years has increased to a degree
of thousands of times and California Air Quality Resources Board has studied the aerosols from
China, these metals are not amongst them. Mike, the reason I've chosen to focus so primarily
on this issue is that I feel, all other issues are secondary. What could be a greater priority
than not being able to take a walk out your door and taking a breath of air without sucking
up heavy metals? If our land base is being poisoned, if our waters are being toxified,
what will we have left to work with? Whatever we choose to focus our time and energy on,
whatever our political beliefs, that this is a common ground for all of us. We must
have air that we can breathe that's not full of toxic chemicals and metals. We must have
water that's not completely laden with whatever is being emitted from these aircraft and if
people stopped to consider that the atmosphere is as thin as a layer of paint on a basketball.
It is an extremely thin layer that allows life to exist on this planet. It shouldn't
be treated as a physics lab and experimented with until it's broken beyond repair. It is
folly of unbelievable proportion and if people understood that this kind of experimentation
not only IS going on but HAS BEEN [emphasis added commensurate with veracity of speaker
here] going on for a very long time, going back 50 years there has been countless climate
weather modification programs that the vast majority of the public is completely unaware
of. If they think that this is simply not true, that somehow they would have known that
it was occurring I would ask them to look at things like Agent Orange and things that
governments do because they can, because there's no one to stop them, because they have Dane
Wigington these huge military machines that want to
control everything and that in fact the government's own document, perhaps you may have seen that
is available to many online that's called “Owning the Weather”, an expressed goal
of our government and not just our government.
Webcast of Congressional proceeding speaker unknown
We are told by the Associated Press that the American government has created weather-tampering
techniques so that the New World Order will be able to starve millions of Americans and
to control the rest.
Same webcast, different, also unidentified speaker
There is weather control techniques number one that there are entire patents on the equipment
and number two that Senator Claiborne tells in a complete statement and story of his own
that not only does it exist but that we have utilized it as far back as the Viet Nam War.
Mike Murphy We're Americans, we'll do what we can.
Francis Mangels We'll do what we can do, you've got the scientists
behind you. The scientists are with you. At least this scientist is with you. I may not
have a million dollar budget but I have enough to show that something is dreadfully wrong.
Inside residence Mike Murphy
We'll be in Arizona this Monday the 21st with Senator Johnson up in Show Low so we will
be in the car for a long time.
Getting out of car at the residence of former Arizona Senator Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson My name is Karen Johnson. I served in the
Arizona State Legislature for 12 years and in the Senate for four of those years. When
you see a plane fly overhead and you see a trail that leaves the end of the plane and
it goes from one horizon all the way to the other as the plane flies across and it begins
to filter out and cover more and more of the sky then it kind of ripples. It widens out
and fills the whole sky. I mean it. How could anybody think that that was the case? And
then to live, to be underneath that and know that whatever is in that is falling down upon
you and upon your animals and upon the Earth. It's frightening to me and if people don't
start really waking up and facing the fact that we've got people that are doing terrible
things to us and we had better wake up and fight back now. I mean, I'm the mom of eleven
kids. I've got thirty five grandkids. I mean I've got a stake in this. I care about what
is going to be left for my grandchildren. I care about it and I'm extremely worried
about what is going to be left to them.
Dr. James Rota DDS [in his office] Aluminum is toxic and we know that it's accumulative.
We know we're getting more. We're absorbing it in our air, we're drinking it in our water
so we are accumulating more. So the thought of more aluminum being disbursed in our environment
in the way that you mention is very frightening to us, very disturbing to us and those of
us who have done any research on this are really quite concerned that we are ill-informed
about this issue and mostly that it's being done. Aluminum is toxic. We know that it is
and we can debate about the amount of toxicity that is going to be disturbing the body, but
as far as really accepting the fact that it is accumulative, it's synergistic then we
have to conclude that it's just not a good idea to put it in our atmosphere especially
when we know we're getting increased amounts and especially when we know the scientific
communities around the world are pointing a finger at the heavy metal toxicities, at
the levels that we're absorbing in the day to day food that we eat and the air that we
Karen Johnson So the concern is off the charts about why
is this happening? Why is this being allowed to be continually sprayed all over the United
States, all over the world? Who is paying for this? I mean the incidence of Alzheimer’s
has just sky-rocketed which evidently has to do with an accumulation of aluminum in
the brain cells. I mean almost every family has been touched by a member, as they get
older, having Alzheimer’s And it's a horrible disease and to say that this just came because
people drank soda pop out of aluminum cans. You know, when my father passed away with
Alzheimer’s and he didn't ever drink soda pop, you know, and so that explanation doesn't
ring true with me and so I'm wondering how much did this chemtrails spraying, back in
the Illinois area affect him?
[back at home with Karen Johnson and her husband] Mr. Johnson
A firefighter up in Pine, Arizona says the wildfires now that they're fighting are way
beyond anything that they've4 seen before in intensity. And when you look at the air
samples and you see the fine particles of aluminum, which is very flammable, and you
see magnesium that is settling on the trees, this is causing unprecedented savage wildfires.
Karen Johnson But if you look at this you can see that these
are parts per billion. They just sent this to me and I found it to be extremely interesting
because we should have two parts per billion of aluminum in our air and this is saying
that there's 39,000 parts per billion. [reference to pictured document titled “Phoenix - Air
Particulates – 7/21/2009] of aluminum. That's astronomical. Barium is high. I mean, these
are way off the charts of what people should be breathing, of what's coming down on them.
And you know, people wonder why their health is deteriorating, why they have to go to emergency
rooms, why they can't breathe, why they're getting Alzheimer’s This has been planned!
We have a leech. I don't know what you want to call them, one-worlders, Illuminati, I
don't know what you want to call them. But in with these people that don't care about
the average person. They only care about themselves, their greed, their power, and if they eliminate,
you know, two-thirds or three-fourths of us from the planet, so much the better for them.
