Meet Ann Thompson - Speech Communication / Mass Communication Major at BHSU

Uploaded by BlackHillsState on 16.03.2012

My name is Ann Thompson. I am a theater and Mass Communications with an emphasis in
desktop publishing major, and my hometown is Spearfish, South Dakota.
I have had such a great experience on the BHSU campus it's transformed
my life in so many ways from
just helping me discover what I want to do and what I love to do; and
the fact that those two are the same thing,
it's really amazing that is campus helped me to discovered that.
I've experienced so many wonderful things, so many opportunities and different options
on where I want to go with it.
I had an auditioning class. We've done dance classes so it's really helped me round
out my acting. So I'm not just up there reading lines. I can
act; I can sing; I can dance.
We've done a couple make-up classes, which i'm really interested in. Makeup is
been a lot of fun for me.
With makeup I've
discovered one of my passions.
I really enjoyed doing
out there, fantasy makeup.
Just using all different mediums rather than just makeup.
Including anything from dryer sheets to fish bowl beads. It's been a lot of
fun with that.
I've had the opportunity to design makeup for the haunted house this year, the
twisted candy land theme,
and I also designed the makeup for the christmas show this year.
BHSU is it's such a small campus and it provides you so many
opportunities that maybe at a larger campus you wouldn't get to do. I mean,
there are so many organizations and departments that are accepting to anyone
who is coming here.
I've had a really great experience here at BH.
The campus is great. The professors are wonderful.
Spearfish is my hometown, so I love this place anyway but
the campus is just
provided a strong sense of
being for me. I mean, I've really discovered who I was here at BH.