Forum Hefty Wheelie Bag

Uploaded by thehouseboardshop on 17.08.2010

Hey, it’s Andrew here again with forum-snowboards here to talk to you about the Hefty Wheelie
travel bag. It’s definitely a gear bag that’s gonna fit all your stuff if you’re gonna
need to go on a little snowboard vacation, or if you just need to get to and from the
hill. If you open it up in here, then you can see there’s plenty of room for a good,
solid week’s worth of gear. There’s a big solid pocket up front and a little valuables’
pocket right here. There’s a mesh pocket for wet or dry clothes so you can kinda separate
your dirty clothes from your clean clothes. On the outside, you’ve got a pocket up front
for travel documents, plane tickets, or whatever. You have a little ID pocket for business cards.
There’s a telescoping handle, and you do have skateboard-style wheels here, so if one
of these does happen to come off, then you can kind of easily replace it. It’s not
like a rollerblade wheel. So it’s real easy to find, but you won’t have any problems
with the wheels coming off. So, this is the Forum Hefty travel bag.