WarZ Information FAQ Podcast #1 [Ger] English Subtitles

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Hello guys! My name is FreshG and also here is... Chicken! Be welcome at our first Podcast!
We will do this a little more relaxed as you know it from other Youtubers. Our topic for
today is WarZ. We are trieing to give you as many information as possible in the way
to talk with each other! We made our own FAQ about the game WarZ.
But the first question is, what is WarZ? "TheWarZ" - how it is called correctly - is a Zombie
- Survival game. Your mission is to survive as long as you can!
Are there different difficulties? Yes! There are 2 modes, called "Normal" and "Hardcore".
Different than in the Hardcore Mode - where you lose your Items and your whole character
when you die - your backpacket is just locked for a while. So you can choose between the
Hardcore Mode and the save way that we will choose too.
So as you already heard, it is an MMO. The minimum of players on a server you are able
to join is 70, the maximum is 250. That's enough space for many dangers.
If you are interested in the developers you can go to the forum and read some developers-threads.
Also you don't have to worry about lags. There are different servers on the east coast of
America, in the Netherlands and in Russia. Players from Australia got in touch with the
developers and told them that there aren't lags right in Australia.
Also there is a friend system which allows you to join together with your friends. That's
also different from DayZ, where you have to search your mates, what takes a long time!
This only works if you are joining a server. So if you didn't start right with your friends
you are still able to join the server they are playing on. The only problem is, that
you won't spawn at them. But you are able to see them on the map!
Will there also be helicopter crashes and stuff like that, what you know from DayZ?
Yes! They will be very similar to the crashes in DayZ! You won't see any crashing animation
but you can find the crashed helicopter. You can find weapons and stuff at the crash and
sometimes this is also a scenario of your quest!
Are you also able to go in every house? No! You can go into new houses after every update!
There are different maps in the game. One of these maps is called "Colorado" - which
will be the first map. Following maps are New York City and Paris. So at the start of
your game you will have to choose between these maps. They are 200km² - 400km² big.
So DayZ is much smaller! How good is the pathfinding of the zombies?
There is a certain degree of realism what means, that the zombies can't see very good.
But they can notice smells, movements and noises. So walking or crouching very slowly
past them is possible without them finding you.
Now to the question what kind of items you could find in WarZ.
You can find helmets, bulletproof vests, ammo, bandages, weapons and stuff like that.
You arent able to find new outfits! The places where you can find some weapons and the ammo
for them are just like in the real word. In the country countryside are more smaller weapons
like pistols, knifes or baseball bats. Bigger guns
like the AK-47 are only at military bases or police stations.
What will be the endgame in WarZ? The developers would like to see what you
as a player will do in this huge world. They dont want to
give you some kind of achievements you have to reach or weapons you have to find.
You are in this world and you have to live with it and you can do what you want to survive.
Imagine you are connecting to a new server and there are different rules to the other
servers that are created by the owners. Now you have to
go through this or you are in big truble. The developers are excited how the human psychology
will change the world of WarZ
Can everyone create his own server and how easy will it be?
You can rent your own server in a small amount of time.
Just go through all the options and your server is on.
Which options will the skilltree offer? We have to point out that there are no level
in this game! With the time you survive you will earn points
for the skilltree. You are able to chose if you want to have
more strange to get a physical advantage so you can
sprint longer or carry more weight with you in the backpack or
you improve your skill with weapons to reload faster or aim better.
These are just some options you will have out of a huge amount of skills in the final
Are there any vehicles in the game? Yes but almost every vehicle is destroyed.
You have to repair them and after that you have to
find gas. This will be one of the elements in WarZ. Maby trade it with other players
or buy it somewhere? The developers want you to search
for your self.
Will the environment influence the gameplay? Are there things like broken bones, illness
or cold mornings? There is not much information given here but
there will be some kind of lightning system where your eyes have to habituate to the bright
light if you are coming out of a darker place. In the night you can be blinded by a flashlight.
Later in the development they want to add rain and day/night cycle.
What are the hardware requirements? 2 GB RAM and a video card that supports the
shader model 3.0
How detailed will the character editor be? You will be able to choose a survivor out
of some models and then you can change some smaller things like
closings etc. When will the game release?
It shell release in fall only for PC. The price in North-America will be set at
29,99$ If you pre-order the game you will get a beta
key and a discount at the full price.
Will it release for both XBox and PS3 too? The developers hope so but the PC version
is now on focus and after that they will see how
big the community is and how many requests they get to make a console
version too.
When will there be a trailer? The developers want to publish the first trailer at the end of august.
Will the game be like World of Warcraft with spells?
Yes of cause it will exactly be like World
of Warcraft with spells!
Can I create my own quest and send it
to other players? Yes you can and you can edit the reward too.
How many options
you will have here was not given. Will the game be "Pay 2 Win"?
No there are only micro payments that allow you
to save time. This is
the end of our translation. We hope this helped you and if
you have any questions feel free to write them in the comments.
from Germany