Lance Armstrong A Role Model (The Pedro and Adam Show)

Uploaded by pedroandadam on 20.01.2013

in all seven of your Tour De France victories
did you ever take banned substances or blood-dope? Mr. Armstrong: Yes
you know Pedro, Mr. Armstrong is a good role model
his confession make me wanna confess something I did to you a long
time ago
what was it Adam?
you have to promise me you won't get mad
I promise Adam, just say it
well remember the time you were sick and I gave you warm apple juice
and you said it tasted funny
yeah, I do
well it was my pee Pedro: that's (bleep) up
Adam, well
i have something I need to confess too
do you remember
of course Pedro, she's my ex, I will never forget her. Pedro: Well I (bleep) her in the (bleep)
many times
what the (bleep)
I'm gonna kill you, you little bastard!