Aakhir Kyon

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Hello, Ms. Asha!!
We are very proud to announce that the famous writer, Asha Shri...
has come here on the release of her 50th book...
on the behalf of publisher Agarwal, you all and myself...
l would like to welcome her!
Ms. Asha has covered all aspects of a woman's life...
through her stories, novels and plays!
We are sure that our sisters must have been very inspired with them!
Ms. Asha's novel ' Parikrama', is very close to her life.
l would like publisher Agarwal to present this book to Ms. Asha...
and would also like her to speak few words on this occasion!
Thank you.
l am very thankful to everyone for honoring me!
l've been asked to speak something but l don't know what to say.
l've expressed a lot in my books...
in fact, this book is my autobiography.
But there is something which l could never say...
nor write, l would like to say it today!
There is some story behind every person...
and there are memories hidden in the depths of the heart!
But there is no outlet to these moments!
My memories would have yet been within me...
if my friend, Mr. Alok would have not helped me to...
traverse on the path of my memories!
l would like to uncover this story of my life...
in front of my friend! Please come here, Mr. Alok.
On the banks of Ganga, in village Basantpur l had a small house...
my mother, father, grandmother, lived there...
along with their pet child, Nisha, that is me!
l have very faint memories of that place because, till l grew up...
our entire village was wiped out in a flood!
Everything was over! Only a few handful escaped & l was one of them!
On hearing this news, my maternal uncle took me home along with him.
But frankly speaking, that place was never a home for me!
Because, l was just a burden for my aunt and her daughter, lndu!
My aunt was a selfish and a hot-tempered lady...
and lndu could go to any extents to satisfy her wishes and fads!
l had only one close friend, Abha!
She too was getting married and going far away from me!
Get down carefully!
And this is for my sister-in-law's friends!
Watch out!
You'll can't take it? All right, l'll make it easier for you all.
Don't use your hand, even l can snatch it from his mouth!
Come on, try it now!
Wow! This girl has really taken a bold decision!
No, lndu!!
Congratulations, lndu! - How did you know my name?
Kabir is very learned when it comes to women!
He sees a woman and knows everything about her! He's an astrologer!
Actually, when you were taking the money, someone called out your name.
She was my sister! - What is her name?
We've to go and meet sister-in-law! - Oh yes, let's go!
Girls, who wants this tenner? - Nobody!
All right then l'll keep it!
Mother, he is so good looking that you can't help watching him!
He is so handsome that you just cannot forget his face!
He looks like a prince!
And someone said that he is a very rich man.
He was completely besotted by me!
Keep away from these rich men! They just know how to have fun!
Mother, l am not a child that l cannot understand a man's intentions!
l am confident that one day, he'll come here to ask for my hand!
That's good, what more would we ask for if we get such a good proposal!
Aunty, Abha's parents have invited few guests home for dinner...
she wanted me to go there early to help them out.
That means, even he'll be there! l will also come with you!
Nisha, take her along and try to assess the boy properly!
Sister, please try to fix up something!
There was a man in our village...
in a marriage procession, he'd stand in front of the groom.
To bless the groom? - Right...
he'd tell the groom 'you fool! Climb down from the horse's back...
you'll cry all your life, it's not yet late, come down!'
See, even he is laughing, he's a new groom, but he too will cry later!
Shall l come along?
How are you? - So far, so good.
But l think this beauty is going to injure someone today!
And perhaps, l'm the fortunate one.
Your cousin has not come along?
Sister? She loves being in the kitchen!
There she is!
Why do you always keep working? Come with me!
Sister in law, this is wrong!
Why? - l wish...
you'd care so much about me too! - l cannot compare you with Nisha!
That is true, l cannot be compared with her!
God has taken lot of efforts in making her but he missed one thing.
What is that? - He made her dumb!
Mr Kabir, my friend not only has a sweet voice...
but also a heart which is extremely sensitive!
She has brains that can turn feelings into poems or stories.
Really? - Of course.
Nisha, why don't you sing that prize winning song?
Come on!
lt's dusk, night is here
lt's dusk, night is here
However, my Krishna has still not come
My beloved is still not here
My lips, untouched. My eyes... lost in love
ln my ears resound your haunting melodies
"If he gets angry!"
l am tormented...
by my deserted courtyard
"Its evening now..and the clouds are gathering"
"Its evening now..and the clouds are gathering"
Sixteen years l have spent, counting every night of loneliness
My friends have all been united with their beloveds
"Now take me away...my beloved!"
Do ask at least now, my love...
about my well-being
"Its evening now..and the clouds are gathering"
" My evening has arrived!"
"Dear beloved!"
"Its evening now..and the clouds are gathering"
"Its evening now..and the clouds are gathering"
Chief, this Singapuri has sent a series of letters!
l've never heard of that name before!
l mean the Singapore beauty whom... - l promised to marry?
Forget the marriage but at least, write to her a couple of lines.
l think this girl will... - l don't care about them!
l remember them only till the time they are in my arms!
Wow! What a fragrance!
But chief, for how long will you keep flitting around?
Raman, one has to very carefully choose a life partner.
l want to find a wife who is beautiful...
and very understanding in regards to her husband's personal life...
which means, no nagging or questioning!
Now l understand! You really are great!
That's okay! - But who are you going to meet now?
The one at the party last night. - Oh! She was just terrific!
Enough! Don't open your mouth there, come!
And don't try to explain them the meaning of your name.
Yes, aunty? - You did not tell me about lunch.
We'll eat outside. - Yes, it's a special day!
Mother, look who is here!
She's so pretty! - Don't say a word more!
Why are you standing there son, please come in!
Greetings! My name is Kabir Suri.
l know it! Who is he?
He's my close pal, Radha Raman Goswami!
You don't need to tell them my full name!
Can we come in, aunty? - Sure, let's go inside!
Please come! - All right!
l am very close to Kabir and people lovingly call me Raman!
lndu, do you know what Raman means?
No! - What? How is that possible?
That's very strange! Raman means ' keli'!
She has yet not understood. Aunty, you are experienced...
you surely must be knowing the meaning of ' keli'.
l am sure he means those tiny bananas, l really like them a lot!
Bananas?! - Yes, the tiny ones!
No, ' keli' doesn't mean bananas...
it means a small, light hearted romance!
lt means an affair, my name means 'to have an affair!'
Oh! So this is what your name means? - Yes, this is the meaning!
Your parents have kept a very wrong name!
Why? - See...
how shy my lndu is feeling listening to your name!
Then l am sure she must be remembering her lover...
and why shouldn't she, after all, he is in front of her!