Then they don't have as much people to herd around and worry about. So this is a lot what
this is about and it's very very alarming and scary. I mean, where is this stuff coming
from, and why? I mean why is some of this stuff [looking at toxicity reports] being
put out there? You know, I've heard different explanations about “Oh we need to cool the
planet”, all this and that, but if people are up there trying to coll the planet, why
do we need all this kind of stuff in it? The explanations just never have really rang very
Deborah Whitman And as I'm setting up equipment, she looked
at me and said “Oh, these trees here are dying.” So I thought,m well then, I'm going
to test for aluminum, because that's one of the key things in the programs that we're
talking about, and titanium. So I took a bark sample and tested it and it came back positive
for aluminum and titanium. So then I started traveling around California and noticing the
same thing. In Lake Tahoe there was a lot of the same type of bark and all through the
Sacramento area and Davis, just about everywhere I went. I was noticing this silver white bark.
What I think is happening is that these chemicals are getting down and destroying the roots
and then as they come up, they're going into the bark.
Karen Johnson Now those two right there. It just hurts so
much to see these two, look at how old they are. We probably lost forty trees on ten acres.
About every other weekend we'd see another tree that was beginning to die and it's just
so sad, we'd just cry and to think that that may have something to do with, along with
other explanations, would really really frost me. Every time we lose a tree, it's not good,
it's just sad. You know there's another one over here in this group of trees here. Don't
you feel better when you stand up and fight than when you crawl down into a little hole
and go to sleep? I mean, my gosh people! Your families are out there. Children are out there,
your grandchildren! I mean, you've got to do something to help!
Mike Murphy [on road in car] My greatest hope is to get people to question
and hey, if they don't wake up while we're there, I'm hoping to plant some seeds. We're
going to the most beautiful place on the planet, Hawaii, to see what's going on and collect
some data.
[Arriving at organic farm on remote side of Maui]
Unknown speaker Look at this, Man!
Mike Murphy Yeah, the mind can't even conceive of a dream
like this here.
Unknown speaker Yeah, even coming here, one would never think
that here in paradise that it's getting destroyed. And they're doing it island style. They're
doing it off the island so you don't see the chemtrail airplane.
Mike Murphy The theory is that they're spraying off-shore
and it's coming in.
Resident Now these are coming from the west. They're
also spraying on both sides today. A lot of this stuff is actually chemtrails coming in
this direction. The material is blocking. We should be able to see to the horizon where
the Earth curves. We're high enough and we have the ocean, right? So we should be able
to see the Big Island, it's only thirty miles away.
Resident And you can see it's not a blue sky behind
it. That's the key. So it's all, you know, it has that weird looking blue, like silver-blue,
I call it. And this is a nice day. You know, there's no more blue sky. We're going to look
at the stars tonight and it's like, you'll see it. You can count them, there's so few
stars at night now. There should be hundreds of thousands of stars and I can count the
stars. There's like one here and one here and one planet here [pointing up] and it's
like some nights you'll see a hundred and some nights ten.
Resident [walking over to two trees] Now this is what concerns me, this kind of
stuff right here [patting bark]. It's just soft.
Mike Murphy Okay.
Resident This just comes right off [demonstrates, bark
shreds]. It's not natural. I've seen hundreds of thousands of coconuts and I've never seen
it falling apart like that. Look at this you guys [shredding bark]. I've never seen anything
like this. I used to trim trees all the time on the Big Island. I've never seen anything
like that.. That's why I'm concerned.
Mike Murphy It's not an easy task that you have, here
on the island. I can see the skepticism because it's so far beyond anybody's reality.
Resident It's amazing. It's amazing to not try to look
through somebody else's eyes. Through my eyes this is like night and day. And for other
people the illusion is just so deep.
Mike Murphy What do you think would happen if everybody
awakened to what was going on and what the plans were with the geoengineers?
Resident Well, that we won't be able to live here and
grow our own food, and that our health is going to be compromised.
Mike Murphy Do you think it already has been?
Resident Yes. The thing is that they're doing it every
day here, every day. So it's hammering and hammering, hammering, hammering, micro-doses
every day and of course it's getting into the environment and of course it's weakening
the plants and it takes a couple of years to weaken the plants so we're asking for GMO
taro and we're asking for GMO papaya because we can't grow our natural seeds. We can't
be sustainable. We can't truly be here as God created us to be.
Maui organic farm resident And so my friend convinced me to do a hair
analysis on my daughter. So I went ahead and cut close to her scalp and got some really
recently grown hair and sent it in. I was just sure that my daughter's hair was going
to be so clean with this lifestyle that we live. And lo and behold it came back and her
levels were really high in aluminum. This is the chart here. This is the reference range
and this is where my daughter is. 23.1 aluminum and the skies are covered with a white mist.
I look up at night and anymore I don't see the deep dense stars that I used to and I
can't help but think that this has something to do with my daughter's health. I don't know
where else the heavy metals are coming from.
Resident I mean, look how old she is [appears to be
about 8] and she's been isolated here. Anybody looking at the situation would be like this
is paradise. This child should be like super human, an organic farm. And here you are getting
all this heavy metal stuff. She has the highest level of aluminum on the chart and has never
had a vaccine either.
Mike Murphy Folks, these people are playing God. They're
playing God; they're manipulating the weather and they are spraying stuff into the sky.
They are trying to geoengineer everything including your plants and trees and even your
ocean. Well tonight we're really hoping that instead of not looking at it, you'll really
look into it. Because I really believe, from the bottom of my heart that we are in a real
crisis. I really do.
Earthday Maui 2010 Mike Murphy
They are proposing dumping ten to twenty million tons of aluminum into the upper atmosphere.
