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Any similarities with actual people are merely coincidental.
Even the stories, based on actual events, are fictional!!!
Hello! My name is Balgar.
BALGAR by Nedelcho Bogdanov
Guys! Aren't you hungry? - I am. Let's eat. But what?
We could do a restaurant. - Or just go to KFC for a quick bite.
We have a wide range of possibilities.
Man! Remember how it was when we were kids?
We had only pastry and boza.
Spare some change for a poor beggar!
What are you talking about, man? You look better off than us!
Just a sec!
Why didn't you say I was overdressed for work?!
Don't worry, babe. Here's a dirty pair of pants.
Is that better? - Aw, poor old man!
Give him a couple of bucks, Asparuh!
What were we talking about? Right!
Well, the greasy filo pastries were awesome!
Yeah! We ate them like crazy!
You used to buy ten of them and take them home, Pesho!
Why was that? - I used to buy them for Granny.
Let's go get ice cream. - Yes! That's the best decision.
Asparuh! Wasn't that your girl?
And the hobo we just gave money to came out of her house!
Really? - Guys...
I think I'll just go home and not go out for a month.
Bulgar, there's something sketchy going on here.
Let's find out what's the deal with this hobo and Asparuh's girl.
That's his house, right? - I think so.
Psst! Somebody's coming!
Wow! Look at the architecture!
Let's do this!
Look for clues! - What clues? There's just trash here.
I think I found something. Something like a lever.
Where are we? Looks like a spy's secret quarters.
It must be the Hobo's.
What do you see, Balgar? - Pictures, Pesho.
Tons of photographs. And all of them are of you, as a kid!
Me? Weird...
Balgar, he might be a serial killer, who stalks his victims first!
Then his next victim is either you or Misha.
I think we should tell Asparuh before it's too late.
We found the Hobo's secret hideaway and you know what was in there?
Pictures of Pesho and Misha! We think he's some kind of psycho.
Really? - Yes.
He's probably being all nice to her right now, to get her to trust him!
I gotta warn her! - Here's the plan.
I'll go straight to the police to turn him in.
Meanwhile, Asparuh should find Misha and warn her.
Balgar - you'll go sniff around the Hobo's place and keep an eye on him.
Tonight, we all meet at the town's annual festival.
And we expose him in front of everyone!
Looks peaceful...
Looking for someone? Come, I'll show you something!
Misha?! - Hello, Balgar.
What's going on here? - Listen to me, Balgar.
Before we tell you, you've got to help us.
Exactly! You can help us answer the question
"Are we alone in this world, or the aliens really exist?".
Aliens? - We've got reason to doubt
that your friend Pesho the Blind has been or still is in contact with them.
What, Pesho? - Exactly!
Now we need you to search deep into your memory,
go way back to your childhood,
and tell us what Pesho did with all the filo pastry he bought.
Classes are over. - What do we do now?
Let's go get greasy filo banitsas!
I love banitsa!
Can we get fifteen greasy banitsas?
Here - eat!
I was so hungry!
Pesho, aren't you going to eat yours now?
I'll eat them later, at home.
But they'll be cold.
That's how I like them.
He never ate his banitsa with us!
I think that's our guy! - What do you mean, "your guy"?
What are you talking about? - It all started in the Seventies...
Yeah... The Seventies...
Hippies, sex and drugs!
Yes. That was the life!
What the hell, Benjamin? You're only three years old!
Ignore Benjamin Button. He's still a kid and talks nonsense all the time.
As I was saying, it all started in the Sixties...
You said the Seventies. - Alright! Seventies. Same difference!
I was part of a secret organization.
So secret that even the Government knew nothing about us.
They called us the Department of Nessebar Secrecy.
Or "The Cools" - for short.
How did "they call you"? I thought no one knew about you.
Enough with the questions, man! Listen to the story!
We developed a top-secret plan to monitor all the people in the town.
We created oil-resistant GPS microchips
and - following a short survey -
we put them in the most popular food of the time - the greasy banitsa.
The idea was to implant them in the population.
Unfortunately, our engineers had overlooked an important factor.
The microchips disintegrated in gastric acid.
Basically, the plan was a huge fail,
but it unexpectedly brought us to a major clue!
One signal coming from one greasy banitsa
followed the same trajectory every single day...
...and then - poof! - disappeared!
Pesho? - Weird, right!
We followed the signal to your friend's house.
And then we heard something unforgettable.
Something that made us believe we are not alone!
I don't believe it! There's an alien in my back yard!
Then came our biggest mistake.
Although we had no solid evidence, we went straight to the police.
They stormed the house,
the alien was nowhere to be seen,
but we witnessed a heartbreaking scene -
a poor child feeding his Granny a greasy banitsa.
After the fiasco, the Government took us all in,
said we are crazy and declared us mentally incompetent. That was it.
And what's the connection between you two?
That same night, we were all sent to various insane asylums.
All but one - the greatest spy and founder of the secret organization.
Mata Hari. My girl.
But she couldn't stay in this town anymore.
So she took our two children, our two little angels,
left them outside a house and I never saw her again.
Two years ago, they discharged me from the asylum
and I went looking for my girls.
Turned out one became a famous reporter,
and the other - a good, honest cop.
Misha is your daughter!
