Десятка лучших фикседов 2012 года. Top 10 Best fixed knives 2012

Uploaded by vininull on 20.12.2012

Hi all!
My best way to calm down is to make a quality
and interesting video which can be appreciated by my viewers.
On the 1st of December on the channel we started voting for Top 10 best folding knives
and a shortly after that on the channel of youtuber Vavuha
I'll provide a link to his channel in a description of this video
He started a voting for Top 10 fixed knives.
I am very happy and thank to him for taking the lead
and for that he took this responsibility on himself
because it's really a lot of work to count all votes.
And I want to present my Top 10 fixed knives as a video-response.
As you know, I am a big fan of folding pocket knives
and my "relationship" with fixed knives isn't so close,
I don't have much experience with them, and my collection
of fixed knives isn't large overall, so I'll be able to do some serious conclusions.
Inspite the fact that I lack some knowledge and I don't have many fixed knives,
it turned out to be not so trivial to put together my Top 10.
And the main problem that I faced is the fact that my fixed knives
are divided to combat knives, which been created for defeating enemy's manpower,
and good knives for bushcraft, utility, hunting.
And to put all this in single Top 10, turned out to be impossible.
Because really...imagine to yourself a situation when...
you have to compare something like this...
Understood which knife it is...
Or something like this. Look at this sting.
with Mora for example.
It's unreal, just unreal.
Thus I think that combat knives can have it's separate Top 10
and in this video I want to show 10 knives which I personally consider
as a good realiable working knives.
Some of them got into this Top 10 in advance or to fill the gaps
but I am sure that each one of these knives is very good.
There are no bad knives here, I am sure about that.
And let's start.
Starting from first place.
On the first place
Bark River Bravo 1 knife with 3V steel
In my opinion, at the moment by my experience
it's just a king of fixed knives.
There is no such work that this knife can't do.
On a second place...
This great knife
Benchmade Rant model 515 with D2 steel
just great knife, very comfortable handle, good working blade,
thin bevel, hard steel. Very good knife and taking it's second place by right.
On a third place we have a knife that I still familiarize myself with.
And it's this knife
Fallkniven F1
A problem is that this knife has more advanced modifications
by steel type and by finish and features.
i.e. there are custom versions of F1 model with 3G steel
and I'd like to try that knife on work and compare to this one
because my opinion about this knife isn't final yet.
Seems to be a good knife but right before my eyes
someone has snapped off the tip on such knife and it was very unexpected and unpleasant.
On a fourth place...
SOG Field Pup
Old version with AUS-8 steel
Just a great knife.
Despite the fact that it's a competitor to Mora by price and by dimensions.
By it's charisma it's way ahead of Mora.
Fits good in a hand. Predatory shape but along with this
it doesn't lose it's ability to be a good allround knife.
On a fifth place...
A knife that I worked a little with
and a knife that has made a strong impression on me in terms of it's design and thought.
It's a knife from TOPS, model Fieldcraft.
This knife was created in collaboration with Brothers of Bushcraft organization
took a part in designing of this knife, told what would they want to see,
how it should be done and it impacted very strong on this knife.
Sixth place...
Izula 2
Yes yes yes, exactly Izula 2
and you'll see the knife on the left 4 places
and of course be very surprised how Izula can be ahead of them
But I don't wan't to give up on a small fixed knvies
I like them very much, they impress me very much
and I think that they are certainly capable to do some tasks
when still are much more tough in comparison to a folding knives.
Thus, Izula is one of a few fixed knives that I have, and one of fewer small fixed knives
But it's very good, very good small knife.
Seventh place...
Seventh place is taken by this great knife.
Champion of rating if we do it by price-quality ratio. Absolute champion.
Mora Bushcraft Force or any other Mora but in this case - Bushcraft Force
a knife that I like very much.
On an eight place knife which a bit delayed posting of my Top 10 rating
and it's break in into my collection in the very end of 2012
and it's in Top 10 by a huge advance
but nevertheless it's a very serious statement.
Previously I already had a knives from "Busse family" Scrap Yard and Swamp Rat brands
I expected something somilar from this knife, but when I took it out of the box...
It's just crazy, something unreal really
I don't know how it cuts. Probably much worse than Bark River or Mora no questions about that
But these are probably the strongest knives in the world
and it's confirmed by a most brutal tests which were done on Russian knife forums
when it was chopped cutting edge to cutting edge.
Exactly this knife - SAR4 participated in those famous "asshole" tests.
When they took a knife, model K9 I don't remember who was the maker
they been put cutting edge to cutting edge and hacked.
At the end K9 has broken, despite of the famous maker
but Jerry Busse didn't even seemed to be surprised on a bladeforums
just told that the guys had some good time.
It's just unbelievable.
On a ninth place...
A knife that made a huge impression on me this year
When I saw it for a first time on video, I wanted to buy it right away
and when I took it out of the box I received crazy impressions
Just amazing knife
Buck Punk
I have't used it much but it has some features which aren't present on all knives in my Top 10
And I want to discover it deeply very much
But I can give you my word, for it's price around 100$ it's just unbelievable knife.
And when I started thinking which knife would be on a tenth place I wasn't able to decide
Thus as a exception I ask from Vavuha to give 1 point to two knives.
I want to put 2 knives on tenth place which are very different in their appearance
but in work and POU they even.
And I can't distinquish the one that is better that another.
I worked with both of them...
And the feeling is that they are twins, if you close your eyes the feeling is the same
you open the eyes and see totally different knives.
These are 2 following knives.
Scrap Yard SYCKO 511 it's the bottom one
upper one is Entrek Bravo 11
Now I'll show them sparately
Sycko 511 is a simple piece of steel with crazy black coating and a resin handle
But when you take it in a hand you understand that you don't need nothing more
You can break, crash, cut, chop, batter down, shave anything with this knife.
The same applies here. Around 7mm at the spine, micarta scales
Of course thick bevel. I didn't even cleaned this knife after last use.
But you see that I use it very roughly and nothing happens to it.
Well heat-threated 440C steel, just a bomb.
These two pry-bars I want to put together on 10th place.
That's all. That's a Top 10 that came out.
Not so consistent as my Top 10 folding knives
but I like such variety
I approach very carefuly to fixed blades. Not a combat but a utility ones.
And I like to find out something new each time.
Hope you like my Top 10 and it was interesting
Thanks for watching, see you bye bye