Injustice 1984

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(In dream) mob...Screaming and shouting...
Mother!!! (In pain...)
Gurcharan! What happened Gurcharan? What happened?
I am again shattered by the pain, Aunt.
If you want to give me medicine then give me the one Which can heal wounds of my memory.
You are lying down from last 24 years,
Better die than such a life, Gurcharan. Better die off...
No aunt! Don’t say like this...
I don’t want to die now....
I haven’t got the justice yet...
I would have died long ago...
But if I am alive, that's in hope of justice only.
Justice! Forget it Gurcharan.
There is no justice for Sikhs in this country.
Don’t make me weak aunt.
I want to live.
Until I don’t make those mass murderers get punished,
I want to live.
I am the only alive witness of that incidence,
I have myself seen those murderers and can never forget their faces.
And can never forget their faces.
Until and unless i get them prosecuted,
I want to live aunt!!!
I want to live!!!
So what if I am crippled,
But I am still in high spirits.
I still remember those summer vacations
When Vijay and I used to go to play together ...
Hey Gurcharan!
Coming mom.
Go towards Gurudwara.
Your dad must be coming back from there..
Tell him to bring some groceries while coming.
Ok mom. Let’s go Vijay then...
We will eat the offerings (parshad) also.
Come children...Take the offering first.
Dad! Mom asked to bring the groceries.
Gurcharan! Give me the bag and go back home. I will bring the items.
No dad we’ll also come with you.
Ok. You also come along.
How much do they love each other! May this remain forever.
Hey! Naughty kids.
Greetings Giani ji !(temple caretaker)...
Giani ji! Where are you going early in the morning?
Where can I go Sarpanch ji (village head)? Was just going to get some groceries.
You should also have rest sometimes, Giani ji! (Sikh temple caretaker)
Kirpal Ram ji! It’s better to keep the body at work.(laughing)
Here, take the offering. Waheguru. Waheguru.
Pala ram ji ! Enjoying the music hmmmm......
Greetings Giani ji.
Greetings. Take the offering.
Come, Sit, Sit...
How come you visit here?
Have come to take the groceries.
It’s the 1st date of month. I have packed all the things beforehand only.
Very good Pala Ram ji. Thanks. Greetings.
Take your toffees with you.
Now go, go..
Vijay! hey Vijay!
Come fast, we got to go.
Come Gurcharan, Why are you standing out? Come in.
Regard aunt.
Greetings child, come in.
Hurry up dear; we got to go for play.
Yes. Just a second.
Shall I help?
No, I am fine.
Father, what have you bought for me?
I have brought a lot for you.
No. Gurcharan first and then my son Vijay. Alright?
Let’s go.
Then one day, there was news on radio
That changed everything.
(Radio sound) – Tour was successful. He will come to the country tomorrow late night.
And now the news from Punjab,
Three terrorists wearing turban stopped a bus at Jalandhar Amritsar road
And shot thirteen Hindus out of it.
Govt. is doubting group of Bhindranwala behind this incident.(radio sound continuing....)
(Thinking)...No. this isn’t done. Community for humanity can’t do like this.
It must be some conspiracy by Government to spoil Sikh image.
Are you listening dear!!
Please bring some kerosene. Oil is finished,
Have not yet prepared the meal.
How are you Pala Ram ji?
I want some kerosene Pala Ram ji.
(Loudly)I want some kerosene Pala ram ji.
Oil is finished.
(Shockingly) But the drum is full.
And you are saying you don’t have oil.
You will not get oil. Don't you understand?
Sarpanch ji! Are you looking?
The drum is full of oil and he is refusing to give me.
What can I do? Its will of the owner.
This is not fair.
If you want justice, go to Punjab.
Bloody Sikhs!!!
Regards Sarpanch ji! How are you Pala Ram ji? Please get me some oil.
What happen? Why are you all sitting sad?
Are you not listening the news?
In Punjab , the militants have killed Hindus and are hiding in Golden Temple.
These Sikhs should be taught some lesson which they never forget.
No, Pala Ram ji. All Sikhs are not bad. It must be somebody’s conspiracy.
They have always served as an armor for India. And because of them only, our country is free today.
It was the past. Now is the different situation.
Have you heard the statement given by Bhindran vala? He says that each Sikh has to only assassin 35 Hindus.
