Ringy Dingy Video

Uploaded by pinnaclepromo on 01.10.2012


Hi, this is Benjy. With Pinnacle Promotions? Yeah.
Yeah, this is the Ringy Dingy. Ringy Dingy?
Ringy Dingy. Ringy Dingy? Ringy
Dingy. Ringy Dingy! Ringy Dingy.

This awesome retro phone handset makes a fun and unique promotional product.
All you do is you plug it into the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android phone or Blackberry
or any phone that has a headphone jack and then you talk into it as if it were a phone, because
...well it is a phone. It's got a talk and hang up button right
here. You;ve got a volume knob over here and you've got space in the middle
for your 3 inch by 1/2 inch logo. This come in
8 really bright colors and you can glue sequins or diamonds on
and you've got a blingy Ringy Dingy. This is the Ringy Dingy, you can find it at PinnaclePromotions.com
Yes you can.