Yes, chief? - Stop this nonsense and sit here!
As you please. l am sorry, ladies!
Son, who all are in your family? - My family?...Oh, his!
l am alone but with your blessings, your daughter will soon be with me!
l am sure you've done some good deeds to get a son in law like him!
He has a very successful business of books...
he has his own press and 5-6 flats...
and he lives in a palatial bungalow!
Kabir, where is the farm where you go for fresh air?
lt's around 40-50 kilometers from here.
Aunty, all that l lack is the person to take care of me,...
if l had a family, l would have not come here to speak to you!
Son, don't feel disheartened. - Yes chief, that too in my presence.
To tell you the truth, l've been dying with tension...
to find a beautiful and a cultured girl...
who would save my innocent friend's house from being ruined!
When l saw your daughter, l knew she was the right girl for my friend!
Did l goof up?
Greetings! - Greetings! Where are you going?
l've some work. - Something here is more important.
Please wait here!
Aunty, l like your daughter, Nisha...
l had come here to ask for her hand!
You go inside!
Son, Nisha is not my daughter.
She is my deceased sister in law's daughter!
What is the difference between a daughter and a niece?
And when Kabir has asked for her hand then she is not an orphan!
Come on, accept this proposal.
l cannot give my consent until l don't speak to her uncle!
You can talk to him, we'll come again on next Sunday, good bye!
Keep the sweets ready on next Sunday!
Chief, you really made a great choice!
Child, don't get disheartened...
this was fated.
Yes mother, this was fated...
but mother, l cannot tolerate this.
l'll never forget the humiliation l had to go through because of her!
Forget it child, girl's are born with their destiny!
And perhaps, you are destined to have someone better than him!
We should feel happy that an orphan is getting married in a rich family!
She'll always be happy!
You're concerned about her welfare, whereas, we'll be rotting here...
and that madam, she killed my desires...
and will be living like a queen, l won't be able to bear this!
lt's not wise to fight someone else's destiny!
Child, understand that if once the doors of the rich family open to us...
then we all can live very happily!
Mother, there is a vast difference in your and my understanding.
l feel as if l've been cheated by someone close to me!
Nisha, there is nothing to worry or think about!
Every girl has to go through this experience once in a lifetime!
l cannot get hold of the situation, Abha.
lt feels as if a prince from the fairy tales...
has come on a horse and waved his magic wand on a statue...
made me a queen and has taken me along!
Nisha, you are crazy, why don't you understand?
What should l understand? Hearing aunt's talks, l feel...
she wants to marry me there so that they are linked to a rich family...
which in return can prove to be a beneficial deal for the family!
Forget about them! Once you get married, don't associate with them!
l am very glad that you are getting such a nice husband.
He's my husband's close pal and he praises him a lot!
But Abha, l don't even know him.
Now don't think too much...
by marrying Kabir, you'll begin a new chapter in your life!
A beautiful chapter! For my sake dear, please don't refuse!
You are the closest to me in this whole world.
lf you think this is right then l give me consent too!
Come, let me hug you!
Daughter in law!
Aunty, what is this?
Son, the Goddess of this house cannot enter inside without rituals.
Child, place your feet in this.
We got married in haste besides, l live alone...
that is why, l've bought whatever l felt was right!
Look at this!
This is your shawl!
Why did you get this?
l thought of gifting you at least one thing that l like the most!
How did you find this shawl?
This is just not a shawl, it's your love.
l wish, our life passes away in these moments of love!
l don't know of the next birth but this one will surely be full of love!
Once you see my reputation and status, you'll realise you're not insignificant
You're a big personality
What are you thinking about? - Nothing.
Aunty, we are... here she is! - May no evil eye cast upon you both!
You look like Lord Ram and Seeta. - Really? Let's go!
Son, tell me what to cook for tonight?
Aunty, from now on, she's in charge of this, please free me!
Aunty, from now on, you please stop worrying about food!
l will cook myself. - You?
Aunty, please don't be so formal with me!
Nisha, hurry up, we are getting late.
Here is your salad, what shall l do next?
Now you go and rest for some time.
Will you do all the work by yourself?
You've been working since many years and to tell you frankly...
l feel very good to cook myself and feed him!
May God bless you! - Okay, now you go and rest!
l wonder how such a cultured girl exists in today's day and age!
Go and take wash, change and then have your dinner.
No, that's wrong, l shouldn't waste my time on food.
That means you are not hungry? - l am very hungry!
Then, come on, start! - Let's start!
Sit down! - Not here!
Nisha, why are you always involved in domestic chores?
We have many servants in the house to take care of all that.
From now on, you will be busy with these things.
See this, the welfare society has started a home for the women.
The name of this place is 'Aadhaar', you have to inaugurate that place!
That means, Mrs.Kabir!
l would like to say a few words to my sisters...
who have come to the refuge of 'Aadhaar'.
Sister, by coming here, please don't feel that you are helpless!
Don't think you are a criminal and you have to go through a sentence.
lt's not like that, please forget whatever happened in your past...
and start a new life with dedication and faith!
l am sure you will achieve success!
An idol of a Goddess kept in temple or home is not a symbol of strength..
in fact, you're the strength, in you is the strength to work and endure!
Recognize your strengths & don't think of this place only as a home...
consider it as an instrument which will take you to your destination!
Good! We thought, like others, you'd also just cut the red ribbon.
But your speech was too good!
Yes, tell me...yes, she is there, l'll call her!
Child, there is a call for you.
lt's his call, isn't it? - Yes, it is.
Here take this..hello!
Come home from wherever you are! l am making your favorite dish!
Sorry darling!
l am not destined to eat that dish!
Ya..ya I know!
You cook so well that along with your hand, l feel like kissing you!
lf there is an educated cook at home, you need to praise her!
Nisha, l am in Delhi, l have to attend to some important matters.
Suddenly?! - Yes, l do everything suddenly.
l met you also suddenly. Tomorrow is Holi, l'll celebrate it with you!
lnvite all friends and also call lndu.
From now on, all the festivals will be marked in your personal file?
Forget about her, you are my confidential file!
You are close to me now. - And what about your married life?
You're naive! Married men play more safe in regards to their marriage!
Besides, they do get a caretaker to run their home!
That is why, l married a very domesticated girl!
Did you understand, my love? - Yes, l have.
Different facets of a man is worth an applaud!
