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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 27th June
8 illegal immigrants actually deported from the UK at last
National Trust appeal to safeguard White Cliffs of Dover
Labour U-turn in Welsh rubbish row German Court rules that ëcircumcision amounts
to bodily harmí Australia could be backing down on their immigration
stand Thought for the Day ñ The fall of our Health
service and the rise of the diverse ëcharitiesí Finally ñ name change for our Big Ben ñ
No! Niet, Nein, Nada, Nye..............
Eight Illegal immigrants who overstayed their visas have been removed from Britain. The
8 illegals were of mixed age, were sent packing after they were found living illegally in
Luton, Bedfordshire. 6 Pakistanis and 2 Indians were arrested in raids by the Border Agency.
3 of the men were living in a residential property in Bedfordshire and another man was
working in a Diner. Another Pakistani was captured in a raid on a fabric business, while
another hid in a roof to avoid being sent home. The border agency has warned ëmore
raids are plannedí. The W@8 team stress that if you suspect anybody living in Britain illegally,
you must contact the border agency and give them a chance to do their jobs.
The white cliffs of Dover could be under threat. This famous and iconic part of the British
coastline, which can be seen from Europe, could face destruction of its wildlife due
to development. The National Trust has spoken out about this issue and has started to warn
the public over losing our sacred land mark. They have also launched an appeal to raise
£1.2 million so that it can buy a section of the White Cliffs of Dover.
The Trust says it needs the money to purchase a stretch of the chalk cliffs just less than
a mile long in order to safeguard it for future generations.
The mile-long section of the cliffs would fill in the missing link in a stretch of coast
almost five miles long that is owned by the National Trust, from its visitor centre above
Dover port to South Foreland lighthouse. It is the biggest ever coastal fundraiser
for the Trust, which hopes to improve public access and boost the habitat for wildlife
at the famous natural landmark. A W@8 writer comments ëif I win the Lottery big time,
I will give them all the money ñ at least there is something white in Britain that will
be preserved!í
The Labour Party has gotten itself into a row in Wales. They have been accused of doing
a U turn on ëBlack Bin Bagí waste disposal to the residents of Plassnewydd (PLAS NOO
GEETH). If my Welsh is not good blame my Welsh Google. Labour denied the promise and has
caused a storm in the area which they say is political spin being used against them.
Labour candidates narrowly claimed victory last month after campaigning for a return
to weekly black bag collections. But the partyís new cabinet member for the environment, Ashley
Govier, has said he does not want to bring back weekly waste collections.†The row is
Spain is still having to go cap in hand to the Germans and the French in recent Euro
reports. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting French president Francois Hollande
to discuss the crisis facing the Spanish. The Spanish government has said that they
need more help from the Eurozone and that their country cannot sustain itself on its
present financial course but Merkel has told parliament in Berlin that there are no quick
and easy solutions to the Eurozone debt crisis.
German court rules circumcision is 'bodily harm'
It has been reported that a court in Germany has ruled that circumcising young boys for
religious reasons amounts to bodily harm. In a decision that has caused outrage among
Jewish and Muslim groups; the court said that a child's right to physical integrity trumps
religious and parental rights. The case involved a doctor who carried out
a circumcision on a four year-old that led to medical complications. Apparently thousands
of Muslim and Jewish boys are circumcised in Germany every year. Although male circumcision,
unlike female circumcision is legal in Germany the court decided that ëfundamental right
of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents".
Cyprus's credit rating cut to junk status by Fitch
It has been reported that Cyprus's credit rating has been cut to junk status by Fitch,
raising fears that yet another European country will face the blackmail of the IMF and the
Eurozone. Cyprus, whose banks are heavily exposed to Greece, will need 4bn Euros (£3.2bn)
to support its banks, said Fitch. This is on top of 1.8bn Euros Cyprus said it needs
by Friday to recapitalise its lender Cyprus Popular Bank. This junk rating makes it impossible
for Cyprus to borrow the relevant monies from the international markets because they cannot
afford to. Cyprus is also afraid to apply to the Eurozone bailout fund for the amount
needed because of the strict draconian conditions that may come with said loan.
WORLD NEWS Gunmen have attacked what is classed as a
ëPro-Governmentí television station south of the Syrian capital Damascus. The attack
was carried out by anti government members who blew up the TV station. The newsroom was
completely destroyed and at least three people who were working there are reported to have
been killed in the attack. A W@8 reporter has commented ëAnd they say that the President
is behind all the killings, I do not think so. The Syrian government is trying to deal
with Islamist fundamentalists, backed by the United Morons and the west, Assad needs our
help not the so called ëprotestorsí.
