100908 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 08.09.2010

Hello, this is Scott, and this is the Hyper Report for September
8th of 2010. Gold is currently trading at 1259.28, siver is at $19.95, the Silver to
Gold Ratio is 63.12, oil is at 73.60, and the US Dollar is at 82.69
First.... Argentines Risking All To Carry Huge Wads
Of Cash Remember those pictures of people in the 1920's
Germany with wheelbarrals of money? Well, this is essentially what is happening right
now in Argentina. People, carrying large wads of cash are being robbed by organized gangs.
Many of these victims don't even report being robbed, because they wouldn't be able to explain
to tax agents where they got the money. Transferring such money electronically would solve the
problem in an instant. But in a society where income tax evasion runs about 50 percent and
taxes eat up 65 percent of the money people do declare, many people are reluctant to use
banks that way. Of every 100 pesos you make, 65 you owe to the state through various taxes.
Replace peso's with dollars and this is unfortunately what the US will be like in within a few short
Next... Gold Entering A Virtuous Circle
Gold has gone up 400% in eleven years and will continue to rise substantially for 5-10
months before any major correction. In spite of a 5 times increase in the value of gold
or an 80% decline against many currencies and stockmarkets in the last 11 years, most
investors own no gold and still do not understand the importance and value of gold. Based on
historical targets, Gold could hit $6,000, $7,000 or even $10,000 in the very near future.
While gold is going up, silver is likely to outpace gold substantially in the next few
years. Silver is probably the most undervalued precious metal today and has great potential.
Currencies should in the next few years be looked upon as a necessary evil and not as
a store of value. For the money you do need, the next story offers an alternative to banks...
Next... Ditch Your Bank for a Credit Union
Sick of the fees and low interest rates at banks, try Credit unions. Credit unions are
member-owned. Yes, if you have an account, you are actually part owner. Credit unions
are not-for-profit; thus, their fees are lower. Because of their not-for-profit, cooperative
structures, credit unions are exempted from most state and federal taxes. The nation's
credit unions count 90 million members, and their trade association estimates members
save $8 billion a year thanks to better interest rates and reduced fees. Virtually everyone
in the U.S. can belong to a credit union, thanks to where they live, where they work
or the associations to which they belong. As a place to safely store money that you
have to have now, it is no wonder banks hate Credit unions so much.
Next... U.S. Taxpayer Money Creating Jobs – in Iraq
With the US U3 Unemployment rate at just below 10 percent, isn't nice to know that our government
is helping create employment... in Iraq? U.S. officials have stated that the goal is to
encourage entrepreneurship and unleash the private sector in Iraq, while at the same
time, to covertly discourage entrepreneurship and destroy the private sector here in U.S.
through punitive in-your-face and up your backside taxes and unworkable healthcare scams
that the politicians, themselves, have opted out of. Yes, we, the U.S. taxpayer, are the
suckers of the century.
Finally, Please prepare now for the forthcoming economic,
and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US. Good Day