That is why l say that a man is born free!
ln seven colours...
soaked in colours is the band of the large-hearted ones...
make me see things the way you do and make this a memorable day for me
Soaked in colours is the band of the large-hearted ones...
make me see things the way you do and make this a memorable day for me
Reds, pinks, blues and yellows are the colours in the world
We have however lost ourselves to the hues of love
The sight of your radiant face makes brightness even whiter
Soaked in colours is the band of the large-hearted ones...
make me see things the way you do and make this a memorable day for me
Once in a year comes this season of colours
Once in a year comes this month of colours
Bathed in colours today is a beautiful maiden
What life does he lead who does not get drenched in this season?
Soaked in colours is the band of the large-hearted ones...
make me see things the way you do and make this a memorable day for me
Doctor, l was feeling strange since the last two months.
Your pregnancy is confirmed, Mrs. Kabir.
Congratulations! Come with me.
There is no doubt in your pregnancy but your case is little complicated.
May I come in Doctor!
Please come, Mr. Kabir.
She is perfectly all right!
You are going to be a father!
Father?! Nisha, why didn't you tell...
But Mr. Kabir, you'll have to take good care of her till her delivery.
Complete rest, no climbing steps and eating out
l've prescribed few medicines, there is no other problem.
Everything will become alright!
Thank you so much!
Aunty, why are you worried?
There are servants for the domestic chores, we'll hire a nurse for Nisha.
Why, doesn't she have a family that you require to hire a nurse?
When will my services be of use, isn't it, sister?
That's right, after her graduation she is at home...
instead of staying there, she'll stay here!
Son, she's a very compassionate girl.
But aunty, how will you manage the house alone?
No more discussions, it's done! So you tell me...
when are you coming here to light up our house?
Let her stay from today, l'll send her clothes later.
Mother, you are saying as if sister has dearth of clothes.
All my clothes are yours excepting for one shawl.
ls it a special shawl?
lt's your brother-in-law's first gift. lt is priceless for me!
Before she changes her mind, you give the charge of the house to lndu.
l'll be right back.
Aunty, you have wiped out my worries by leaving lndu here!
l've not done any favor on you! - lndu, come here!
Yes sister, tell me.
Take this and handle it carefully!
My dear sister, until you don't get your baby...
you will be imprisoned in this room, downstairs.
My worries are over with your presence.
Or else, l would keep worrying about his needs.
ln a couple of days l'll know everything about his needs.
That can be done later but tell me what do l need at the moment?
Please order, sir. - l need a hot cup of tea!
l'll get it right away!
Listen Nisha!!
Yes? - Oh sorry, l forgot!
l'll get used to it in a few days. - But what is the matter?
There is no button here! - l'll be back in a moment!
Let me see!
What happened?
The food was great!
Have this!
What is this?
l took so much pains to make it and you don't even want to try?
Okay, you feed me!
One more. - How much more will you feed me?
As much as l feel like.
l'll leave for office now.
Ok bye!
Hey! Where is my briefcase? - l'll get it in a moment!
Please listen.
What is your order, my princess? - Rubbish!
You were leaving without meeting me?
You have put me in this room like a handicapped person and to top it...
Hey! Don't talk like this.
Whatever l am doing, is for your own good!
Okay, l'll go now. - Listen...
have you changed your menu too? - What does that mean?
You used to have a sweet dish before leaving.
Oh, l forgot!
What a lovely sweet dish!
Okay, l am going.
Here is your bag and come back early in the evening.
Because of you, we cannot sleep at proper hours.
l will surely abide to my sister in law's commands!
Anything else!
Where are you going? - l'll serve food to brother in law.
He must have eaten, you don't bother, go to sleep.
So how does it feel in cold water?
lndu, please give me water.
What happened, child? - lt broke!
Never mind, l'll get water for you!
Sister, what are you doing here at this hour?
There was no water and neither were you around!
l had gone to give him coffee. You should have called out to me.
What are you doing here? Have you forgotten what the doctor said?
Complete bed rest!
Come on, go inside!
l'll get a bell fixed at your bedside...
so that other's don't have to go through any trouble.
The trouble has already started!
Darling, the result of this trouble will be worthwhile!
Go and rest now.
Congratulations Mr.Kabir!
You have a healthy female baby!
Thank you!
What did she say? - Sister has delivered a baby girl!
The first one should've been a boy. - What can we do now?
Let's go home, she'll be in the post-operation room for 24 hours.
Okay, let's go home and rest.
You both look very tired!
Even l shouldn't be staying here. - We'll drop you on the way.
All right. - Let's go!
Good night!
Where are you going?
To sleep! - Won't you feel scared...
to sleep alone today?
You have got a daughter!
Where is my baby? - Do you want to see her?
Come here!
Please call the baby's father too...
l'd like to see the gift of our love together!
The baby's father is not here, they have left long back!
Who is it?
l was scared alone!
l told you! Come, now you will not feel scared!
Why do you need to sweep the house early in the morning?
All the dirt stays back!
You are an outsider, you don't know, l've been doing this since years.
Goddess Laxmi visits a clean house!
lt was different then, now you'll have to do as l say!
From tomorrow, you will sweep only after 8 a.m., did you get that?
Come out carefully.
We'll name her Pooja.
How are you? - May no evil eye cast...
upon the mother and the child! You've got a new birth...
may you always be happy!
Pooja, this is your home, isn't it nice?
Where is lndu?
She's not feeling well. l think she is sleeping upstairs.
You are my sweetheart!
My beloved daughter is my queen!
My dear child will sleep now!
Sleep well!
Child, can l say something if you don't mind?
Please tell me! - By God's grace...
everything has went off well. You have come back home with a baby...
your aunt did a favour by sending her daughter to take care of you.
Child, now you send your sister back to her house.
What is the matter, aunt? - What can l say?
l have grayed with experience. The elders have not made a mistake...
if they've said that a man and a woman are like the fuel and fire!
Child, in short, l've explained a lot to you.
l'll go and get you a glass of milk.
Hey! What is this? Why are you silent?
Don't ask me, ask your wife!
Wait here!
Have you asked lndu to leave?
After all, how long can an outsider live here?
Besides, what will her mother think?
Nisha, lndu is your sister...
then how is she an outsider? And your aunt is very magnanimous!
She is very concerned about your welfare!
lf she could leave lndu here for so long then why not for sometime more?
Besides darling, you need to rest!
I dont like any kind of risk!
That is why, you don't get tensed unnecessarily!
I think you have understood what I said!
Hey! ls the stuff genuine? - Of course!
Then l'm sure the water is adulterated.
Good evening everybody!
Came alone? Where is your wife? - She's not well.
Meet my sister-in-law! Indu!
Mr. Kabir likes to have women at his side!
Excuse me..ladies and gentalmen!
Please excuse me!
Just a minute, chief! l'll be back in a minute.
