Bookmark - How to make a Guitar Bookmark

Uploaded by ORITAMI on 09.08.2012

Hi :-) I'm Tami and today we're going to make a bookmark shaped like a...
First we need to have a guitar shape that we can use as a stencil
you can use any shape - cut it out from a magazine, the internet, or even...
draw it yourself
we trace the guitar shape on a light brown piece of cardboard
now we take a darker shade of brown and cut it the same size
let's use masking tape just to keep the pieces in place
and cut out the shape of the guitar
now there are two exact cardboard guitars
we take around out there anything round about the same size and mark a circle on
the light brown cardboard this will be the front side of our guitar
let's cut the circle out - I always start by cutting and x inside its easier
that way
it's probably a good time to erase the pencil markings
Good! :-) it's starting to look like a guitar
now let's glue those two together
we're almost there...
for the guitar strings will create cardboard strips of dark brown cardboard
try to make them about the same size
now we'll glue them were the guitar strings should be
like this
now, we'll use another brown piece to create a little guitar bridge
let's clean the leftovers
and we have a guitar bookmark!
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next time ... bye :-)