Everybody Scream! Выпуск 7. Тур по Франции.

Uploaded by EverybodyScreamNow on 22.11.2011

Hello, it's Everybody Scream - the show about "30 Seconds To Mars"
And now, our 7 video we start with a small portion of news.
November 12, 2009 released a video "Kings & Queens"
this song became the first single from the album "This Is War"
The second news.
November 8, clip "From Yesterday" celebrated 5-year anniversary
It was the first music video that has ever rented an American rock band in China
A full version of the clip is about 13 minutes, like a really short film
Now let's watch review about tour "Closer To The Edge"
30 Seconds To Mars started their journey in the cities of France. For 12 days they gave eight performances.
"French invasion" ends November 23.
Now, we present you a brief video from gigs from last week.
Well, now "Echelon", section in which we show your works.
Thank you Sasha and Inn, as well as Surgut Echelon, for the photos they sent us.
Send your photos and videos on our email address (on screen)
Do not forget write the information about where you live, and a link to your webpage.
And now, your tweets, the subject was: "What should I do to look Mars our show "Everybody Scream?"
We want to ask you a small favor
Send a link to this video the boys from 30STM twitter with the hash-tag #EverybodyScream, it should look something like this:
And now our final column "In The End"
Jared is sometimes too heroic man .. let's see!
It was a show "Everybody Scream" and its Nikita
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Oh, we forget to tell you that the next release will be December, 6.