Listen, it's my duty to say whether you listen to me or not!
You may spend your time with any woman you please...
but when you step out of the house, your wife should be on your side...
if you do that, people look upon you and respect you, understand?
These 10 months have passed like 10 years.
You are right child, well actually...
Today our dear baby will sleep in her room!
Sister, what are you doing? - Throwing the dirt out of my room!
What condition have you kept this room...
You wore this shawl? How dare you?
You very well know that my life is in this shawl!
Yet, how could you touch it?
You leave this place, this is my house!!
No, Nisha! Aunty, you take the baby downstairs!
Nisha, if you scream, you will fall sick!
These broken frames & clothes strewn around, why is this room in a mess?
l should be asking you this question!
Under the pretext of my sickness, you have come this far?
l had never thought of this! - You shouldn't ever think!
You just need to rest, go and rest in your room, go!
This room belongs to me, this house belongs to me so do you!
Enough of all this! Remember one thing,...
nothing in this house belongs to you!
Whatever that's here, is given by me!
And l can give anything that belongs to me to whomever l feel like!
Here, wear this in front of her!
Only then, will she stop living in illusions!
So, how does your sister look in this shawl?
Thats better!
Go and sleep in your room!
Darling, where are you going? - To sleep downstairs!
What is the point in putting up an act now?
When a person bares in front of anyone then he has no shame left!
Besides, Nisha is a very understanding woman.
She will adjust!
Child, you should not lose hopes.
l've heard and seen everything, l had already cautioned you...
have faith in God, everything will be fine!
No aunty, l will not be able to breathe in this house!
There is poison in the air!
Think before you act, your life doesn't only belong to you...
it belongs to her too. You're just not a wife, you are a mother too!
lf you have to consume poison for her sake then you must do it!
But aunty... - Child, kill the wife within you.
And learn to live like a mother in this house!
Where is Nisha? - l think she is in her room.
l've invited few guests for dinner in a hotel.
All of them are coming with their spouses, her presence is required.
Convey this to her and you also come there!
Whenever you publish a new novel, send me one copy of it!
She is very fond of your novels.
Mr. Kabir, our board of directors have taken the decision that...
the paper agency should be given to you for this state!
Come Nisha, meet them, they are Mr. & Mrs. Pratik...
Mr.and Mrs Malohotra!
she is Nisha, my wife!
Oh, we thought that lndu was your wife!
Nisha wait, where are you going?
l think she's not well!
Since the time she has delivered, she's not keeping well...
you know, the post delivery problems!
Whatever the problem may be, Mrs. Kabir's behavior was not right!
I am sorry for that!
You'll please have a drink.
Kabir..I am sorry!
We have lost the mood to drink or have dinner.
lt would be better if you went home and took care of your wife!
Come we will meet again!
Please come Mrs.Malhotra!
Nisha, what insolence was that?
Do you know how important they were for me?
l was going to crack such a big deal with them.
Everyone was asking about you...
why did you leave immediately, why don't you speak?
Didn't you feel ashamed to behave like a child?
l feel ashamed when someone calls me sister in law or Mrs. Kabir!
Oh! So you've learnt to talk? - l've been silent for too long!
And this silence is killing me!
l cannot bear it anymore.
l cannot bear to see my husband being snatched away from me!
Who is snatching your husband away from you?
You are Mrs. Kabir even today and people look at you with respect.
Can anyone else get this respect?
Marital status doesn't only mean a husband's home and his gifts...
it means a bond of love the husband and wife share...
and the faith they share, these are very fragile things!
lt's my fault that l married a girl from a lower middle class family!
As Mrs. Kabir you've given speech, you think you can lecture me too?
Remember one thing, the popularity, the respect that you've received...
is not because, you are educated, talented and capable...
you are getting it because, you are known as Mrs. Kabir!
Besides, what do you lack?
You have the freedom to live your own life in and outside the house...
a beautiful and colorful lifestyle...
l've given you love, attention and caring...
was that all a fake?
l am hurt because, all that was real!
And l am living only because of those beautiful memories!
Kabir, a man's love is like a mountain spring...
which ends when flows from the mountain top.
But a woman's love is like a river...
which keeps flowing forever! - You have become insane!
And the answer for your sonnet is that however l may be...
you will have to accept me this way!
Listen for the last time, you live peacefully & let us live peacefully!
At least tell me what time you're returning this evening
Before it gets dark.
l want to tell you something.
lt won't take long.
Tell me.
l want to know my position in your life!
There is no point in repeating the same things every now and then!
We've spoken about this last night!
And yet if you'd like to know then listen...
you are my wife!
Wife? And who is she?
She is a very beautiful, smart and cultured girl.
She exactly knows how to keep a man happy!
All right then you make a choice between both of us!
Nisha, what's wrong with you?
l am tired!
A woman who has been proclaimed insane in her house and...
outside she's called Ms. Kabir! l'm fed up of living this two faced life!
Then what do you want?
Just tell me who l am amongst these two personalities?
Kabir, l want to know your decision!
So you want my decision?
Very well then, soon you'll know my decision in the court!
Court?! No, Kabir!
Do you know that divorce becomes easier if the wife is insane?
Wait, Kabir!
Don't go to the court, the strongest verdict is announced by one's mind!
And you've already announced your verdict!
lf you go to the court and if some people malign me...
then a few may even accuse you!
And l'll not be able to bear this.
That is why, here, at this very moment...
l set you free!
What are you doing?
There is no need to touch the baby's belongings!
Please Kabir, without her, l will...
She has a house and a respectable father...
she is not an orphan like you who will wander around!
l plead to you, l have no one else besides her!
She will live in her house, understand?
She will not go anywhere, she will live here!
She has a home and a respectable father!
She is not an orphan like you who will wander around!
My child, l did not have parents or any siblings...
l did not have a family of my own...
but when l got you l thought that...
l had conquered the whole world!
You bestowed me with the highest honor by making me a mother!
But your unfortunate mother cannot give you her love!
l feel that l won't be able to repay your favor in this birth!
But my child, wherever l may be, l'll pray that...
But still every inch of my body would say only one thing!
my daughter should...
not encounter any problems, if there is a problem in your life...
then let it come in my share!
My child...
may you always be happy!
Please forgive me!
Let her go if she wants!
But where are you going? - Aunty!!
What stains are these?
These are the Goddess's blood stains!
One day, the Goddess of this house entered with these similar marks.
And today, she has exited from here, leaving behind her blood stains!
Here, take these keys, l'm leaving!
Aunty, where are you going? - How are you concerned?
l cannot live in this hell even for a minute!
