Fight at a jewish wedding

Uploaded by joeyfishful on 14.12.2010

rabbi: distinguished guests.
we have now a special surprise that the groom prepared to his mother in law.
rami, give the bouquet to the mother of the bride.
well done! well done!
just let me pass through
prepare the ring.
rise up your finger.
show everyone the ring.
is it worth a cent?
it is worth a cent!
Did you buy the ring of your own money?
we need that everyone will hear you!
This ring, Did you buy of your own money?
groom: yes
rabbi: well done!
so now repeat after me.. o.k.!
rabbi: you are..
groom: you are..
rabbi: not me , (talk to) the bride.
rabbi: again
rabbi: you are..
groom: you are..
rabbi: sacred to me..
rabbi: just a second...
father of the groom do you have by a chance a kerchief?
take please.
it’s natural that the groom will have a runny nose at winter time.
good , good.
keep it. keep it to yourself.
o.k. , so now will do it right.
repeat after me...
rabbi: you are sacred to me...
groom: you are sacred to me...
rabbi: at that ring by the low of moses at Israel
groom: at that ring...
mother of the bride: what is that...? shame on you..
father of the bride: who do you think you are?
father of the groom: get the fuck ,you ashkenazi (russian jew)