Raw Date Paste

Uploaded by RawFusionKids on 29.10.2012

Today we're going to be making a sugar and sweetener substitute, Date Paste.
Date Paste is a very natural alternative
for anything you would want to use to sweeten
or thicken your cooking. You could use it in replace of honey
or syrups, corn syrup, so it's a really nice product.
It lasts in your refrigerator for up to two weeks and
everyone's trying to stay away from processed sugar,
so let's get started. I've soaked these in purified water
for 20 minutes and I've also taken the pits out of them.
And you just want to carefully inspect that they're clean on the inside
and make sure there's no debris or anything in there.
So, taking all of these
we're going to put all of them into our
And this is really nice, like I said
it lasts up to two weeks in your refrigerator
and it lasts up to three months in your freezer, so, we're going to save some of this water,
and alright, let it go.

This is doing pretty good by itself
then I'm going to add a little bit of water.
Just a spoonful at a time so we keep it thick.

There we go. Now it's starting.

Alright. And as always, we have
a spatula, and you can scrape the sides.
And it's actually doing a really good job
Look how mashed it is already, so
one more time, it should be

So just repeat the process a few times
take the spatula and spoon down the sides
and when you're all finished you're going to have a
nice, even consistency of beautiful Date Paste.
And again, this is going to be used in a lot of raw foods
cooking. So, it's very, very handy to keep in the refrigerator,
so anytime you want to sweeten something, just go ahead and have it ready.
Well, thank you, and remember saving the world starts with you.