O God, l've never cursed anyone...
but today l am saying that the one who has hurt my madam...
God will surely teach a lesson to that person!
The baby is crying, go and handle her!
lt was my mistake that l married a lower middle class girl like you!
Your greatest ability is that you are known as Mrs. Kabir!
No, l am not Mrs. Kabir Suri!
l am Nisha Sharma!
l yet have the strength to fight life!
l will fight and move ahead without the help of any support...
at least, l will make an effort!
From here, my fate took a turn!
The women's home that was inaugurated by me...
and people had cheered me...
l had to seek refuge in that same institution!
And once again, l was known as Nisha Sharma!
Then began my encounter with struggles...
a search for a job but l could not get a job easily...
because, l had the stigma of a rejected woman attached to my name.
And my biggest fault was...
that l was abandoned by a man!
Somehow, l managed to get one job.
But there too, an evil man tried to molest me by saying...
that an abandoned woman has no self respect that she'd want to restore!
And she just puts up an act to keep her respect intact!
An abandoned woman!
As if being rejected by one man, she becomes a public property!
But l had vowed to save my honor & l would not compromise on anything!
l would live with respect and die with respect!
l wanted to prove that a woman has her own identity!
l completely dedicated my mind and body in the services of 'Aadhaar'.
l planned to host a charity show long with the residents of 'Aadhaar'.
Alok, we will have to cover the function organized by 'Aadhaar'.
We have instructions from the Directorate that...
in the concluding year of the 'world women's decade'...
we must try to focus on such programs.
You are gentle. You are not weak
Woman is another name for Strength
You are the one who grants life to the world...
even death concedes defeat to you
As a sati, you were set afire
As Meera, you were fed poison
A test by fire is what women still give in the world
You are second to none, in talent and ability
You deserve every right man stakes a claim to
lt's enough. Take no more atrocities. You have to change the situation
No man must ever say about women that they are weak and helpless
You are gentle. You are not weak
From you flows strength
You are the one who gives birth to mankind...
even death concedes defeat to you
Our audience has appreciated your script and performance!
Here is the fan mail and we are receiving many phone calls too.
Thank you!
l've always tried to encourage new talents wherever l was posted.
Seeing your ability, l feel you can also be an asset for this media!
Your greatest ability is that you are Mrs. Kabir Suri!
What are you thinking?
lf you are interested then l can try for you through proper channels.
l will be very thankful to you if this is possible!
Of course this is possible! Good day!
Hello, l'm sure you've not recognized me, l was sure of this!
This is what lndia lacks! - No, l've recognized you, but...
you didn't give me a chance to say! You are Mr. Alok, the cameraman!
l never forget any face if l see it once!
That's very nice, come let me drop you to the gate!
Actually, when l saw you going in the cabin, l was waiting for you.
Why, was it something important? - No, not important.
lt's time for transmission, this is where lndia lacks.
l'll tell you some other time!
Actually, l was trying to congratulate you since a long time!
Congratulate?! - Yes, for the program...
you hosted on that day! 'She is tender, not weak...
a woman's second name is strength!' That's all for now, bye, see you!
Listen, please wait!
Please accept my best wishes!
l cannot say anything else besides this, here is a rose for you!
Thank you not only for your wishes and this flower...
but for the hands that will present me on the television screen!
This is what lndia lacks...
Anyway, you are doing the announcement for the first time...
so do it with full confidence!
You have heard Dr. Harivanshrai Bachchan's poem...
' neither are you sleeping nor am l...
but the darkness of the night is enveloping us!'
And when such restless feelings are aroused...
then what transpires, we shall not tell you about it...
that will be expressed in the song which you are about to listen.
Now is the time for the last presentation of ' Mehfil-e-Mausiki'.
Everyone knows red is considered as the color of love in literature.
But our poet has named love in a thousand colored rainbow!
So let's hear the sonnet.
lf you'd know it yourself, your husband wouldn't have thrown you out!
Mr. Kuwar would like to speak to you.
You have yet not replied to the office memo.
Do you know you can be dismissed for spoiling such an important show?
Your program is not more important than any woman's honor!
l don't care what you think, Mr. Alok!
We're not concerned with that and if you like to restore women's honor...
then go and become a social worker!
l not interested in working in a place wherein...
you put up an act of principles on the screen...
and behind the screen, those very principles are stifled! Bye!
Wait, Alok! Mr. Kuwar, l'll see you later.
Come here, Alok. l am nearing my retirement age...
everything has changed with time...
l feel happy and also a sense of remorse seeing things!
Our values have been changing very rapidly...
l am not saying that change is bad.
But the regret is the consequences of these changes are very harsh!
l'm glad to have someone like you in my staff in such an environment!
Very good, keep it up!
Thank you sir! Thank you very much!
Oh yes, information secretary, Mr. Dayal is visiting tomorrow.
l've hosted a dinner, there will be some local VlP's too.
l'd like you to take charge of all the arrangements.
Sir, you be rest assured, your arrangements will be done!
Good..thank you sir!
l was waiting for you.
Wow! These days women wait for me?
This is where lndia lacks! No sorry, now it cannot lack anywhere!
Stop joking! You unnecessarily got into a fight because of me!
l've heard that Mr. Kuwar has given you a memo.
We Governments officials don't call it a memo, we call it a love letter!
We receive it, we read and then the chapter is closed!
What is the point doing this, how many people will you fight?
ln the past three years, l've grown accustomed to hearing such barbs!
l don't want that someone should get into trouble because of me!
And even l don't like that someone can insult a woman in this manner!
But you... - Don't say any further!
Change your mood, Mr. Kumar said that there is function tomorrow...
at his place and you've to make the arrangements, understand? Bye!
Please come in!
Greetings! Welcome!
Welcome..this is Nisha!
l know her very well.
Please come in!
Nisha, you wait here to welcome other guests.
Hello sister, how are you?
Can I have your sttention please!
Our respected Chief guest!
To make this a memorable evening...
there are many known artists present amidst us...
but first, l'd like to call upon Doordarshan's famous announcer...
in fact, she is a multi channel artist, Ms. Nisha Sharma.
Ms. Nisha, please come here!
Alok, without asking me you have...
l didn't feel the need, you are supposed to entertain the guests now!
l'm not a singer but l'll surely try to convey something in my song.
Actually, it is quite difficult to say something in the parties...
because, one doesn't know who is your friend or a foe! But yet...
May not my enemy do...
what my friend has done
May not my enemy do what my friend has done
He has gifted me sorrow for a lifetime
"The work that has been done by an enemy..has been done by my friend!"
