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Happy Holidays! Welcome back to the Book More Brides Holiday Triple Play video series. Iím
Jeff and this is my wife, Stephanie, wearing a REAL holiday hat this time.
Does FREE marketing, the kind that actually works, even exist? In todayís video, weíll
reveal 14 Websites where you can market your business for free so that brides and grooms
who are searching online are finding you.
In video 1 of this series, we exposed the two Monsters that are eating away at your
wedding business profits and gave you two strategies for responding to price inquiry
email leads that get couples OFF price and onto your booking path. In action-packed Video
2, we crammed in 6 Sneaky Tactics you can use to get more leads for your wedding business
the cheap, fast way. Make sure you watch those videos if you havenít already.
Now, for todayís video. Jeff...
At our last Summit event, Stephanie and I put together a killer presentation on 21 Must
Have Free Tools to Turbo Charge Your Wedding Business. It was pretty freaking awesome,
if I do say so myself.
Apparently, you do.
21 Must Have Tools is included in our Holiday Triple Play Special that you can get right
now. Well, one of the best ones we shared is actually a grouping of more than 40 websites
where you can get free marketing, and weíre going to share that with you right now.
Itís ì14 Free Marketing Websitesî where you can list your business! Go to BookMoreBrides.com/14sites.
Actually, itís a lot more than 14 websites, since the list is constantly growing. Itís
18 websites and 30 local business directories.
Before you race off to check it out, hang with us for a minute because there are some
key things you need to know or you can screw this up. Weíre going to tell you why this
is important, which sites you simply MUST list yourself on, and the mistakes to avoid.
Do this right and it will bring you more leads. Do this wrong and all youíll do is waste
more of your precious time.
So I always need to know WHY I should do something before Iím going to do it. You know, prove
it to me. Weíre suggesting that you list your wedding business on as many of these
websites as you can, and weíre going to tell you why.
First, what do we know about what brides and grooms are searching for online?
Brides/Grooms Want:
Inspiration and Ideas - especially Real Weddings. How to Information and Advice.
And Reviews.
Reviews are one of the #1 things brides and grooms search for online before hiring a wedding
vendor. In fact, they probably search for your reviews before they even contact you,
and if they donít find anything, theyíll skip contacting you altogether.
Why are reviews so powerful? Reviews trigger a psychological principle of influence called
Social Proof. Without getting into the geeky details I love so much, ìsocial proofî is
evidence of your value that comes from what other people are saying about you.
Brides donít trust wedding vendors because they know theyíre out to sell them something.
Studies show that 95% decide what to do based on what other people are doing. If other brides
are raving about you and saying youíre worth it, theyíll be convinced about your value.
Thatís why people use case studies, testimonials and reviews. Because they work.
Brides search for reviews before they even contact you. What they find makes up their
mind about whether or not to call. Thatís why you NEED to have as many reviews out there
as possible.
These directory sites and listings get a lot of website visitors and have a lot of activity.
This means that typically they have a lot more visibility and ranking that your website
does. When a bride or groom is searching, theyíre more likely to find you on these
higher ranking sites.
These websites and directories also act as multiple points of contact with the bride
and groom, so that your business is everywhere.
Studies show that it takes 5-12 contacts with your business before they buy.
Every time they see you on a review site or a business listing, that counts as a contact
and it gets them one step closer to booking you. Long story short: list your business
on these sites and you will make more money!
Just listing yourself on these sites guarantees that your business has more exposure, but
it does NOT guarantee more profits. Unfortunately, most wedding vendors make big mistakes when
they list their business that only waste your time. Letís talk about those common mistakes.
Mistake #1 - You look just like every other listing.
Your competitors are on these sites, too, and youíll never stand out if you look just
like them. Use creative images, video and credibility
badges or widgets.
If the other listings have black and white images, use a color image. If the site allows
you to add buttons or badges to show off your professional associations, add them. Do whatever
you can to make your listing stand out.
Mistake #2 - Your listing reads just like every other (boring!) listing.
Connect with your ideal client emotionally in your text.
Be different. Stand out. Get attention!
Most listings sound like this: ìHere at Acme Weddings we believe in delivering a unique
experience...î In other words,we are completely ordinary and BORINGî. Find out what your
brides and grooms connect to and write great copy. Itís worth paying someone to do this
for you because lousy copy doesnít get results.
Mistake #3 - You donít have a call to action.
Itís not enough to tell them about your business. Tell them an action to take and give them
a compelling reason to do it!
For example, your listing should include an invitation to visit your website for a special
offer, to get a free report, or to call you for a specific consultation. If you donít
ask for the action, youíre not likely to get it.
Mistake #4 - You donít measure, track results and test.
Check your website analytics regularly to see which listings send you traffic.
Test out different headlines, offers and text to find out what gets the best results.
Donít just set up your listing and leave it there. Find out what works best and do
more of it so that youíre constantly improving your results.
Mistake #5 - You have ZERO reviews.
Studies show that listings with >10 reviews get 106% more clicks!
If the site takes reviews, ask your clients for reviews and rotate through them. Otherwise,
you look like either a total rookie or a loser.
Not all of these sites are created equal. Some of them are more powerful than others.
Where to Get Reviewed:
WeddingWire - set up a free account Wedding Wire is incredibly popular with brides.
It should be top priority to have a free listing with at least 10 reviews.
Local business directories - esp. Yelp Again, go to BookMoreBrides.com/14sites for
a complete list.
A special note about Yelp. Donít send your brides and grooms a direct link to your Yelp
listing when you ask for reviews.
Yelp Warning: Do NOT send your couples to Yelp to post a
review directly or they will block your reviews.
Yelp assumes that any review that goes directly to your page instead of searching for your
business is a fake. Set up your listing, but donít send your couples to Yelp or their
review wonít even show up.
Itís time for a recap of what weíve gone over, just to make sure you were paying attention.
A quick recap:
Go to BookMoreBrides.com/14sites and list your business on these sites.
Make sure your listing stands out from the others.
Include a compelling call to action in each listing.
Track your website traffic and test out variations to optimize your results.
Get at least 10 reviews on each site that allows them.
Make sure you minimally list your business on Wedding Wire, Yelp and other local business
Just as we promised, the holiday giving season isnít over yet!
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