Pesho's whole theory just fell apart.
Speaking of Pesho, where can we find him?
I have one final question to ask him.
I need to know if all this lost time was for nothing.
Actually, I'm meeting him tonight at the annual Nessebar feast.
People! Tonight is gonna be a night to remember!
I'm about to checkmate you with my king.
No way, man! - Sicilian defence, huh?
Here they are!
I'll distract the Hobo and you go warn Misha she's in trouble.
I'll go talk to Pesho and you try to distract your boyfriend.
Misha, why did you do this to me? - What are you talking about, Asparuh?
Don't lie to me, Misha! I saw the Hobo come out of your house!
Oh, that...
Asparuh, I have to tell you something about the Hobo.
He's my real father, Asparuh!
No way! But I'm kinda relieved!
Pesho! I've got a question for you, man.
OK. Do you mind if two of my best friends join us?
What's up, Pesho? - Is this the serial killer?
What serial killer, man? - It's too late, Hobo. Admit it.
We found your secret crib.
And we know you're planning to kill Misha.
I love you, Misha! - I love you, too!
Any final words before we take you in?
Wait! I'll tell you everything!
I'm not a hobo! - Man...
I'm an undercover spy with a secret mission
to prove there are aliens and they are here, in Nessebar!
Boris, should I take him to the station or to the asylum?
I'm telling the truth! Ask the Mayor - he knows about the mission.
Mr Mayor, this serial killer says he's a spy
and you know all about it. - Never saw him in my life.
It's over, Mayor. Tell them. - Oh, alright.
He really is an undercover spy, you have my Mayor's word.
Let's just arrest everyone! Just in case, huh?
Oh, no! It's all gone wrong.
I should have told them about my father and his secret mission.
People, listen to me. It all started in the Seventies...
Ah, yes. The Seventies - hippies, sex and drugs.
Shut up, Benjamin!
And? - The Hobo came across evidence
of an alien life form.
Evidence that led to a man we all know very well.
Pesho the Blind, we have reason to suspect
you've been in contact with aliens.
Well, how do you know all about that?
I know it, because on top of everything the Hobo is my father.
Pesho, is that true? - Why do you all believe the Hobo?
How could you be sure he's really your father?
Is there any evidence at all?
So, if we prove the Hobo is Misha's father,
we'll know he's telling the truth about Pesho.
But how can we find out who's lying?
I got it - let's use a lie detector!
Look! By mere coincidence, the host of the show is right here.
Mr Saraivanov, we need to find out who's lying.
You did have a lie detector game show or something, right?
Fine. But let me state that we have strong moral principles
and are not interested in intrigues. - Yeah, right.
We'll start with an easy question.
Right... Pesho, is it true that you prefer GMO products to healthy food?
Your answer was a lie.
Man, was that it? - Is it over?
Unfortunately, his game is over, before we can ask him about the alien!
Man, we drew another blank!
We can solve the case only if someone produces evidence.
I don't think anyone can. - Someone can!
What are you doing here, skank?! I told you to stay home!
Wait! Let's just hear her out.
Fine, let's see what evidence you've got.
Patience. I'll lay my cards on the table.
Well, what are you waiting for? - Dramatic background music.
I am Mata Hari. - The Hobo-skank is Mata Hari!
The Hobo-skank is my mother! - My wife is my ex-wife!
Forgive me for not looking for you when I was discharged
and for marrying you without knowing that you were you!
I forgive you.
Listen to me. The Hobo's story is true.
We're not a hundred percent sure, but we did hear something that day.
We heard a boy laughing and saying there's an alien there.
Well, Pesho, you have to tell us what happened that day!
There's not much to tell.
Look, Granny! I got you a greasy banitsa!
Thank you, my boy!
You know, if you eat greasy banitsa, you'll be strong as a bull!
Granny! If someone saw you, they'd think you were an alien!
So much drama! - We finally know the truth!
Forgive us, Pesho, for doubting you!
Nothing to do here anymore. Let's go!
I don't think there are aliens. - No way, if you ask me!
So, all ended well!
Guys, I didn't tell you the whole truth.
That's the first time we've seen your home, Pesho.
Here, I found it. That day, so many years ago, another thing happened.
I'll be right back, Granny!
Hello, earthling! I'm an alien from another planet.
And you... speak Bulgarian?
Of course! Maybe it's not a very popular language on your planet,
but it's the official language of the Solar System
and it's a mandatory school class.
Now listen! Here's a map of our System.
You'll need it.
Maybe around... Season 4.
Why are you giving this to me?
Well... umm...
Because you're the chosen one. You're The One.
Keep it as the apple of your eye. - Why don't you keep it?
Umm... Well...
It is too late for me...
You are our hope now!
And remember - the map must never fall
into the wrong hands and all that crap!
OK, I'm leaving. Bye!
It seemed he'd seen all 'Lord of the Rings' films before he came to me.
So you really did come into contact with aliens?
Hell yeah! But I fooled them all!
Yeah, Pesho! You're the best in fooling.
That was so much fun! - What do we do now?
There's no time for anything. The episode is about to end in exa
directed by Nedelcho Bogdanov
producers Bogdan Bogdanov, Nedelcho Bogdanov
translation and subtitles by Maria Zmiicharova