"They have rewarded me..with only sadness!"
He deserted me in a storm and himself made for the shores
"They has left me in the storm..abd have themself come in the bank of the sea!"
"Yes they have come in the bank of the sea!"
"Not even God!"
He, l thought, was the pilot of my life...
and he has given me grief for a lifetime
He first drove me out of my senses with his atrocities and tyranny
"They first stole my senses..with a lot of ill treatment!"
"Yes will ill treatment"
He then blames me for being insane
He has given me sorrow to last me a lifetime
"The work that has been done by an enemy..
lt's always your dear ones who strike at your heart
lt's always your dear ones who strike at your heart
strike at your heart
Strangers have stopped forth to steady you
He has gifted me sorrow for a lifetime
May not your enemy do what your friend has done
He has given me sorrow to last me a lifetime
Come let us to your mom!
There's your mother! - Why did you get the baby here?
Can't you see, there's no child here? - She was crying a lot!
Madam, she has fever!
lf she has fever, there is Metacin in the car, give it to her.
Take her, l'll come soon.
I will just come.
Now my baby..dont cry! Mom is just coming!
This is what lndia lacks! Few people applauded your song...
and that has brought tears to your eyes.
But this is wrong! That's all l wanted to tell you.
Why is the baby crying? - She has high fever.
ls she Mr. Kabir's daughter? - Yes, she is.
But madam, the child would be taken care if she had a mother.
Please stop crying child, you'll be all right!
Child, tell me your name?
Pooja Suri!
Do you go to school? - Yes, she goes to St. Teresa's.
She is in the K.G. class. - My dear child!
Who are you? - l?...
Child, l am your aunty!
No, you are a very nice aunty. Will you tell me a story?
Yes, she will, she knows a lot of stories!
Who is he? - Child, he is uncle!
This is where lndia lacks! l am a very nice uncle!
Even l know many stories, will you listen to them?
l'll tell you someday. Nisha, why have you come here?
Mr. Kumar was asking for you, a lot of work has to be dome, let's go!
l'll just come.
Child, don't ever cry!
Raju! Yes sir!
Where is Nisha? - She left!
What are you doing? - Collecting the papers...
she writes and throws! - She has written on them?
' Darkness is guided by million stars and disappointment with hope!'
My daughter will turn 4 years old tomorrow.
May you live long, my child!
O Alok!
Come in! - No, l came here to congratulate you
lf, you have written this!
Where did you find it?
You should not throw away such priceless gems!
l found this... - Okay, please come in!
No, some other time, actually l was...
This is not right, you've come for the first time, l can't let you go!
Please come in.
Please sit.
How do you find my house? - Very beautiful!
lt's very simple, not heavily decorated and practical.
You write very well, if you don't mind, can l give you a suggestion?
Sure, please tell me. - You change your name.
Why do you joke all the while, do you ever talk seriously?
This is what lndia lacks! People think l'm joking when l'm serious!
Alok, that now what l meant! - Even l was not joking!
ln simple words l would like to say that your poems...
have the inspiration and courage to fight life...
you should start calling yourself Asha (hope) now!
Whether you listen to this or not, you'll have to listen to one thing!
You will have to make for me a hot cup of tea!
l'll just get it!
Sorry Alok!
You must've got bored alone, here is your tea!
Not at all.
These walls make me feel very comfortable, it feels like a home!
A home is just not made with walls!
True! And the truth is that this tea is excellent!
And l am not joking, l am saying the truth!
Yes off course!
Take him to baby Pooja Suri in K.G. class.
Welcome Thankyou very much!
Baby, that uncle has come to meet you.
Oh! He is my nice uncle!
Hasn't aunty come along? - No...
but she's sent many gifts for you!
Lot's of them? - Yes, this is a sweet kiss.
Here, is one more and wait a minute...
these are sweets for your class...
and this is a sweet little doll for a doll like you!
Aunty has also wished you happy birthday!
Happy Birthday..to..Gudiya!
Happy Birthday..to..Pooja!
Uncle, is it my birthday today?
Yes, child. - Really?
Uncle, please turn your face.
This is for you,...and this is for my nice aunty!
Please give it to her or l shall not speak to you.
Where are you running? - Well, l was....
What brings you here? - l had to meet.
Whom did you have to meet? - A child!
Whose child?
My child, all right l am going!
Alok, wait! What is the matter?
You never mentioned about a wife in all these years and now this child?
This where lndia lacks! You are just assuming things!
So what if l did not mention about a wife, is it necessary?
I am going..I am getting really late!
Hey Pooja!
Come here, child.
May you live long!
Aunty, thanks for sending sweets for my class and this doll for me!
l sent it?! - Yes, through uncle!
Aunty, how did you know that today is my birthday?
My child!
Aunty, you are so big and yet you are crying?
No child, l am not crying!
This is your birthday gift.
You already gave me one, is the another one?
This is from uncle!
Okay aunty, tell him thanks on my behalf.
Aunty, l had sent a kiss for you, did uncle give it to you?
Yes, he gave me. Now can l go, child?
Okay, when will you come again? - Very soon!
Nisha, you have honored me by coming to my humble abode!
l came to know from office that your health...
What could go wrong with my health, l was...
Why are you looking at me like this?
l was trying to see how cleverly, if need be, you hide your tears!
Tears, not at all! - Alok, stop pretending!
l have seen everything! - Well, Nisha...
l want to know why you have tears in your eyes?
These tears well up with joy, without even thinking twice!
Next time, l will put up a ' no entry' board!
Well actually, today is Pooja's birthday...
it's a happy occasion, that is the reason!
Listen, Nisha...
Don't call me! l am not interested in being friendly with a person...
who is a hypocrite! The man who likes to impose favors on others...
but thinks it's below his dignity to ask for support!
This is where lndia lacks! You are upset again!
There is nothing that l... - You are lying again!
Alok, don't you feel stifled leading this farcical life?
You like to gather everyone's sorrows...
but you don't want to let anyone come close to your sorrows!
l would like to know why do you do that?
What do you think you are? God, Almighty, Messiah?
l am sorry, some day, l will tell you everything.
Why some other day, why not today?
Alok, by talking, the pain does not end...
but when it reaches out to other person...
then it relieves you and you feel relaxed!
This is the truth!
Nisha, today is an unfortunate day when a mother, who raised her son...
with hard work and dreamt that her son would be a rich man some day...
did not die a natural death! lt was hunger that killed her!
A terminal disease killed her.
And her useless son could not do anything for her.
After her death, everything went off the way she wanted.
Believe me...
in everything l gained, l felt a sense of loss...
my victories felt like defeat...
sometimes l think, why do l have all this?
