Merge : EP "Transmission" [Interview]

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Hi, we're Merge, and you're watching Shot Da Sound TV !
Hi Merge
Hi !
You're promoting your EP,
and we had the opportunity to hear a new track during your last show
Indeed, we first played live a song called "Ecclesiast" which will be featured on our EP
Brice, our new guitarist, had the opportunity to get involved in its writing process
And so the song has this remarkable sound that makes it different from the pack
It helped us change our way of composing and this results in this ambient changing aggressive track we're excited to release.
How did you team up?
Back in 2010 Julien started the whole thing by searching for musicians, yet our final lineup is quite recent
We recently integrated Brice into the band, and he brought his musical inspirations
as Victor told you, and we're all really excited about it.
I’m penultimate to join the band, I arrived in May 2011.
So we all agree on the fact our lineup may now be complete!
How have you moved from Marie Kimberley, your previous name, to Merge?
I'll answer this as I was mainly part of this move
This was the name of the old project Julien launched,
and so with this whole member change, sound reshape
Plus the fact we did not really liked the original name anymore
As I joined the band, followed by Anthony, we had to change the name.
It's part of this dynamic of releasing an EP and designing a new musical identity
We said « hey, let's start from scratch, Marie Kimberley has echo of past stuff ». So here we are.
Then why Merge?
Well, we were all at Victor's place, searching for band names,
and he simply said "Merge", and we agreed. It well represents us all you know.
Isn't there a story about this band name searching, where we were all discussing our favorites songs from other bands
And trying to pick up a word from them? Isn't "Merge" from one of your favorite song Kazu?
Not at all.
Ok I'm just saying shit then. But yes anyway, I came with it and people were like "Why Merge?"
And I was "Well it sounds good so why the fuck not, we like it"
Plus you can make loads of jokes on it
Yeah right, I bet webzines will be up in this game when they won't appreciate our EP on their reviews (note: by swapping a letter you can both make the words "penis" or "shit" in French)
Could you please describe us you post-hardcore/screamo/ambiant music style?
Well actually we're trying to play different music styles that we all like and listen to
So for me it's more a Post-hardcore influence, with well-known bands
such as Underoath or Thursday, or more ambient bands as Envy or Mogwai
Anthony too has these post-hardcore influences, with Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance,
or even R'N'B he likes quite much
Brice and Victor would be the stronger parts of our sound, coming from Hardcore for example
We're mixing sounds a lot as you can see.
And finally Kazu, he's some kind of eminence grise,
bringing the arrangement that make the sound as it is, and sound that well, at least for us
So as you can see, it's pretty eclectic when it comes to our inspirations and influences
What do you want to share through your music?
Tough question there.
I don't know if we have a precise goal, such as make you cry, laugh, scream, mosh...
We're just trying to play music we like they way we like it
Our ambiant phases are clearly not here to promote moshparts or stuff though,
it's not our style but if I had to describe you the way our EP is meant to be listened,
I'd say laid back and earphones on.
Its goal is not to make you rise up and destroy everything, as we're not a deathcore or beatdown band
And I'm giving you a preview of the EP there, but we have an instrumental track on it brought by Kazu,
and it well reflects the whole disc because it's really quiet.
In this EP we tried to translate everything we've lived, and felt
Each song is about a person that has had an impact on my life, so we had the idea of calling this EP "Transmission".
For example, the "Twelve/Nine" track talks about a friend of mine who left us recently.
What about the release date of this EP?
A precise one no, but mid-March that's for sure.
We don't even have the date ourselves.
All we can say is graphics are done, it's about to be manufactured
On this subject, we'd all like to thank our graphic designer, Robin Huqueleux,
singer of the band "Branson Hollis", and currently in Atlanta to record their upcoming album
He made an impressive work, and the EP's cover is exactly what we were expecting and hoping for.
How was your last gig with Ultra Vomit and Dead Cowboy's Slut?
Pretty good actually, even though we were not facing a really post-hardcore audience
All bands were great anyway, so yeah great gig, great place!
And the place was sold out, so getting on stage with 250-300 persons facing you, that's one scary thing.
Tell us about your next gig, in Paris.
It's an important concert for us, as held for a charity from Sefyu (french famous rapper)
And it's called "Two Paths, One Goal".
There will be metal/post-hardcore bands, so us and the Butcher's Rodeo, and some kind of hip-hop with The Nine.
It's gonna be great I think: Scopitone April 17th.
Any plans for the future?
First and foremost we're on to defend the EP on stage,
try to play as much as we can in France, and why not abroad
We also want to produce a music video, but we are still at early stages Talking about the script, calling directors and stuff…incoming soon!
Do you have bigger scenes ambitions, such as Hellfest ? (biggest French Metal festival)
Thanks for asking, but honestly that's a little to ambitious for us as of today.
Once again we're only about to release an EP, yet you talk me about Hellfest
So yes of course, eventually we'd like to play there as every band in this musical scene
But for now we focus on playing bigger and bigger concerts,
trying to reach the most people with can with our music.
And when we'll release an album, maybe we'll talk again about this but now
it's way too early talking about playing in front of 50,000 people!
Thanks Merge for this interview
Thank to you mate, and to all the crew you can't see behind the cameras, and thanks to the viewers!
And we'd also want to thank Fabio, from As They Burn (CHECK THEM!!), following us since the beginning so there you go!
And well, thank to you all.
Just before we leave Kazu would like to say something
"Guys, I fucking hate you all"
Well Kazu, who just came back in Paris after a long tour with a J-Pop band in Japan,
is really upset by the Megaupload closing and Whitney Houston's death
It came to his ears it was a jewish-vietnamese plot, so, well, he's mad.