The Australianís could be caving in on the immigration issue, reports seem to say. Last
week two refugee boats packed with asylum seekers sunk off the coast of Christmas Island
as they tried to head for Australia illegally. The Left wing politicians have put pressure
on once proud Australia who is strict on immigration, and a tower of strength for other countries
to copy. Now it seems that ëSwapí deals with people from Indonesia and Malaysia could
be taking place. A W@8 writer commented ëthat is ok if they swop all the Malaysians and
Indonesians already in Oz for Australians in those countries that is the right way round
I feel.í
Thought for the Day Well this thought is about our National Health
Service and how government cuts impinge on certain sections of society but not others.
South London Healthcare Trust, which runs three hospitals in south east London, is set
to be placed in a form of special measures after accumulating a deficit of £150m dating
back to what the government has described as an "unaffordable" private finance initiative
signed under Labour. O good old Labour, them of the reducing everyone down to having no
money as opposed to raising everyone up a level to have a little money! It was their
profligate spending under Blair that has caused a great deal of our huge national deficit
along with a global recession. This coalition is at least trying, well Camoron is the liberals
are worse than useless. Now I am talking as a consumer of the NHS
and other services not as a financial person, because when it comes to figures I have dyslexia,
I reverse the last two digits and really would need a full time accountant if I had any real
money, although my husband is very good with figures I aint! But even I can see that extreme
steps need to be taken to put back money into this countryís services instead of taking
it out all the time. This is where the down side of massive and
apparently unstoppable immigration comes in. You may say o no not again but we, the public
are only given the so called good side of immigration. E.g.: There are more people to
look after our society and not only enrich us but contribute to the British way of life.
Our successive governments and luvvies can also feel good about themselves for ëhelping
the third world and the underprivilegedí, and so on and so on.
Now, it is well known that I do not buy into statement at all. If you look at the financial
side of our great institutions like the NHS over the last 30 years you will see a considerable
dip in just about everything, funding, services, personnel and results. Now these 3 hospitals
from this particular Trust operate in south east London, an area which is heavily enriched.
I would like to take a bet that most of the staff, both medical and civilian is ethnic.
I would also take a bet that most of their patients are as well. It is well known we
are short of white medical staff including nurses because of the embracing by the NHS
of ëdiversityí which amounts to white, middle class personnel need not apply. The so called
Managers if they have any gumption are soon replaced by ëyesí personas that do as they
are told. There is trouble in higher circles because Muslim medical staff do not have to
raise their sleeves when washing and therefore are not as hygienic as non Muslims ñ this
is just the thin end of the wedge. They have done away with Matrons and brought
in the ërace cardí. You mustnít criticise an ethnic without being hauled up on charges.
But enough of that, we all know it goes on and nothing can be done about it. But it is
strange that as soon as the British Health Service became open to ëdiversity and enrichmentí
our standards plunged as well as our monies. The PCT for Dentistry is also busy withholding
money from dentists who want to expand their practices to include more NHS patients. They
rightfully withhold monies from failing practices but do not redistribute it back to good practices.
This lack of funding throughout the country is sometimes understandable if you think of
what we will have to pay back but it doesnít affect all aspects of all the people currently
enjoying our hospitality in the UK. You can step of a lorry in the UK, having travelled
thousands of miles to reach us, and qualify for free medication and help on the NHS sometimes
being put before local families. If you contract AIDS in Nigeria, just come over here and get
thousands of pounds worth of medication free! Now there are two points against this, one
being go back to Nigeria and two being what the Hell are you doing over with AIDs? It
is highly contagious and there have been cases of men from Africa deliberately spreading
this disease. People who are ill should not be allowed into the country, I do not care
if they are married to another illegal, I do not care why they came here ñ they should
not be here. Our NHS is now dealing with diseases that we had eradicated here and some we never
had in the first place! All because there are certain people who use this country for
its financial benefits but fly back home time and time again for their holidays or to tend
their second homes! God knows what they bring back. One more problem for our struggling
NHS. Now whilst the poor old NHS is struggling
and needs stringent rules to bring it back on track there are certain government funded
so called charities that are doing very well thank you!