What does aluminum do? It changes the pH of soils which is toxic to plant life. Also,
it's very toxic to human health. Are they doing it? Well let me tell you what we've
found. We have much evidence that not only suggests, but, I believe proves that they
are happening. The Jeff Farias Show
Jeff Farias Well, as I promised we are joined now by a
very special guest, Michael J. Murphy, who is currently on location in Hawaii, doing
a documentary film called “What in the World are They Spraying?”. Michael, welcome to
the program. It's great to speak with you today.
On beach with Bobby Williams and Mariel Hemingway Bobby Williams
I have a friend who recently, he's always been looking at things from a different perspective.
He's a bit of a conspiracy theorist you know, and he says that whenever the president comes
to L.A., there's no spraying that week.
Mike Murphy [at picnic table on beach] Could you have a better place for an interview?
I mean, look. Mariel Hemingway
This is being done over our farms and over our things so basically they want to eliminate
our ability to eat organic food, clean food, have clean water, and so in some ways it sounds
to me like, and again, this is a projection but it sounds to me like this is control.
How to control the masses. How can aluminum be good for you?
Bobby Williams And what was the second metal you mentioned?
Mike Murphy It's barium.
Bobby Williams Barium and aluminum. Obviously it's toxic
to everything.
Mike Murphy To human health.
Mariel Hemingway To human health, to farms, to animals, to
Mike Murphy 61,000 parts per billion.
Mariel Hemingway And there should be a government alert at
Mike Murphy At 1,000. People are drinking this [Mt. Shasta
pictured] that climb the mountain. They're drinking the snow. It's poison.
Mariel Hemingway Oh my God, that is so disgusting!
Bobby Williams That's 60,000 times above regulation.
Mike Murphy Exactly. 60,000 times above regulation. And
I've talked to friends in L.A. And was told, “well, that's just condensation.” Well
you can talk to a second-grader ice doesn't float in the sky and spread out that way,
you know. Mariel Hemingway
You're not an expert, but you're a concerned citizen who said, “Wait a minute.” You're
doing the research and that's what we need to do as Americans and say “you know what?
I want to know what's going on. I want to know what the FDA is doing to my food. I want
to know what the government's doing with my air and my water and the soil.” And it's
just great what you're doing and my kudos to you for bringing to light this subject.
Mike Murphy Put all of the theories aside and just what
geoengineers are proposing and what's being found is scary enough so we can just address
Mariel Hemingway You know I encourage more people to just step
up and ask questions and do what he's doing. So thank you, Michael, very much.
Mike Murphy Aerosol spraying of aluminum affects everywhere
and we have a beautiful tropical climate which I believe might be in jeopardy so we wanted
to not only comment and bring the message of what people were finding around the world,
but encourage people to test for the aluminum, strontium, barium. Essentially I thought it
was a very successful trip. I saw a lot of people here in Hawaii, in Maui, awake and
not only curious, but willing to look into this deeper and that's my only hope.
Jack Blood Radio Show Interview Jack Blood
This is one of the boldest moves I think, from Ed Griffin yet. This is the taboo topic
that nobody's supposed to talk about and that is aerosol spraying. Now we've gotten tons
of documented proof of errant aerosol spraying. It just blows my mind that the whole essence
of humanity has always been to look up into the sky and ask “why?” No, there are no
limitations. There is endless space and endless universe and now, in the 21st Century we're
not allowed to do that. Anyone who looks up and sees the giant grids and the Xs in the
sky that weren't part of our existence until just a decade or two ago is just suddenly
now called a kook, and the people that are the best ad biggest proponents for the revolution
of liberty, they don't want you to talk about it because you could discredit them.
G. Edward Griffin It seems to be an industry that's built up
to milk the taxpayers by undergoing some kind of giant spraying, global spraying program
to make all kinds of money on the project and they don't seem to care really what effect
it has. They're not trying to experiment to see if humans can survive it or anything like
that. They just want to get this stuff up. THEN we discover, as we're going further down
the link that there are companies generating genetically modified organisms, the seeds,
modified seed crops that are being engineered to resist the aluminum in the soil. A lot
of crops won't grow in that and so now, after they've messed up the soil, the farmers are
going to have to go back and buy seeds that have been genetically engineered to resist
the aluminum that has been put into the soil and all of a sudden mankind is completely
dependent on these companies like Monsanto and these giant agricultural firms. You can't
even grow natural seeds any more. We're looking at that, and it's a shocking thing. I hope
we don't find that it's true, but all the arrows right now are pointing in that direction.
Jack Blood We get into a cost/benefit analysis here because
also HAARP could be involved in this, geoengineering, as you guys mentioned, which is documented
heavily in Dennis Kucinich's bill that is the Space Preservation Act, which, by the
way, I don't thing got through congress. And then Kay Bailout as we call her here, Kay
Bailey Hutchinson also put together some legislation in order to qualify geoengineering, which
is supposed to save us all from global warming. But it is cost/benefit analysis because it
can benefit on so many different levels, Ed. I mean that's how they do everything, isn't
G. Edward Griffin That's right. And there's an old adage that
if you just follow the dollar, follow the buck, you usually get to the source of the
problem and it looks to me like there's a tremendously profitable industry being built
up right now around this concept of geoengineering, or weather modification or reducing global
warming, and all of these other things that can be sold fairly easily to an unsuspecting
public “Oh, that's good, we don't want global warming,” you know and so they put up with
this and they don't question and criticize. But behind the scenes, you see a whole industry
being built up, which is, as I say, tremendously profitable and the money for all of that is
coming from the taxpayers. And it's a scam is basically what it is. We're just focusing
on the one area that is really easy to prove. There's no speculation in the area that we're
going into. They definitely are doing this geoengineering. They definitely are talking
about it. They're working up formulas for it. They've got strategies for it. They've
got funding for it. It's already in place. We don't even have to go into those other
areas to make the case. Okay, let them believe that but at least let them understand that
they're talking about it and planning to do it and so shouldn't they be equally alarmed
about what they're going to do if it can be shown that barium and aluminum and some of
these other toxic metals are very destructive to the planet and destructive to human health?
