Polaroid Z-340 and GL-10 - Which first look review

Uploaded by WhichWebsite on 27.07.2011

Polaroid has announced a few new products today, the most interesting, perhaps, being
this Polaroid Z-340, which is a bit of a throw back to the old instant Polaroid cameras of
the past.
It's got a bit of a modern twist though. With those old cameras you would take the photo
and it would instantly print it, you'd give it a shake, but on this digital camera you
can see the photo that you've taken on the 2.7 inch screen on the rear and then decide
whether you want to print it or not.
And you can even add the Polaroid border, or print it without.
Now, there's a 14 mega-pixel sensor in this camera. The zoom is only a 4X digital zoom.
And this camera's going to launch around December time, so in time for Christmas, and sell for
around 230 pounds. Next up we've got the Polaroid GL10, its been designed or at least endorsed
by Lady Gaga. Now this can print photos from a usb stick with that Polaroid look to them,
but it's also able to be connected to a Blackberry phone or an Android phone and prints any photos
you've got saved on there over Bluetooth.
Now it takes this Z-Ink, Zink, or Zero Ink paper. There are 30 here. They cost 12.99
for a pack and the GL10 itself is going to cost about 120 pounds.
The next stop we've got two waterproof models. We've got the Polaroid X-720 which is a camcorder
that shoots 720resolution HD video and we've got the Polaroid X-800 which is an 8 megapixel
still camera. Both of these models lack an optical zoom and the X720 will come in at
70 Pounds while the X800 can be bought for a penny under 50 Pounds.
Polaroid has also shown off a new tripod with suction mounts and articulated legs, and there's
a video lamp to help when shooting video when using your digital camera. So for more details
on all these products, other digital cameras and printers, go to our website at which.co.uk/technology.