The Daily - Tues, Sept 13

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Welcome to The Daily for Tuesday, September 13th with Greg Lalas.
I'm Jason Saghini. Champions League back in action tonight.
The LA Galaxy headed down to Mexico to take on Moralia.
For the LA Galaxy though, no Beckham. I'm not really surprised here that he didn't
bring David Beckham because he basically wanted to give him a little bit of a rest.
There's no need to take him on those travels when you have the playoff push coming up.
Then of course, the playoffs. But what does it do to the midfield for the
Galaxy? Not really much.
I think that Chris Burchill slides into the middle, and maybe Sean Franklin's playing
on the right side. They've got plenty of thrust coming out of
the midfield anyway. The way that he can get forward.
Of course, coming in behind them, Frankie on the right side as well.
Of course, Landon Donovan is still up top to score all the goals that they're gonna
need if they're going to get a win against Moralia.
That game at 8pm eastern time on Fox Soccer Channel.
After that, at 10pm eastern, is the Colorado Rapids hosting Santos Laguna at Dicks Sporting
Good park. Santos bringing their first team to Colorado.
I think this is probably the more interesting match of the night.
Santos Laguna in 3rd place in their group. They already lost one match early going in
the group stages. Now the Colorado Rapids looking good, although
they struggled a little bit in terms of play on the field.
They've gotten the wins they needed, but they haven't necessarily looked great.
Santos Laguna of course, all of that rumors of Bob Bradley maybe taking over, now they
come to the United States. I think they're coming out to make a statement
in this one. They want to put a stamp on Group B in CONCACAF.
Speaking of Bob Bradley. The last team he was coaching, the US national
team, in action on October 11th at Red Bull Arena against Ecuador.
I told you about that game earlier, but now confirmed at Red Bull Arena.
That game will not be played in Connecticut where originally believed.
Greg, we gotta get to this. 24 under 24, we finally get some names today
coming out. You know, yesterday we actually launched the
fan vote, and showed what the fans voted for their top 24 players under the age of 24.
We also put out some of the top names that didn't make it into the top 24.
Be sure to check that out on Today, yes, we launched the countdown.
It all starts today on Tuesday. We're going to put on numbers 24 down through
number 20. All day long, we'll be releasing those names.
Of the names you'll see today, 2 Philadelphia Union players, and also the youngest player
on the countdown. Final note.
We should mention ExtraTime Radio yesterday. Speaking of young players, Teal Bunbury on
the show, and also Kyle Beckerman from Reals Salt Lake.
Not quite as young as they used to be, Kyle Beckerman, but really rounding into form for
Salt Lake and the US national team. He had some interesting things to say about
RSL chasing the Supporters Shield, and how he thinks they still have a chance to catch
the Galaxy for that. As always, you can get ExtraTime Radio on
iTunes or BuzzSprout. Enjoy the Champions League games tonight.
We'll be back on The Daily tommorrow.