DoJaLuMa Trailer [CZE, ENG subs]

Uploaded by MagNetCZ on 20.12.2012

On far-away islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean live four people who love flight more than anything.
Do, a brilliant flight engineer that defies the laws of physics for a living.
Ja, a veteran fighter pilot that flew through time and space from the time of World War I.
Lu, an acrobatical wizard that always keeps up with the latest trends.
And last but not least, Ma.
An all-around handyman and passionate collector, who would never exchange his passion for anything else.
Which of these four will become the real king of skies?
It's up to you to decide.
Welcome to the world of DoJaLuMa!

Network multiplayer
Unique fruit weaponry
Eat dirt!
Say hello to the ground!
150% accuracy to the power of two.
Game-changing bonuses
Vitamins of death.
Live healthy? Haha, die healthy!
Guess what, I baked those myself.
My flight computer is always completely accurate.
4 heroes
2 maps, and more are being worked on.
Original graphics
...sounds Thirsty?
and music (from intro)
And even a map editor