Isn't that enough? I mean, how many issues do we need to crank into this? And so if you're
going to kill the planet, and kill the population do we need any other reason to be alarmed?
Jack Blood “What in the World Are They Spraying?”
Thank God people are asking this question. That's all we want. We want to be able to
ask these questions. Our good friend G. Edward Griffin. All these here, Michael J. Murphy
and Paul Wittenberg are doing this great effort. With your help this is a community effort
to get people real information. “What in the World Are They Spraying?” Any final
quick comments before we're out of time?
G. Edward Griffin Then my only final thought is that we ask
the question “What in the world are they spraying?” And we now know what it is and
folks, you're not going to like it.
Arriving in Belgium to interview in his residence Peter Vereeke, former mayor of Evergem, Belgium.
Peter Vereeke I'm Peter Vereeke, I'm 54 years old, I can't
believe it myself. I'm a very happy person.
In car now, Peter Vereeke driving Peter Vereeke
We are doing the job of the police, the Justice Department, or the Environmental Department
should have been doing. And it's really essential that it's going to be a grass-roots revolution.
Mike Murphy I think so.
Peter Vereeke Because we are not fighting against but for.
I was in the council for about 25 years and also a period as the mayor. So from that moment
on 10 years ago everything started to change. I started to get a picture of what is really
going on and it became crystal clear to me that we humankind, have been manipulated and
dominated and exploited for centuries and this chemtrail phenomenon made me angry because
I was so helpless. You can decide what food you're going to eat, what you're going to
smoke, what you're going to drink, what kind of life you're going to lead but not with
this phenomenon. You are just a victim. It's only a game. And there have to be good guys
and there have to be bad guys. And fortunately we are in a position to be able to play the
role of a good guy who has the chance, and the opportunity to overcome.
Mike Murphy The three days that we shared with them my
heart just dropped because it was such a beautiful way to live and such a peaceful way to live.
I left wondering what's this place going to be like in ten years? Is everything going
to be killed off on the property? And if it is, how are they going to get their food source?
Are they going to have to take a class and get certified by company XYZ? And what are
the requirements for that? And that is the end for freedom. I really am concerned about
that. I definitely . . . I really am.
Peter Vereeke I've learned to say everything is now how
it has to be now and everything is going to be okay.
Mike Murphy It's going to be alright.
Peter Vereeke It's going to be okay.
Mike Murphy Yes.
Peter Vereeke I have this deep feeling that in the end we
will prevail because we have the right on our side. The cosmos is helping us and I have
this strong feeling that we are being supported by entities and by forces that we can't even
imagine. Here for the first time we have this scientific proof that we are being sprayed.
We are being sprayed, and it's incredible, it's hard to believe but we are being sprayed
and I think that at this moment to stop is not an option. Once you know it and once you
have a tool like this and an opportunity like this that the issue of chemtrails or persistent
jet contrails or whatever name you use for it, that this phenomenon is recognized as
being real, publicly debated on and the context of geoengineering. I think it's high noon
to bring this subject to the public.
Desiree Rover, Medical Research Journalist This is what the sky is supposed to look like,
these are old paintings, we've forgotten this I'm afraid. In the years that I have been
a medical research journalist, I have looked at many many things and I've found the same
three issues in whatever I'm looking at. And that is that we are being dumbed down, we
are being made sicker, and we are being made infertile.
Mike Murphy Citizens gathered from all around the world
in Belgium for this first ever international chemtrails symposium. The event attracted
the leading professionals, politicians, and activists to discuss the health, environmental,
and social implications of these programs.
At the Belfort Group International Symposium Host
Today is only going to be about facts, documents, figures, patents, licenses, and everything
that brings us to the truth.
Chris and Ansgard Priem We have no other weapon against this vast
complex than exposing and bringing the dark works in the light of the truth. We have to
hope that by our efforts more and more people will become aware of the fact that we are
deceived by our leaders. So today we, as a family, join forces with the people who come
to make it known to the world that chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy
Eric Cornand From the Techniche University at Delft in
the Netherlands, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Coen Vermeeren.
Coen Vermeeren I'm Coen Vermeeren, I'm a university professor
of Delft University of Technology. Usually people are with their heads to the ground
in their own two dimensional space and they don't look up. If you do you see more and
more space like this. And it worried me too. I have no explanations for our students about
this phenomenon. I studied it myself and I found that I couldn't get them the answers
that they wanted but that the phenomenon is not natural. It's not natural what is happening,
and the explanations that are given to us are not enough for me. If you look at it from
a scientific point of view the first thing a scientist does is trying to explain something.
He goes “I'm smart and my students are not as smart yet so I have to give them the answers
to questions. But if you ask most scientists, honestly, they can't answer all your questions.
If people are using climate control over our heads I want to know about it. The consequences
I want to know. The health impacts, I want to know everything. I need, as a teacher at
my university, to give answers to my students. And they have good questions, and I don't
have the answers and I want to know.
Mike Murphy Excellent.
Coen Vermeeren And we should discuss this.
Host Ladies and gentlemen for all of you in the
auditorium and for those in the world, Michael Murphy.
Mike Murphy Well thank you very much. It's definitely
an honor to be here in Belgium. The people who are in power control everything. They
control the markets, they control us, now they're even controlling the weather, and
they can use that for warfare applications. The one thing they cannot control is what
God had originally made and that's natural organic seeds. This is called the Hegelian
Dialect. It's problem, reaction, solution. The problem here is massive amounts of aluminum,
things starting to die. The solution is company X that says “Hey man! You're not getting
yields on your crop. Everything's dying. But I've got the solution. I've got a seed that
will grow in this environment. The only problem is now you have to start buying from me.”
