BlackBerry Bold 9900 Review from Vodafone

Uploaded by VODAFONEUK on 10.08.2011

Hi I'm Jenny with a sneak peek at the latest addition to the Bold family, the 9900.
It's the thinnest, most powerful Blackberry ever yet, it somehow manages to include both a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard.
It comes with the new Blackberry 7 OS which is faster and easier than the Blackberry OS 6 and it includes a whole host of improvements.
One of the best things about having a Blackberry is that you've got secure access to your work and personal emails.
That means I don't have to worry about opening an inbox with 100 emails in when I get to work.
I can receive, read and reply to works messages and even open and and use attachments.
It also means that I'm not cut off from life when I'm at work because I'll be able to check my personal emails too.
What's more I can send from any of my email addresses so I don't have to send work emails from my personal address and vice versa.
This phone really gives the best of both worlds with its great quality VGA capacitive touch screen and excellent full QWERTY keyboard.
Getting around is no longer a case of navigating through menu after menu and I simply touch where I want to go.
If my hands are full, I don't even have to do that, as the 9900's new and improved universal search lets me just tell it what I want.
Stuff like updating Facebook and tweeting are made so fast thanks to the QWERTY keyboard that keeping in touch with friends is a breeze.
And, with Blackberry Messenger, I can keep in real time contact with people with instant chat and the ability to send pictures and videos to the Messenger.
I can have multiple chats open at once and even have group chats.
With Blackberry App World I have access to an amazing range of apps to suit my every need.
Whether I want to know what song's playing, want to find a nice restaurant or just get some entertainment I'll find an app for me.
Blackberry App World is so easy to navigate.
I can see the top featured items, search or just browse my favourite category.
Blackberry OS 7 supports augmented reality apps so using Wikitude I can actually see where the people I'm meeting are.
Like me, you'll probably have your phone with you more than anything else you own.
So, with the Bold 9900 boasting a 5 mega-pixel autofocus camera, the flash and image stabilisation you'll never miss a chance to capture a memory.
If I want to take more than pictures on my fun night out though, the Bold records videos in an eye popping 720p HD.
So, that's the fantastic new Bold 9900 on Vodafone.