Great Western film bursary - Swindon College School of Art and Design - Promo 3

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(Student) Ah, there's a concert on
in Swindon tonight.
I so want to go and see that!
How am I going to get there? Right.
Mum, um...
♪ background music ♪
Mum, um, can you take me to
Swindon tonight? Why? To see a concert.
Er, the Wyvern Theatre... No?
What do you mean "No"?
Ah fine, whatever, alright. Bye!
I really want to go.
How am I going to get there?
I can get a bus but
a bus takes too long I won't
get there in time. It's tonight.
Erm, taxi's way too expensive.
I'll get a train!
Cheap, fast, always on time.
What a better way to travel...
Oh yeah, these tickets are mine!
(Male voice #1) I use trains to get places
fast and cheaply.
(Male voice #2) Um, I normally use trains
to visit the family, normally go
to the concerts with my mate.
(Male voice #3) Well, I like the trains, right.
They're clean, they're comfy
usually on time.
Er, everything about it is quick
and can always get you where you
want to go. Every time I'm on a train
I always see people on the track
working on the track so I know they
really want safety to be the key issue.
(Male voice #4) Oh, it's really good.
People profit from it,
their businesses.
(Female voice) I mean obviously to Swindon it was such
an amazing industry in the start
when it first started to come about
and now it's such a good central link
to North, South, East, West
wherever you want to go.
I mean obviously it's been a massive
industry to this town. It's virtually
a city because of the people living
around it who used to work around the
industry and it's just massive.