Performing a Firmware Upgrade using the Embedded Web Server for HP Printers

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 07.01.2013

In order to perform this procedure, you will need
• The IP address of the printer
• You will need the ability to assign an EWS password for Printers or MFP’s running
on older versions of firmware or knowledge of the EWS password for devices with a password
that is already set.
• The latest firmware for your product can be found at HP’s Support website, under
the Drivers and Support tab.
The firmware will need to be downloaded from the HP website.
To download the firmware, go to
Click on Drivers and Software.
Type in the model number of the HP multifunction printer and click search.
Select the correct model in the search results below.
Scroll down and select the Cross operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnositcs, etc)
Under firmware, click the download button next to your selection.
Click Open.
After the download completes, select Extract all files.
Not all operating systems will have the extract option so you may need to extract using other
methods supported by your operating system.
Select the Desktop as the destination.
Click OK.
Then click Extract.
After extracting the files you will see a firmware file which will have a
.bdl filename extension.
Open an Internet browser window, and enter the IP address for the printer or MFP in the
URL line.
You may see a Security Certificate error. Acknowledge the error and continue on. This
will not cause harm to the PC.
Printers or MFP’s running older versions of firmware will require you to sign in with
the EWS administrator password. If a password has already been assigned, sign in in order
to upgrade the firmware.
Select the “Sign In’ link in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the password
for the EWS.
If a password has not been set on a printer or MFP running an older version of firmware
then the Install button will be grayed out and you will not be able to upgrade firmware
until a password is set.
To set a password, click on the “Security” Tab. Use the “set the local administrator
password” section to apply the password.
Printers or MFP’s running newer versions of firmware will not require you to set a
password. However, if a password has been set, then you must sign in to upgrade firmware
from the EWS.
After signing in, click on the General tab.
Select Firmware Upgrade from the menu choices on the left side of the screen.
Browse to the location that the firmware upgrade file was downloaded to, and then select the
firmware file.
Select the Install button to perform the upgrade.
Do not close the Browser Window or interrupt communication until the EWS displays the
Confirmation Page. This process can take up to
10 minutes or more.
When the firmware file has been transferred to the device, an EWS confirmation page will
be displayed. Select Restart Now, or turn the product off and on again
using the power switch.
The printer has to reboot in order for the firmware upgrade to take effect.
It will take a few minutes before the device can be seen again by the EWS. Once available,
click on the information tab in the EWS.
From the menu choices on the left side of the screen select Configuration page to confirm
that the firmware has been installed.
If the version matches the version you downloaded then the update is complete.