I haven't read this in any newspaper. This is all a grapevine.
He should also realize that here also, Only 1 Sikh will comes against 35 Hindus.
When time comes, we will cut them apart.
At the time of independence only, Pandit ji had said that these Sikhs are criminals.
They should be treated very harshly.
The political party also says so.
Giani came asking for oil, I refused.
Well done.
What happened? You didn’t got oil?
No, now we will never get oil.
I don't get it!
Sister! Take as much oil you want from the container.
Circumstances are not good here. I think you should go back to Punjab.
In 1947, we were left homeless... And now again!!!
Sikhs have sacrificed so much for this country and now these people have forgotten everything?
My father has gone to jail for this country and I myself was a soldier.
We even have not cared about our lives on the border and now our own country has made us strangers.
You are correct Giani ji. I also don’t want you to go from here. But I am very scared after listening to the grapevines.
I beg your leave now Giani ji. If you need something please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you very much my friend.
Have sweets. Everyone have sweets.
You also have it.
Yes, yes we are also having it.
See, Giani is coming here only.
Come, let’s go and offer him the sweets.
Giani ji, take these sweets. At least you eat Gurcharan.
Why are you offering these sweets?
Military has attacked the Golden Temple.
Now the Bhinderan vala will be killed. Our nation mother is a Chandi(Goddess of death in Hinduism).
Now these Sikhs are going to be finished. (laughing...)
What happens to your neighbor, Can also happen to you someday. (Punjabi idiom)
Help us almighty! Help us...
Military has attacked the Golden Temple.
Now the Bhinderan vala will be killed. Our nation mother is a Chandi(cruel goddess in Hinduism).
Now these Sikhs will be finished. (laughing...)
Sikhs have killed Indira Gandhi. They have killed our Mother.
We should give them blood for blood.
(Crowd raising slogans) ” Blood for Blood”... ” Blood for Blood”...
Not even one Sikh should remain alive. Burn their houses.
Pala Ram! Distribute all the kerosene you have to these people and burn houses of all the Sikhs.
”Kill all these Sikhs, They are all Traitors”.
Come on, let’s go to the Gurudwara (Sikh temple) first.
Giani ji, Giani ji, Open the door, please quickly open the door.
Giani ji, the minister is here and he is enraging Hindus to kill the Sikhs.
Mob is going to attack Sikh Temple. Come let’s go fast. Let’s go.
Wait. Wait for a minute. I am just coming.
Come. Come with me. Let’s go.
Bole So Nihaal...Sat Sri Akal !!!
” Blood for Blood”...” Blood for Blood”...
”Kill all these Sikhs, They are all Traitors”.
Burn Giani's house on fire.
Screams.......leave my son, leave Gurcharan.
Screams...Leave my mother... mother...mother...
Screams...Get away from me you bastard... Sarpanch : Come here! I am not going to leave you now.
What should we do with this serpent now?
Burn him. He shouldn't be left alive.
Pala Ram, Kirpa ram and some other Hindus dragged me towards the burning truck.
I was screaming and shouting. But they didn't listen a thing.
I saw Vijay’s father and Boni Harijan were running towards me.
They were loudly screaming, ”Don’t kill Gurcharan, Don’t kill him”.
But they didn’t listen to them and threw me in the burning truck.
I was unconscious by that time. When I became conscious I was at Vijay’s place.
They took me to Hospital but doctors refused to treat me and sent me back.
My body was completely burnt. My backbone was broken.
I became crippled for all my life.
Tarlokchand and Bonyharijan did save me, but could not save me from getting crippled.
But I didn’t lost my heart and went to police- stations and courts on ambulance & stretcher,
24 years have passed but still I haven’t got justice.
This country’s law is blind, Gurcharan.
People who killed Indira Gandhi got death sentence in 4 years.
But those who murdered uncountable Sikhs were left unnoticed by government.
No, Aunt. A Ray of Hope is still left.
CBI has again recorded my statements the other day.
These are all fake Hopes, Gurcharan. These are all fake hopes.
24 years have passed, 8 Governments have been changed,
11 enquiry commissions have been called.
But there is no Justice for Sikhs in this country.
Remember my word then
“If justice is not done to Sikhs, they will be forced to take justice by their own”.
Sleep my child.