Cheapest site to get DIY candy kits (popin' cookin', happy kitchen, etc.) #1

Uploaded by Misaporo on 04.11.2012

hello, i'm going to show you where you can
find the cheapest site to get DIY candy kits
and I've seen most people sell them for $8.00 but
on this site, it is cheaper
so you want go to the URL
and you want to type in or

The page should look like this
and then what you want to do
is click
snacks and foods
and then on the left side, scroll down to make your own
and Pandango is only $2.80 which is cheaper
than comparison to five dollars
and i think this one is a new kind candy
it's like uh... you can make
candy apples
They have the decoration cake for only five dollars. I've seen shops sell it for
eight dollars
and the volcano candy
So the popin' cookin' curry is like only $3
and I've seen people sell it for $8
They have
The happy kitchen soft cookie
which is only $5 which is a good deal
and then they have Kracie
hamburger for only $5. So this site is cheaper and it
is a cheaper site to buy your umm...
buy your DIY kits
So i hope this

was informational/helpful