We're a little concerned that maybe part of this agenda could be to kill off anything
that's natural and organic and to re-engineer it with aluminum resistant GMO seeds. Many
may know we just got back from a week of filming in Hawaii and it was an incredible trip. A
bit concern for the people there is they're beginning to see softening of the coconut
trees but their concern that these programs may again be part of a broader agenda to destroy
anything that's natural and organic so that the corporate redesigned GMO foods might be
the only thing, the only source of food for people.
Unknown speaker I didn't anticipate so many people, young
and old, who are interested in this phenomenon are concerned about it, and I especially liked
the address that the young girl gave today. Only 17 and already giving an address to the
audience is, wow, incredible.
Sofia Xenedis [at symposium] My name is Sofia Xenedis, I am 17 years old.
It is quite scary to know that the air we breathe is not what it is supposed to be,
that the food we eat and the water we drink may contain traces of those substances which
are sprayed out over all of us as though we are being poisoned like insects. The feeling
that this is causing me are feelings of deep anger and rage. I don't want to be infected
with cancer and I'm just so angry that this global poisoning can be going on on such a
massive scale and not enough is being done to stop this crime.
Host Let me ask you one question. Are we being
sprayed? Have we been sprayed? And it is their intention to spray again and again? What are
we going to do about it? How are we going to deal with it? How are we going to stop
it? I know the answer. There is only one person who can stop it and you know him. You are.
You are. You are the person you have been waiting for. We are magnificent, beautiful,
god-like divine human beings. Ladies and gentlemen, sisters and brothers in this auditorium and
ion the whole world, thank you so very much for being present with us and for now please
enjoy this anthem.
Arriving at G. Edward Griffin's house G. Edward Griffin
So uh, I'm glad that the weather's been good for you fellows, so far. Just think if we
were doing this in the wintertime. If you're going to Washington DC you might run into
Mike Murphy Thank God or not. You know, it's interesting
that of the different weather modification programs there's something like 32 in the
continental US alone going on so the theory is that geoengineering is, in part, weather
G. Edward Griffin You know, Mike, that's a very good point.
There are so many subsets connected with this issue of geoengineering. People are writing
to us all the time with information about the connection to global warming, the connection
to weather modification. Some people think there's a connection with Morgellon's disease
and some people think it's a means of transmitting electrical impulses from the HAARP antenna
system up in Alaska and Siberia. It gets your head spinning and each area, I think, is worthy
of investigation, but we have so little time, it's wise for us to stay focused on just the
air spraying and the toxic effect of these chemicals and the destruction of the planet
and the damage to human health. What more do you need than that to convince people we
have to put a stop to it? To stay focused, I think, is our mission on this one.
Mike Murphy Narrating We had an idea.
Mike Murphy We know that you know the political system
real well and our idea was this: We have a ton of data and information that we've collected
throughout our travels and we really think a good way to end the film would be addressing
this to elected officials, some of the senators. So we were thinking this: If you might be
able to come and help us out and perhaps show us the way in, how to get this done politically.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel It sounds like a really good idea and I'll
also see who to get to in terms of researching who we should really be talking to about this.
At the very least if we can make it impossible for them to claim that they don't know anything
about this, strip away their plausible deniability that they haven't heard of the data that points
to a geoengineering stratospheric aerosol operation already going on. And at the very
least it should be very interesting to the District of Criminality, put some people on
G. Edward Griffin Yeah, you have a lot of enemies in Washington.
That's where all the power comes together and the money, you know. So there are people
there I'm sure, that just don't want us to do this job, but I'm glad you're going and
you'll find out.
Mike Murphy Narrating We took the data to Washington DC. There we
presented our elected officials with the following letter: According to the Fifth Article of
the Bill of Rights amending the Constitution of the United States of America, no person
shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. But the daily
spraying is depriving all persons within the United States of life, health, liberty and
integrity of our common and private property without due process of law. As a representative
of the people of the United States of America, we insist that you do everything in your power
to protect us and immediately put a stop to geoengineering spraying at once. There exists
no justification, legal or otherwise, to poison the planet and its inhabitants.
David Keith – Geoengineer Now supposing that space aliens arrived, maybe
they're going to land at the UN headquarters down the road here or maybe they'll pick a
smarter spot. But suppose they arrive and they give you a box and the box has two knobs.
One knob is for controlling global temperature. Maybe another knob is for controlling CO2
concentrations. You might imagine that we would fight wars over that box because we
have no way to agree on where to set the knobs, no global governance, and different people
have different places they want it set.
Male speaker on a webcast Solar engineering is like chemotherapy. No
one wants it, but we all want the ability to do chemo and to understand its risks, should
we find ourselves with dangerous cancer.
Unknown questioner How long does it last up there?
Original panel speaker The lifetimes or years?
Questioner In years.
Original panel speaker It lasts for a couple of years.
Questioner And then what, precipitates out?
Original panel speaker Yeah, that's correct.
Questioner And no toxic side effects that you know of?
Original panel speaker The thing we always wonder about is the unknown
in that. So if you're thinking about saving acidification, it's clear that's not a problem
in several studies that showed that. Of course, the concern here is that with so little research,
there may be some unknown unknown that comes out of left field that bites us.
Mike Murphy [approaching Paul E. Kanjorski, Democrat in Congress Pennsylvania]
My name's Mike Murphy, I'm a film-maker in from Los Angeles, we're covering an issue
called geoengineering.
Mike Murphy [talking with Dianne Feinstein, Democratic Senator California]
We have a very quick question about the issue of geoengineering.