I dont know what is it for!
Forgive me, inspite of wanting, l could not be a part of your joy!
I could not be a part of it!
Child, now go to sleep, if your mother returns, she'll scold you!
Do you know, today is my birthday!
Uncle and aunty told me about it...
even father does not remember, l will tell him!
What will you tell me? Come here, child!
Look at this, father! - Who got you that many toys?
Who'll get it, someone must have given it to her in school!
No father, uncle and aunty have given them.
Today is my birthday! - Oh, is it so?
Happy Birthday!
lndu, l am busy with work but you should have remembered!
How many things can l remember? You are her father and even you forgot!
Mary, put her to sleep or she'll harass us to go to school tomorrow.
I will just come!
Come, child! - No, l'll sleep with father.
All right, you sleep with me.
My dear child will sleep with me tonight!
You sit here, l'll change and be right back, you watch the television!
Father, she is my nice aunty!
She's the one who gave me toys!
After giving me the toys, she started crying! My nice aunty!
Our very famous singer..anup Jalota!
Father, she kissed me and began to cry!
Today he, before singing the lovely song..
You did not ask her why she was crying? You should have asked!
You have yet not slept, you have to go to school tomorrow.
Go to your room!
Fast..good night!
Why did you scold her? How is she to be blamed?
Kabir, l don't like Nisha meeting her on sly and giving her presents.
l think she has planned to do something!
What can she do?
She is her mother, she must be getting the urge to see her daughter!
Today she felt like meeting her and she landed up in the school...
tomorrow, she can come here too! Kabir, if she loves her so much...
then why did she leave such a small child here?
l think that the serials are improving.
Nisha, someone is waiting for you. - Where?
Here are your things.
My things?!
The one you gave Pooja on the pretext of her birthday.
But she had... - Don't poison her mind...
and instigate her against me!
lf you really loved her then you wouldn't leave the infant back there.
At that time perhaps, this glamour and popularity was beckoning you!
Please, this is my office. - l'm not interested in coming here!
l did not know your address and l had to meet you.
l just want to tell you that Pooja does not mean anything to you!
Don't ever try to meet her again!
But lndu, l'd like to meet Pooja sometimes...
First you'll meet her...
and then, Kabir...
and then that house, isn't that what you've planned?
No, lndu! l really don't want anything.
Just let me meet my daughter once in a while...
lf you loved her so much then why did you leave the infant behind?
At that time perhaps, this glamour and popularity was beckoning you?
First it is Pooja...then Kabir...
and then that house. lsn't that what you have planned?
Don't poison her mind and try to instigate her against me!
Foolish woman! You were trying to commit suicide?
l am really very weak!
l tried hard to be strong!
l have tried hard to fight life!
But l have lost, Alok!
l cannot live this hypocritical life!
l have lost, l am very tired!
Get up, Nisha!
Get up!
Come with me!
Tearing through a lone dark night, are a million bright stars
Against one moment of despair are a million hopes
Life is the biggest of gifts God gives us
Tis foolish of one to concede defeat to life
Life is a garden...
strewn with as many flowers as there are thorns
" The world will change!"
"If there are many thorns..there will be that many flowers!"
ln your lap, they will fall...
if you were to reach out for them
"If the sky is dark, then there are many stars too."
For the yesterday that is past and gone...
you mustn't spoil your tomorrow
"Just because of the past!"
" Dont lose hope on the coming time!"
Who knows, who might come along...
and light your path again?
"If the sky is dark, then there are many stars too."
lf sorrow is a stranger to you...
what good are happiness and joy?
you appreciate the shores even more
After fighting the storms...
"The sky looks so beautiful!"
"If the sky is dark, then there are many stars too."
One sadness!
There are many people to help!
"Life is the best place to live!
People who lose hope from life are no immature!
After hearing this, l don't think that you are so weak!
l've come to this house once before...
to tell you that you write very well.
But today, l was compelled to come here...
to remind you that you are the same person who used to write very well.
Listen, you are not weak!
l don't know much about your past...
and neither do l want to know!
l would want you also to forget about it thinking that...
it was your last birth and now, this moment...
you've got a new birth!
You don't have a right over it, l have!
No, please don't misunderstand me! l am not asking you for anything!
All l want is the strength that is hidden within you...
you should acknowledge that and use it in the right direction...
to bring about joy in the hearts of millions like you!
And this is your strength! Yes, Nisha...
your verses have the power!
You have to promise me one more thing.
You will never feel weak and give up on life!
l am sure that tomorrow will bring a new ray of hope in your life!
Oh, it's 7 o'clock! This is where lndia lacks!
l've to cover the information and broadcasting Minister's speech.
lf l don't do that, l'll have to lose my job!
Always keep smiling this way!
Just like this!
Oh! lt's time for the transmission.
lt's a super hit, created a sensation!!
Where are you? - l am here, Alok!
May l come in? - Sure!
You have overwhelmed everyone, Asha Shri!
Listen to what Navbharat Times has to say...
'a fresh wave of air in the world of literature'!
Hear this, ' Patjhad, is a story of a leaf fallen from a branch...
which stirs the depths of your heart!'
And listen to Dr. Dharmveer Bharati's comments.
'The writer has words in form of colors to express her thoughts and...
That's enough!!
This is what lndia lacks! l wish l had your talent in me.
l would love to listen to people praising me all my life!
The talent you posses, a lifetime is insufficient to laud it!
Stop kidding! - Alok...
you posses the talent of humanity! The art of sharing other's griefs.
That's enough!
l am sure your publishers have given you this novel...
but this is a gift from me! - Thank you!
What is this?
lsn't the face looking prettier with the vermilion?
lt does look but...
Give me this book. Will you do me a favour?
Turn towards the mirror.
Now shut your eyes!
Are you going to show me a magical trick?
Now, open your eyes!
What does this mean? - Did l make a mistake?
No, Alok!!
lt's very late now! - You don't think l'm worthy of you.
Alok, l respect you immensely!
Or perhaps, it is more than that!
But now, l have nothing to offer...
excepting an impassive and an empty life!
The autumn in my life has come forever!
l cannot talk like you but l don't have a bad memory...
you had written in your novel that the seasons keep changing...
there is spring after autumn!
This is the truth, Nisha!
And there is one more truth!
l can wait for the season to change!
Whose letter is it? - lt's the solicitor's notice.
To repay the bank loan we'll have to sell our farms.
So this is the state we are in? - Yes.
Kabir, today l am remembering Parvati aunty's words!
She said while leaving, we really are under a curse of a chaste woman!
