Mosquito Control

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Hi, I'm Tricia, an organic gardener mosquitoes can be a real problem in the summer
besides being a nuisance they can carry diseases like the west nile virus today
we're going to be talking about how to control these pests without the use of
harmful chemicals or pesticides
the first step is to eliminate
any standing water in your yard
in addition to eliminating all your standing water there's a couple of
products that you can use to reduce the mosquito presence in your yard mosquito
barrier and yard net
mosquito barrier is a garlic based spray and its safe to use around children pets
and on your food plants
it can also be sprayed in standing water and muddy pond banks
this garlic barrier last two to four weeks and is effective even after a
couple of rain storms
spray generously the area of your yard that you wanna keep mosquito free
it's going to kill the adult mosquitoes and the larvae
and it's labeled for ticks, gnats and fleas
this yard net
is a granular product
and you can spread it in your yard and it will be potent for about a week
its made from botanical oils
and it has a nice citronella scent
yard net is a safe environmentally friendly mosquito repellent
and it's a great option for camping you can lure the mosquitoes to their death by
using this pheromone bait trap
for ponds or other water features
you can use these bt mosquito dunks made from
Bt is a naturally occurring bacteria that kills the target insect
species but leaves other species alone
you can also invite some help
by installing a bat house
large brown bats will eat from three thousand to seven thousand mosquitoes
per night
not to mention a whole host of other obnoxious pests
forty percent of all bat species are threatened or endangered
put up a bat house and help them find a home
bats are a much maligned animal just to set the record straight they do not
attack people or fly into your hair and they can see quite well
but their rabies rate is less than point five percent
to eliminate the possibility of disease from a bat never pick up a bat lying
on the ground
it is likely to be sick
and what about keeping the mosquitoes off of you when you wanna enjoy the outdoors
you don't have to use deet
these natural repellants are
effective at keeping mosquitoes away
these repellents are made from botanical oils which may be irritating to some
individuals skin
do a little skin test and do not continue to use them if you react badly
these oil based repellants should not be used on children under the age of three
for older children make sure and use the towelettes
you don't want to use the spray on kids because you can get it in their eyes or their mouth
you only need a light misting on exposed skin and if you're using a citronella based
product you should reapply every half hour to two hours
other members of the family are at risk from mosquitoes too your cats and dogs
huh Caesar
this repellent
is formulated for pets it repels ticks fleas and mosquitoes for twenty four
don't use human repellent on animals especially deet since the animal may
ingest it while grooming and become sick the repellant is also available in
towelettes which makes it easy to apply without getting the spray in a dogs eyes
or nose
dont let the mosquitoes get in the way of you enjoying your summer time in the
and read all instructions
and follow labels on all pest control products and grow organic for life!