Dianne Feinstein I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking
Mike Murphy [after cut back to Paul E. Kanjorski] We're wondering if you're supportive of geoengineers'
proposals of spraying 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere?
Paul E. Kanjorski I should really get a briefing paper on it
before I issue an opinion.
Mike Murphy Not a problem. Are you aware of the issue?
Paul E. Kanjorski Not completely.
Mike Murphy At all?
Paul E. Kanjorski No.
Mike Murphy Okay, we have a letter from constituents and
people have concerns.
Paul E. Kanjorski [pointing to camera and crew]
are you?
Unknown crew member We're making a documentary about the proceedings.
Paul E. Kanjorski I don't know. Do you guys have credentials
to be here?
Mike Murphy Yes we do. We passed through security as well.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel We are endowed by our creator . . .
Paul E. Kanjowski [reaching for recording equipment Rothe-Kushel holds]
Please don't.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel Please don't touch that. It's our property.
Paul E. Kanjowski You're lying.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel No I'm not. What did I, what did we lie about?
Paul E. Kanjowski [mumbles]
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel What did we, what did we lie about? Sir, what
are we lying about?
Paul E. Kanjowski [Walking away] mumbles
Mike Murphy That was a little unusual, huh?
Saxby Chambliss Republican Senator Georgia I haven't heard of that, no.
Barbara Mikulski Democratic Senator Maryland [unintelligible]
Mike Murphy to Donna Edwards Democratic Representative Maryland
And it appears that these programs have already been deployed . . .
Randy Neugebauer Republican Representative Texas
You know I haven't looked at that proposal and well, why don't you let me review it?
Mike Murphy I can do that, Sir. Actually, are you aware
of . . . ?
Randy Neugebauer Actually, I'm going to . . . [walks away]
Mike Murphy to Cliff Stearns Republican Representative Florida
Can we talk to you?
Cliff Stearns Yeah. [Walks away]
Hank Johnson Democratic Representative Georgia Let me go ahead and get that. [speaking to
someone off to side then looking at Mike Murphy] I will take a look at this and I will act
Mike Murphy to Lieutenant General James R. Clapper Jr., Director of National Intelligence
General, this openly covert program of aerosol spraying, stratospheric aerosol spraying,
geoengineering using tons of aluminum, spraying it up in the sky . . .
James R. Clapper Jr. I have no idea what you're talking about.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel It's commonly called chemtrails, Sir.
Mike Murphy When you were the head of NIMA did you see
the aerosol trails?
James R. Clapper Jr [Walks away]
Mike Murphy to David Scott Democratic Representative Georgia
Mike Murphy, Sir, I'm here from Los Angeles.
David Scott Hi.
Mike Murphy Sir, we're here covering an issue called geoengineering
and wanted to know if you're supportive of geoengineers' proposals?
David Scott [walks away]
Mike Murphy to Tim Holden Democratic Representative Pennsylvania
Congressman . . . Are you supportive of geoengineers' proposals which is dumping 10 to 20 million
tons of aluminum into the atmosphere?
Tim Holden I'm not familiar with that.
Mike Murphy What?
Tim Holden I'm not familiar with what you're talking
about. [walks away]
Mark Schauer Democratic Representative Michigan I'm not familiar with what you're talking
about. Could you make an appointment with my office? [walks away]
Dale Kildee Democratic Representative Michigan I'm not supportive, uh, I haven't looked at
it so I don't . . .
Mike Murphy Have you heard of the issue? It's becoming
mainstream and public and there are actually congressional committees which are being formed
to talk about the programs.
Dale Kildee Yeah, well, I think when you drop anything
into the atmosphere you should know prior to, the effect of that, right?
Mike Murphy Yes.
Dale Kildee And if you don't have the knowledge as to
what the effect would be that we shouldn't do it.
Dr. Barrett [in Congress] I think there are four different options for
thinking about deployment of geoengineering. The first one would be we just ban it.
Dr. Morgan [in Congress] I would argue that one does not want to get
too firm a restriction in place on small scale studies early on because it will tie the science's
hands. I think what the science community ought to be trying to do is say do small scale
stuff inside this space and it's a scientific question what that space ought to be. And
there shouldn't be a lot of oversight and restriction.
Mike Murphy to Harry Mitchell Democratic Representative Arizona
Congressman . . . Hi, I'm Mike Murphy from Los Angeles covering an issue called geoengineering.
Harry Mitchell [walks away]
Mike Murphy These guys are running from the geoengineering
issue, I wonder why?
Charlie Wilson Democratic Representative Ohio I'd have to talk to my staff. I don't know
what the details are.
Mike Murphy Has anyone made you aware of the issue or?
Charlie Wilson [walks away]
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel approaching Ralph Hall and Michael T. McCaul Representatives Texas
Congressmen, did anyone talk to you about the issue of geoengineering last November?
Are you supportive of these proposals? We would love to give you a paper.
[Both representatives walk away]
Barney Frank Democratic Representative Massachusetts Which?
Mike Murphy Geoengineering, do you know anything about
the geoengineering issue?
Barney Frank Never heard of it.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel They call it geoengineering but . . .
Barney Frank Yeah and I've never heard of it. It's nothing
I've ever heard anything about.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel When we looked up in the air today outside,
you see, we saw this stuff going on.
Barney Frank [Walks away]
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel to Maxine Waters Democratic Representative California
[Something unclear] Have you heard of geoengineering?
Maxine Waters No.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel The proposal is to shoot 10 million tons of
metals into the air. This committee in science and technology covered it and so we're here
. . .
Maxine Waters No, I've never heard of it.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel So we're very concerned.
Maxine Waters [to someone farther away, ignoring question]
Hey! How are you doing? I'm fine.
Maxine Waters [to documentary crew] So, what?