It has been reported that thousands of charities are ëbarely disguised fronts for state backed
campaignsí. Now as luck would have it this doesnít include Animal charities or save
our land charities, o no it does include the ëdiverse and ethnicí charities under the
guise of ëhelping the third worldí and more. The environment, public health, foreign aid,
inequality and womenís rights are areas that have been ëparticularly blessedí
It is said that 27,000 groups rely on the taxpayer for more than 75 per cent of their
income ñ with individual donors providing less than half the funding for the entire
voluntary sector. Many of the charities lobby for the pet causes
of politicians, according to the Institute of Economic Affairs. Christopher Snowdon,
the reportís author, said government departments should be banned from using public money for
advertising campaigns and called for the abolition of unrestricted grants to charities. ëGovernment
funding of politically active charities, non-governmental organisations and pressure groups is objectionable,í
his study said. ëFirstly, it subverts democracy and debases
the concept of charity. Secondly, it is an unnecessary and wasteful use of taxpayersí
money. Thirdly, by funding like-minded organisations and ignoring others, genuine civil society
is cold-shouldered in the political process.í ëThe think-tankís report highlighted the
Live 8 concerts organised by Bob Geldorf in 2005, which campaigned on global poverty and
aimed to push Governments into providing more foreign aid. It said ëLike all free lunches,
this was anything but. The leaders of the G8 agreed to double aid to developing countries
from $25billion to $50billion. ëThis money did not fall out of the sky, but was taken
from the general population regardless of whether they agreed with the agenda of Bono,
Geldorf et al.í Other charities who benefitted were the anti-smoking group ASH, gay rights
charity Stonewall, the Campaign for Better Transport and the Child Poverty Action Group
were recipients of large amounts of state funding.
Now between 1997 and 2005, the combined income of Britainís charities nearly doubled, from
£19.8billion to £37.9billion, with the biggest growth coming in grants and contracts from
Whitehall ministries. The report added: ëThe political elite have an incentive to transmit
its message to the public via third parties because voters regard almost anyone as being
more trustworthy than politicians. Now the wording used is important and if the
Governmentís message is relayed by ìindependentî and ìobjectiveî citizenís groups, so much
the better. So the Taliban Womenís Fishing Cooperative should have no trouble. My point
being why should you, the Taxpayer pay out millions for other people in other countries
and sometimes unfortunately even in our own when we cannot pay our own debts?
We are paying out for the wrong charities, our charities and there are many worthwhile
home grown ones especially animal ones who have no funding from anyone only the public,
they look after farm animals, domestic animals and even animals suffering abroad. We need
money for our elderly, suffering under council cuts, we need it for our children and their
education, not in Africa because as sure as God made little green apples the buggers will
soon be over here riddled with Aids and milking the system.
There needs to be a re-think on charities, a halt to inventing new ethnically diverse
charities just to advertise some celeb and provide a platform for some second rate MP,
the NHS needs a thorough overhaul with more power to the Medical professions involved,
NHS benefits need to be stopped for anyone not born in this country and even for those
immigrants who have managed to produce children, our National health is our national health,
the clue is in the title NATIONAL! Monies need to be funnelled from foreign aid to English
aid, we and our government need to realise we are an island people, not part of Europe
and not near the third world. We were not the only colonisers that seem to be paying
the price of giving these people civilisation which they now do not want, so they come here
to make this country pay, but also they will inevitably reduce England and the English
to the status their countries had when they left them.
We need a massive deportation programme if we want to save our NHS, our education system
and just about every other service we English have enjoyed over the last 40 years. Draconian,
but true and you have heard it on W@8. Radio Britain speaks the truth, unpalatable and
un pc though it may be. I hope you never have to say about me what
they are saying about Enoch Powell, he was right ñ I wish we had listened and acted
And finally, Big Ben could be in for a big change. The
huge Westminster clock which is around 100 years old is to be ëre-namedí as Elizabeth
Tower. The re-naming is of course to honour Queen Elizabeth II. Not only has big Ben got
a re-name, but also a ëSex-Changeí One reporter had commented. This W@8 presenter thinks that
it would be a change for the worse, Big Ben has a ring to it, Elizabeth Tower has none,
and the Queen never has had any power to actually rule so what is the point? Might as well call
it Brussels Tower and be done. They should rename the House of Commons as Elizabeth House
as well and leave Big Ben alone!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very
good night W@