Growing Pumpkins

Uploaded by UIExtension on 24.04.2012

When gardeners are first planning their garden for the spring, summer, and fall rotations,
if they’re growing any kind of a vine crop, they must remember to leave ample room. This
is one pumpkin vine. Back here are the orange pumpkins, which were pollinated and have been
growing for some time.
As the season progresses, the fruits are changing in color—‘til out there, you have an all
green one, and farther out there’s just a young, female flower that’s just been
pollinated with the pumpkin about the size of a golf ball.
So, in the case of this pumpkin variety, the plant actually started well within the garden
space, but as the season has grown, it certainly and quickly, rapidly escaped, to grow out
into the lawn. The moral here is leave plenty of room if you’re going to grow vine crops.
If they’re cucumbers for example, you could put them on a vertical trellis. If they were
zucchinis you could also probably put them on a vertical trellis. But something like
the pumpkin here needs lots and lots of ground space.