Solavei Europe - Solavei Expansion Plans 2013, 1K Challenge Details, Solavei Cruise Details

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Folks how you doin' this is Michael Krotchie and I just got off the Solavei
national webinar .. from january fifteenth which was tonight and I gotta tell
you I'm excited there were some huge announcements and i wanna go through
them we use you understand uh... where Solavei is and where their vision is for the rest of 2013

The first item they discussed was the ultimate challenge
and deals with challenges you see from slide here
to help members become thousand acres once you become a thousand their your
goal then he comes to create thousands underneath you
and the ultimate goal history twelve thousand as directs you
which allow you to join the legacy circle of achievement experience i can
see exposing warships and more i'm very excited about that thing it's a great
incentives and to help people helped of people underneath them will create
growth overall
the second i don't want to talk about is called one case house program
as you see here this is really cool i i i think something like this early to
uh... so livers grow their business you received ninety days of free you know
coaching proven strategies were top members so
whatever's working for people who are producing urine to be able to have to
pay their exact efforts and using exact same strategy they're using
to build a numbers
area of child roadmap tutorial community
you know left them at least inspiratory motivation
any surprise but how much it helps you from the database stuff
the third item that so they discussed
on-site webinar
it's only live it's a and national uh... certain events
three regional bands in florida
texas and california from april to may and
then have another national networks like in seattle in october
uh... so it'll be just uh... one year pass their first launch
has accepted their their lives in seattle on september twenty first novels
phenomenal so excited
uh... for the study has been also
annex item that but i'm pretty excited about is
that two thousand thirteen cruise two thousand there
uh... to the health of demonized september fourteenth
the two dozen thirteen cruise a thousand air
is going to be a free trip given to members
who qualified by fulfilling some of these um... some is guidelines here
you have to know fifteen new members in your
correct network penalties thirty new members
second my network to qualify for the first free package
uh... i think it's going to be great
now note here is that
that she's had just come out and started running as of january first so people
are already qualified for this trip and last not least solely now say that
they're going to leave beforehand on roman feet or so away
for ten bucks laid it's me very low cost and house all day if you're not in a
ready afford about a month from other topics data you can be to folks degrade
value to get in
getting questions click link below
see what i think it's on my team
uh... out for dinner where