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel Well w spoke with congresswoman Watson's office
and her press secretary Ms. White, is familiar with Representative Kucinich's Space Preservation
Act which mentioned chemtrails and the weaponization of the atmosphere and space and then it was
pressured to be taken off of the bill. Did you see the aerosol spraying going on today
over the capitol?
Maxine Waters [Walks away]
Mike Murphy to Bob Latta Republican Representative Ohio
Bob Latta I'll get you. [Walks away]
Bart Gordon Democratic Representative Tennessee – in session in Congress
Geoengineering carries with it a tremendous range of uncertainties, ethical and political
concerns, and potential for catastrophic environmental side effects.
Staff Person [in Bart Gordon's office] He is not one to do interviews very often,
not usually unless we pressure him into it, so don't hold your breath.
Bart Gordon – in session in Congress As chairman of the Committee of Jurisdiction
I feel a responsibility to begin a public dialogue and begin a record on geoengineering.
Mike Murphy [to Bart Gordon in the hall] We want to know if you're supportive of spraying
of 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere?
Bart Gordon No. No, we need to have more research.
Mike Murphy Okay. And about the issue of current deployment,
there's literally a mountain of evidence that many people believe proves deployment of these
programs. Any knowledge of that?
Bart Gordon No. No, there's not a mountain of evidence.
But I do support research into geoengineering and I also support looking into the issue
of international governance on that. I hope anybody that's studied it knows that I think
it's a radical proposal and I hope we don't have to use it but there may come that point
in time where we do. Mike Murphy
Now, if we could provide you with evidence that these programs are and have been ongoing,
would you be willing to address this publicly?
Bart Gordon We've had three or four hearings on it. We
have addressed it publicly.
Mike Murphy Well, not about the proposals, but about the
current deployment of these programs. Citizens . . .
Bart Gordon Well, I don't support current deployment.
We need to have more research and they have consequences that go beyond one nation then
I think we need to look into the governance of that.
Catherine Redgwell – Professor of International Law
Governance is not simply an issue of deployment but governance before deployment in terms
of particularly of large scale scientific field work.
Webcast – speaker unknown I concede that on this subject and in general
it's not popular to talk about global rules.
Stewart Howe – in discussion with Mike Murphy and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
And when those people started talking about the need for UN Security Council oversight,
a supranational environmental security enforcement with a strong mandate by the UN, you know.
It really is clear that they're looking for a global power behind the manipulation of
the environment.
“FORA tv” Webcast – host unknown But I do think it needs to be an international
kind of treaty that does tie and bind all nations into a common fate. It is a common
Webcast of Council of Foreign Relations – speaker unknown
And unfortunately, it's not just big governments that could do this. It is small governments.
It is billionaires probably who will go “I'm going to save the world all by myself and
I won't bother to mention it.”
Online Newscast TVO Speaker unknown How do we decide when there's a planetary
emergency? Whose hand is on the thermostat? How do we decide when to start? There's no
way to do that right now. And what if we do start doing it and then by some problem with
the technology or with the will we can no longer do it? And in a year or two the aerosols
will come out of the atmosphere and temperatures will shoot up at a rate much faster than it's
going up now. And it's that rate of change that's hard for us to adapt to. And so once
we start it, we'll be sort of locked into doing it for a long long time. And with no
end in sight.
Webcast “Geoengineering: Salvation or Ruin?” on “FORA tv” - speaker unknown
Boeing would pursue this to make a profit, right? And has financial motivation to do
“FORA tv” webcast – Second unknown speaker And so, let me not speak for Boeing.
“FORA tv” webcast – First speaker Is that allowed?
“FORA tv” webcast – Second speaker Well, it is what it is.
“FORA tv” webcast – First speaker But if some day the US is going to decide
to do this stuff, they're going to look to a company that can do it and you would want
to be positioned . . . Boeing would rather get it than Lockheed Martin.
[Clip to website with an article titled: “Who Gets Rich in a Geoengineering World?”]
“FORA tv” webcast – Second speaker So certainly we have an industrial base that
helps the country take on technologies and large scale challenges like national defense
and we do that both for a profit motive as well as, I think, a national service.
Webcast of Council on Foreign Relations – speaker unknown
I think it would be truly disastrous if you know, if we discovered there was a black program
that some government had stood up to sort of learn on the quiet how to do this.
TVO Webcast entitled “Geoengineering: Plan B?” - Speakers in Calgary, and Paris, France
Calgary speaker – unknown It's pretty clear you can cool the planet
but you will not and cannot bring it back to the exact same climate state you started
with. So you may or may not, I suspect, have a lot of back and forth about how useful it
is to ameliorate the risks of climate change. I think there's probably good evidence that
it is useful but I don't know. But it certainly can't get you back to the climate you started
with. Everybody agrees with that.
Webcast of “FORA tv” Panel discussion – First speaker
Do you think you'll see deployment in our lifetime?
Second speaker Let me say I hope not.
First speaker Al?
Webcast of “FORA tv” panel discussion – Al
I would agree. I hope not.
Other new speaker I would see this as something like an evacuation
plan, you know, that you build big dikes and emissions reduction to try to keep the flood
from wiping you out, but if that flood should come you'd like to have a back up plan for
what to do in the event of that catastrophe so I can see those options more as a catastrophic
response option and not as a way to reduce risk of everyday climate change.
Webcast of hearing [in Congress?] Mr. Smith of North Carolina speaking
You would advocate mitigating consumption of beef as a means of accomplishing your objective?
Speaker in front row Uh, yes.
Mr. Smith How would you suggest going about that?
Speaker in front row You can't uh, I can't uh . . . It's your job
to decide what to tax and what not to tax, obviously, if you wanted to, people do behave
differently, you'd give them incentives and disincentives for behavior.
