Salsa For Chiles Rellenos

Uploaded by mymexicanrecipes on 22.01.2013

We are going to make the salsa for putting on top of the chiles rellenos.
we fry with a little bit of oil, a teaspoon of olive oil.
We are going to fry the onion, and the garlic. One small clove of garlic. It doesn't need much. And it's about a tablespoon and a half of onion, Chopped.
We are going to leave this cook for a while, untill it gets tender, and then we'll add the tomato.
Now that the onion has cooked and is tender, we are going to add the tomato, picado , and we are going to let this simmer for about three minutes.
The tomato that I used, is diced tomato, canned like this. And if you like, you can make your own using 2 large tomatos. All this will end up in the blender.
Now that we finished cooking the salsa, it took about five minutes at this heat setting, you can add salt to taste, we are going to put it in the blender.
We'll use care not to use a blender setting that is too high.
Now that we blended this, to a medium consistancy like this, we are going to add a quarter teaspoon of oregano. You can add the amount of oregano to suit your taste.
So this is what will be served on top of the chile relleno. You can serve the chiles rellons in a oven-proof dish like this with the salsa on top if you want to heat them up in the microwave.