Valentine's Day

Uploaded by starimyuproduction on 11.02.2012

>>Why so sudden?
>>Because,today is Valentine's Day..
>>Isn't that yesterday?
>>So,how did the both of you meet?
>>Well, its kinda funny actually, right honey?
>>So you think our relationship is funny, huh?!
>>I know a girl, she puts the colours inside my world
>>I've done all I can, to stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
>>Now, I'm starting to see
>>Maybe it has nothing to do with me
>>So, will you be my Valentine?
>>No, no thank you.
>>Never I'll find, someone like you
>>And then?
>>I wish nothing but the best
>>For you...
>>Don't forget me i-
>>And honey you know,about tonight's dinner
>>I've booked a table for two of us
>>Just the two of us
>>In a French restaurant. Its about French food and-
>>Hey sweetie!
>>I bought some presents and flowers
>>Woo....thank you
>>Happy Valentine's Day
>>Thanks sweetheart.
>>Sure thing. Well, let see what do we have
>>Umm,why are you doing here?
>>Uh,reading obviously
>>Hey,stop kicking my foot! Its irritating.
>>No,I'm not kicking your foot.
>>I received a text!
>>Mmm Hmm
>>You're breaking up with me?
>>Because I'm a gay, come on honey!
>>Who are you?
>>Give me all of the flowers
>>No! Its for my girlfriend.
>>Kay have a nice day, bye bye!
>>Well, at least I have chocolate
>>This too!
>>Happy Valentine's Day!
>>Hello,may I help you?
>>Table for one
>>Hey,here are some songs for our Valentine's Day, Listen to it.