Playthrough - Star Wars: The Old Republic // New Shoes (Part 01)

Uploaded by channelravak on 18.12.2011

Oh, oh my God! What the hell!
What in the name of all things good and holy!
Hi, Rav here and we're going to be doing a blind playthrough of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
I was getting votes from people to tell me what they want to see me play and as far as allegiance
went I got a fifty-fifty split, so
If you can hear
I have a d20 in front of me and I'm going to be rolling
to see what I'm playing. If I get odds, then I'm going Galactic, and if I get evens I'm going Sith.
Fourteen; even. Then we are going Sith Empire.
Now as far as class went, there was a pretty
strict diktat that I had to be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Warrior, so
Sith Warrior we shall go.
SITH: "Defy me, and it will end badly."
I decided to play a female just because something about bad-ass women is slightly better than being
a bad-ass man, I dunno, it's maybe just a personal preference.
Anyone complaining about gender-bending, I don't care because frankly
any good roleplayer can gender-bend and as I'm not roleplaying, I can just play whatever the hell I want.
I may have already
had a look through and decided what my character. If I was going to play
as the Republic, then I was gonna have a male Miralukan, but
as I'm playing
a Sith, well
yeah, as I'm playing Sith
in all manner of respects: Empire, Warrior and race then I've went for this.
Right, name was the one thing I didn't decide to come up with
and, I'm really quite fussy with names. I'm not sure.
This is one thing I probably should have thought of before I decided to go with this.
Well let's see what random names we get.
That's a bit like psycho.
Dexy. Whatever, let's go with that.
Incoming intro video...
Okay then!
I may as well say now, I'm not running this on maximum graphics. For some reason
even though I'm fairly sure my computer should be able to handle it
I think there's something a bit iffy with the client, a lot of people have been complaining
about frame rates
so I'm running this on a slightly lower
graphics settings then I would like, just to try and ensure
a half-decent frame rate.
Ah, let me do that now.
Just going to hide the chat
'cause it'll probably be more distracting than anything else
Damn straight bow down to me!
My name is... shit, I've forgotten my name already, Dexy?
I'm Dexy and I'm like the most prestigious Sith Warrior student ever.
TREMEL: "At last, you've arrived. Good, good. There is much to do and every moment is critical."
"I'm Overseer Tremel."
"For decades, I've administered the trials that prove who is and is not worthy"
"to join the Sith Order."
"The trials are a chance to weed out the weak."
"Those who face them either survive and become Sith, or die."
I'm Sith already. DEXY: "Mark my words, I am destined to be Sith."
You are Sith! TREMEL: "It wasn't destiny that brought you here."
"Yes, you are here and ahead of schedule because of me."
"I expect you to obey."
"You face your trials, you serve me"
"and I will make you the most powerful acolyte here."
DEXY: "Sounds like a plan." TREMEL: "The trials themselves are difficult enough"
"but they are hardly the greatest threat you face."
"There's an acolyte here named Vemrin. He's your enemy, and he will try to kill you. We must prepare you."
DEXY: "Let him try. I'll destroy him."
TREMEL: "With my guidance, someday you'll destroy all your enemies."
"That practice sword you've arrived with is insufficient, the blade of lesser"
"acolytes. You need a dominating weapon." Like a lightsabre?
TREMEL: "In the tomb of Ajunta Pall, there's an old armory."
"A strong Sith warblade awaits you there." Is a warblade like-
TREMEL: "The tomb is thick with k'lor'slugs, deadly, savage creatures."
"Be speedy but careful."
"They've been the end of many an acolyte."
DEXY: "Just tell me where to go."
TREMEL: "One you acquire the"
"warblade, I suggest you spend some time in the tomb bloodying it."
"Then come to me in my chambers in the Academy."
A blade? I really hope by 'blade' he means 'lightsabre', because you know
A lightsabre's a suitable weapon
Righty-oh, I'm guessing I can't walk through the force field? No.
So... ok!
Now for those that haven't played the game, then that big green wall that's now turned red, that's a phased
area which means
only one person of a particular class is allowed there, allowed in there at a time.
So only one Sith Warrior is allowed in there, being me. If I was in a party with other people, and they
included any Sith Warriors, those Sith Warriors couldn't enter
although there is an option to allow them to enter.
Or is it to allow you to enter, oh whatever, anyways.
Er, yes so, I can't enter. Let's go.
What do we have?
Right, so that increases my damage and reduces my damage taken.
So every class starts off with one buff which is in the zero button.
And this is basically allows you to teleport to any location you found.
This is a Bind Point, and
that ability will allow you to teleport to any Bind Point
once every half-hour. That's a general healing ability
And the rest are my attacks.
That's where we've just come from.
Going in there.
So at the moment I've got two abilities. The number one ability for any class will be a basic
ability which charges up your energy
now I have Rage, and once I get at least three Rage, I can unleash a Vicious Slash which does more damage.
Go straight ahead, okay.
That little weird triangle thing: that is a quest.
CORMUN: "Excuse me, acolyte. Sergeant Cormun, Fifth Infantry Company, Korriban Regiment."
"Can I, Can I talk to you?"
DEXY: "Speak freely, Sergeant." CORMUN: "Thank you."
CORMUN: "You're the acolyte Overseer Tremel had brought in special, right?"
"Heading down in the tomb to show what you're made of?"
DEXY: "And to find myself a Sith warblade, apparently."
CORMUN: "Well here's your chance to not only show off for the overseers"
"but start building ties to the Imperial military, as well."
"I'm here commanding a hard target mission"
"to exterminate k'lor'slugs in this tomb."
"They're horrific things."
"Mouths bigger than your head."
"I've lost three squads of good men fighting them."
"They come in packs, they just"
"They'll swallow a man whole."
DEXY: "Your men obviously need better training, Sergeant."
CORMUN: "Those men were battle-hardened."
"The enemy just has more numbers. The damn k'lor'slugs breed so fast there's no way to"
"wipe them out conventionally."
"So we started targeting their egg chambers. They went insane."
"We managed to get explosives to all of the egg chambers"
"but the k'lor'slugs were all over us before we could detonate them."
DEXY: "Perhaps I could be of assistance."
CORMUN: "Don't underestimate those k'lor'slugs, sir."
"They're, they're smarter than they look."
It's ma'am.
None of this 'sir' stuff here.
Sith Warrior trainer, arrow above the head means they don't have any abilities, I can't remember
if an extra chevron appears if they have any abilities for you to learn.
Right, tally ho.
I guess we're going this way.
This is my primary objective, explore the Armory, but here in
italics is the secondary objective, now obviously you don't need to complete the secondary objective
but it means I get more experience and other stuff if I do
which is why I'm going to wade into this massive pack.
Except for I need foragers, don't I?
Still need to kill these for a main objective.
These light beams indicate loot
and there's a option where you can loot all bodies nearby without having to go to each
individual body, you loot one body and it loots everything nearby, which I have activated.
Right, I need foragers, these aren't foragers.
I should probably kill two more first, shouldn't I?
Somebody else setting off
There I go.
Now when I say I'm doing a blind playthrough, I am playing on other characters
but I haven't played a Sith Inquisitor or a Sith Warrior.
I haven't been to Korriban, first time here, and I'm not sure what the quests are like
or even how the class plays.
CORMUN: "I heard the explosions when you set off the charges."
"Outstanding sir."
And mission complete. The name of the mission
credits, experience and new shoes!