Sea of Ambition, 7회, EP07, #03

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- Miss Jang! - Hello, Mrs. Kim.
Hi. What brings you all the way here?
Did you sleep well last night?
Wow, you’re fast. You came already?
We live in a busy world.
No wonder you’re a businesswoman. You should’ve sent your staff instead.
The imported flowers withered away too quickly.
I’m looking for a domestic flower garden.
I see.
Have some rose tea.
The color is pretty.
I think you’re prettier.
I’ll tell you the reason for my visit.
My father rushed me to get married, so I told him about Hyun-Min,
without checking whether he has a girlfriend or not.
Oh, no. You shouldn’t have.
Yes, I shouldn’t have.
My father has no idea. Now he wants our families to meet.
Oh, no.
I’ll be honest with you.
I was forced into a marriage, and got divorced in 6 months.
If I screw up again, my father will really be disappointed with me.
I was too arrogant.
I thought he’d go for me even if he had a girlfriend.
But Hyun-Min was too firm.
Yeah, he’s like that.
When is he getting married?
Do you know who his girlfriend is?
Yes. It’s Yoon Se-Ra, right?
So you know.
Once my son sets his heart on something, he won’t change his mind.
He seems like an easygoing guy, but he can be very stubborn.
I know that too.
Tell me what you think.
Don’t Hyun-Min and I make a cute couple?
I’m asking you because you seem wise.
It won’t be an easy marriage.
My father is a frugal self-made man.
My family’s rich on the outside, but we’re no different from you.
But you’re still different from people like us.
Why do you say that?
You write our paychecks. You have more responsibility.
Hyun-Min will do great once we entrust him with great things.
Hyun-Min’s father only worked with large ships.
He never had time for his family. I only saw him a few times a year.
I want Hyun-Min to live a simple but happy life.
I don’t too much weight on his shoulders.
Then what about me?
If I tell my father the truth, he’ll be furious.
I can’t sleep at night.
My father gets very angry when his children do wrong.
I had a strict father, just like you.
When I was young, I thought he hated his family.
After I became a teacher, I realized that it was because he had high expectations.
Don’t worry. Tell him the truth.
After all, you’re his daughter.
My father is different.
Well, I hope all goes well.
You should talk it over with Hyun-Min.
Thank you. Please help me.