Yes lndu, at that time l could not understand...
but today l realize...
that when your happiness is the cause of someone's grief...
it tends to become a great sin!
A great sin!
Has your fever subsided, child? How are you feeling now?
l am fine!
Kabir smokes that many cigarettes, why don't you stop him?
He'll harm his lungs with them!
We both have already harmed ourselves, mother!
He immerses his sorrows in cigarettes and alcohol...
but l can't even do that!
Why are you talking like that? You have got whatever you wanted.
Yes, l wanted but whatever l wanted...
l had no right to ask for it!
l was naive and stupid...
the glitter of wealth and my youth had made me heady...
but you were matured, you are a woman, a wife, a mother...
if you wanted, you could have explained me that...
by snatching away a sister's husband and a child from her mother...
l could never live happily! Never!
But Indu!
When the flood water recedes...
it leaves behind filth and stench!
My life too is nothing else but a heap of filth!
l feel l've stolen everything.
ln the true sense, neither could l be a wife...
nor a mother!
Frankly speaking, l've started detesting myself!
Sir, the problem is that as per laws, we can't sack our staff.
l know that!
Sir, we are getting back the books from all the places.
People complain that our old writers have no new thoughts to express.
Sir, have you read any of Asha Shri's novels?
No, but l've heard quite a lot about her.
You've heard it right! She writes extremely well.
She pens down pain in such a way as if she uses tears instead of ink!
All the publishers seem to be approaching her these days.
Then what are you'll doing?
Sir, we did ask her for a book but she refused to give it to us!
All right, l'll personally go and request her.
Perhaps, she may agree.
Madam, someone has come to see you.
Send him in.
l have disturbed you without a prior appointment.
Never mind, please sit!
Thank you very much.
Well actually, l... - You must have received my letter.
Yes, that's why l have personally come here to request you.
Ms. Asha, it will be a honor for us to publish your novel.
Because, your name tops the list of popular and saleable writers.
Although, l, myself have not read any of your novels.
But l've heard that you pen down beautifully...
the sensitive moments of life!
Especially, pain!
Pain! - Yes, that's what l've heard!
You please be rest assured about the royalty...
although my business condition is not very favorable these days...
but l promise to give you the royalty you ask for!
The full value of your work!
The value of work...
or the cash for a lifetime woe?
No, l am Asha Shri!
Nisha is dead long back, Mr. Kabir.
l had no idea that you were Asha Shri.
Yes, l am Asha Shri!
Everything is different, a new name, a new profession...
a new destination and none of these have Mr. Kabir Suri's name on it!
Time has taught me a lesson, don't embarrass me further, Nisha!
l have realized the potential of your capabilities and you!
But it was too late. Whenever l saw your program on the television...
l was forced to think where you had hidden so much fire within you?
And now you write these books too!
Then, l was just a wife and a mother...
the fire within me, emitted out in form of love!
Anyway, forget about the past. Let's talk something pleasant.
How is your wife?
You must be very happy because, your wife is beautiful, smart...
cultured and also knows the art of keeping a man happy!
Stop it Nisha, l cannot hear it any further.
How is Pooja? - She has grown up now.
l was thinking of getting her married once my business gets stable.
You have not seen her but she looks exactly like you!
She has the same eyes, the same... - Stop it, Mr. Kabir.
For me she is yet this age!
She is always very close to me!
l speak with her whenever l feel like.
Oh yes! You had taken the pains of coming here for some work.
l will write a novel for you!
But you will have to wait for sometime.
You've already spoken about the royalty...
you'll give me whatever l demand.
All right, good bye!
Why did you take the trouble, you should have called up, l'd come over!
Why are you standing? Please sit down!
You've done a big favor by coming here!
lt is not a favour, Mr. Kabir, l have enough decency in me...
that to repay the money, l should come here!
After all, l am indebted!
Don't think that l am indebted to you!
l'm indebted to the child who gave me the highest honor...
by making me a mother!
But in return, l could not lavish my love on her!
This feeling has always weighed on my conscience!
l'll never be able to repay this debt...
but l may perhaps get the satisfaction that l made an attempt!
l am sure that with the sale of this novel...
my daughter will get married as per your status!
Wait, Nisha!
Oh yes, l did not speak about the royalty.
My royalty will be that you will never tell Pooja...
that Asha Shri is her mother!
Good bye!
Wait Nisha, l want to tell you something.
You have progressed so much in life...
that inspite of wanting, l cannot get you back!
l can only realize one thing...
that by losing you, life taught me a tough lesson!
l was leading a life in darkness.
For me, marriage meant a wife...
who was a woman in the bed, a caretaker at home...
and a pretty doll who was called Mrs. so and so in the society!
Where a woman can be very simply defined only in terms of her body!
But today...
when your individuality...
is known to the entire world...
l feel ashamed to even look at you!
Nisha, if possible, please forgive me!
Please do me one more favor!
Please attend your daughter's marriage.
The marriage rituals are over. Now the bride shall leave the house.
Pooja has to leave.
Even l've strained my eyes waiting for the one you've been looking for!
I am also tired!
l wish sister would come here for two minutes...
and bless Pooja!
Then l would feel that to some extent, we've atoned for our sins.
Even l wished for the same but l was also sure that she wouldn't come!
And she shouldn't even come here!
lndu, there are some sins that can never be atoned.
I just cant do this!
May God always keep you happy!
My daughter got married...
and the story of my life ended!
Hello! - Alok, why are you standing there?
Come and sit.
Did you read the novel? - Yes...
l felt as though l'd seen the world. And...
And what? - That...
when a woman is accused... and labeled abandoned...
at the same time, people wait to take advantage of her situation.
But hats off to you, Nisha! - Please sit.
You have erased the label of an abandoned woman...
and made a new place for yourself!
Your courage must have shaken up millions of women...
who in the eyes of the society, wear a mask of a perfect wife...
but actually lead a stifling life!
lt's the truth that a man and a woman compliment each other...
but there is one more truth, a woman is not only a man's shadow...
she has her own personality and identity!
l am sure you remember, years back, l repeated the words you wrote...
that seasons keep changing, l had also said...
that l can wait for the season to change.
Nisha, look into my eyes.
Look at yourself in my eyes, the autumn of your life has ended...
there is a tiny bud waiting to bloom in the spring of life!
Alok, what will people say if they hear that in this age...
What will people think!
ls that all?
Nisha, when the world never cared about your feelings...
then why are you concerned about them?
One more thing, a man can get spring in his life whenever he pleases...
then why should there be autumn in a woman's life forever?
Answer me...
why is it so?