Another speaker I'm sure that's the answer you wanted to hear,
Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith If only my time had not expired. Thank you
Mr. [unclear]
Mike Murphy – back in Congress speaking with Bart Gordon, Democratic Representative
Tennessee Because there's literally aluminum and barium
contamination found around the world believed to be Mike Murphy – speaking with Bart Gordon
in Congress from these programs.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel Like today over the Capitol it looks like
maybe they're deploying some sort of aerosol, did you see it?
Bart Gordon No I didn't. [The rest is unclear]
Mr. Bard speaking in Congress in session In a James Bond scenario some sort of rogue
rich guy puts some planes in the air and seeds the clouds. What is to prevent that?
Ron Wyden Democratic Senator Oregon [Something unclear] I'll be glad to talk to
you, just call my office.
Mike Murphy Are you aware of the issue?
Ron Wyden As I said, I do it through the office.
Mike Murphy to Bobby Rush Democratic Representative Illinois
Are you in support of those proposals? What is your take?
Bobby Rush I don't know anything about it and I'm running
late. I have to chair a hearing.
Mike Murphy Okay, we'll give you a letter on this. Okay,
this is a letter from constituents and many people believe that these programs have already
been deployed because massive contamination has been found.
[Bobby Rush's Aide takes the letter for him] Aide
I have no idea what you mean by “these programs”, one word or two . . .
Mike Murphy Geoengineering programs.
Aide Geoengineering. Got it. Glad you brought it
Mike Murphy Yes, spraying from airplanes, so what is happening
is people from around the world are finding contamination.
Aide Let me take care of this and I'll talk with
you when I come back.
Mike Murphy Thank you very much!
Webcast on Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges
We see that even though we might make the average temperature of the planet about right
the rainfall patterns change some from today and some places become a little warmer and
some cooler so there are going to be winners and losers in this geoengineering activity
if we were to do it, but nevertheless as David has said, there are reasons why we might consider
doing it.
Mike Murphy speaking with Carolyn Maloney Democratic Representative New York
Many people are deeply concerned about it because of the toxicity of aluminum, and it
has been addressed to Congress in various committees. Would you take a look at a letter
from some of your constituents addressing the concerns?
[Carolyn Maloney walks away]
John Barrow Democratic Representative Georgia Please excuse me if I go . . .
Mike Murphy Can I give you a letter from constituents?
Are you aware of their proposals of dumping . . .
John Barrow [while reaching for letter] I'm running a little bit late.
Mike Murphy Got you. Thanks.
Gene Green Democratic Representative Texas Well, I'm not familiar with it so I don't
know what to do.
Mike Murphy Okay well, geoengineers are proposing just
that, dumping aluminum and barium into the atmosphere . . .
Gene Green Well, aluminum is a precious metal we could
Mike Murphy Well the stated goal is to actually cool the
planet however . . .
Gene Green It sounds strange.
Mike Murphy Exactly, so they're proposing dumping these
metals into the air to block the sun essentially. So we're just here to find out what members
of Congress are . . .
Gene Green Well, I hope we have a strong hearing on that
before they do anything.
Mike Murphy I hope so. And there's evidence that suggests
that not only have these programs been deployed because we're finding contamination of aluminum
and barium in the rains, snow, and soil.
Gene Green Okay, thank you. [walks away taking letter]
Mike Murphy Thank you.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel speaking to Senator Dianne Feinstein California
L.A. County has seen a two hundred percent increase in Alzheimer’s in the last decade
and tons of ground water samples showing high levels of aluminum all around our state.
Dianne Feinstein Why don't you give me all the information
you have? I have some very good people I will assign it to and if you get it to Mr. Lavelle.
Mr. Lavelle Just scan my card and send me an email and
we'll . . .
Mike Murphy We'll be in touch, we are investigating this
and there is literally a mountain of evidence that suggests these programs are going on.
Dianne Feinstein Okay, move that mountain over to us and we'll
look at it.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel And look up, just looking up into the sky
you will see some . . . Dianne Feinstein
Mike Murphy You will, you can see aerosols being sprayed
out of airplanes quite a bit so thank you, yeah, the future of humanity is definitely
dependent on it so we're counting on people like yourself to take some proactive steps,
so thank you very much guys.
Dianne Feinstein Very well. You're welcome.
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel now outside A lot of Congress was running down the hallways
to avoid answering any questions, looking for doors in the hallways so apparently the
war is against all of us. And we're all in a hostage crisis. People who took an oath
to uphold and defend the Constitution not only know this is happening, but are participating
in this and all of us have a duty to stand up and speak out about it. Why is the water
being contaminated? Why is the soil being contaminated? Why are aluminum-related diseases
going up and it affecting all of us? And thus we all have the duty to stand up and speak
out and get educated and stop this for our own sake, for our children's sake. It is a
crucial moment in history right now. As human beings we need to decide whether to live on
our knees while being sprayed and poisoned every day under continual threat or whether
we are going to stand up and live as free human beings and seek truth, justice, peace
and freedom for all of God's children.
Mike Murphy So as you can see we are ending our film here
in Washington DC, we've made many public officials aware of this, most of them either denied
any knowledge of this or they simply were unwilling to address the situation with us.
So as you can see right here behind us you can see aerosols behind us, the spraying has
continued. So what is the solution? Is the solution here in Washington DC ? Clearly this
is one of the solutions, but the solution is not only here, the solution is within you.
This issue affects all of us so deeply so you need to decide. Get active, get involved.
Start spreading the word with growing awareness about 90 percent of the population, we believe,
is unaware of this issue which means that 90 percent of the people who would normally
do something if they knew are not doing anything because they aren't aware. So please look
into your heart, use any skill you have to get the word out. The future of humanity is
dependent upon it.
Coalition against geoengineering website shown and end credits roll
Transcribed by Cassie Zievers 360-560-8955