Meir Brand opens Campus TLV launch event (December 2012)

Uploaded by GoogleIsrael on 24.12.2012

I'm glad and exited to host you in the new Google offices.
Data informs us on Israel's leadership in the Internet field
and indeed Google views Israel as a center of innovation and leadership.
The continuous expansion of our activity here
and the current move to the new Tel Aviv offices,
are an expression of Google's commitment and investment in Israel.
This is an indication of the company's intent to continue to grow and develop here.
Mister Prime Minister, you surely recall your meeting
with Google's chairman, Mister Eric Shmidt, a few months ago.
This visit joined several other visits to Israel from company seniors over the years.
These, alongside the company's large scale activity in Israel,
express Google's view of Israel's centrality.
We at Google see ourselves as a partner in the efforts
to bring financial growth and technological leadership to Israel.
It is clear to us that the Internet has an important role in financial growth and innovation,
and we view the government as a partner in promoting this matter,
in favor of the economy and Israeli society.
A study on the Internet economy in Israel,
held by Mckinsey and Company and sponsored by Google in 2011,
demonstrates the centrality of the Internet economy in Israel,
which constitutes 6.4% of the GDP.
Alongside this impressive figure, there are also challenges and weak spots which require answers.
The answers are necessary in order to maintain Israel's status as a "Startup Nation"
and I am certain that you will agree with me that for us in Israel,
this is a true need, required for establishing our national strength.
We believe that financial growth can be encouraged by creating collaboration between all economic sectors:
the government, the public sector, the third sector and the private sector.
It is our view that the Internet has an important role in reaching this goal.
We were happy to collaborate with several government offices in order to lead initiatives,
in which the Internet is used to promote society and the economy.
We have launched Mckinsey and Company's research on Israel's Internet economy,
as I had mentioned earlier, in the presence of the Finance Minister.
The research showed that a small business which is active online,
grows at a double rate than a business that isn't active in this arena.
Yet, one of the challenges the research pointed out
is that half of Israel's small businesses are not active at all online.
Identifying this challenge has brought us to create a collaboration
with the Trade and Labor office and with other private sector partners,
leading the "businesses in Israel grow online" initiative,
which enables small businesses to launch a website, free of charge.
I am proud that over 10,000 small and medium-size businesses from all over the country
have joined the venture and launched websites, contributing to their business operations.
Another field that is considered key in the maintenance of Israel's technological leadership is education.
Here, we also greatly appreciate the Ministry of education's collaboration,
in introducing technology into schools, training and empowering teachers to best-use internet tools in the classroom.
In cooperation with the Ministry of education and "Ort",
we plan to reach 10% of Israeli teachers in the year 2013,
training them on how to use the Internet for their teaching needs.
We have also collaborated with the Cabinet Secretary and his team in the heritage field.
Last year we had filmed dozens of Israeli heritage sites,
as part of the "Street View" project, enabling to take a virtual tour around them.
Part of this footage is already online and much more will be uploaded soon.
We also operate to help strengthen the connection between the public and its elected representatives.
Collaborating with the Speaker of the Knesset, we have brought forth the use of Youtube to Members of the Knesset.
I am certain that you share our view on the importance of utilizing the Internet's tools,
to help fortify democracy and discourse with the public.
I wish to thank you for the collaboration on these important goals.
We greatly value your presence here today
and see it as an expression of the importance you attribute to promoting of the Internet
as a key element to economical and social growth.
I would like to also thank Google Israel's employees for their professional and dedicated work.
The success of the company and its leadership is possible due to their day-to-day work.
In conclusion, I wish us all a happy Hanukkah and continuous growth and evolvement,
both personal, organizational and national.
Thank you.