Malala Yousufzai Interview with Capital Talk - 2009 - Part 2

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How do you see your future?
Malala: our school has been opened from 15th August.
For about two years we didn’t attend our school as there was shelling, hovering of helicopters all round;
and at that time Taliban by force closed the schools.
So the whole two years were lost in this way.
Now I am hopeful that such like tragic event won’t happen in future
But still the students are facing multitude of problems, while they are going to their schools.
On state T.V it is shown that curfew will released for some time, but the reality is different.
Early in the morning it is very difficult for the students to attend the schools as there is ban on public transport.
Question: What would you like to be?
Malala: I would like to be a politician
Anchor person: What would you do as a politician?
Malala: Our country is full of crisis; while our politicians are lazy. I would like to remove the prevalent laziness and serve the nation.