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How you doing Tanzania and all the viewers of Clouds TV
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My name is Zamaradi Mtetema and don't go anywhere
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Last week episode was about Wema with her new life
We saw her just moved to her new home
but seems like there a lot of things maybe we don't know about her
Wema has loads of people around her. I mean close friends
But there is a rumor going around about someone called Snura Mushi
she is an actress who came from Golden House theatre group
as far as I know about her she has also acted in many different groups too
Snura was very close to Wema even thou Wema was somehow very close to different bunch of people
but for now Wema is very close to Snura in terms of friendship
but there is a rumor going around especially within the actors community and the people who
who surround them that Snura is nothing but just Wema's bodyguard
others refers her a servant, mobile phone carrier
others say she is someone who just there to carry Wema's hand bag and stuff
and a lot of diminishing and insult words
I began a search for Snura Mushi so that she can give us an insight of the rumor
if yes how she feels about her been called bodyguard or Wema's chivalrous and stuff?
while she is Wema's best friend
and maybe she agree on what people say that she is not in the same league with her
Let's hear what Snura has to say about it and later on we'll talk to Wema and Wema's mum
To be honest Zamaradi you have asked me something that has inflicted a lot of pain on me
But also I will love to praise myself that I have a heart of stone
after been subjected to a lot of insults and unpalatable words against me
Some accepts me to be close to Wema
but many don't like it just for their selfish reasons which I don't understand
But I thank god that Wema as Wema loves and care about me
she accepted me and she don't listen to what people say
and that is the thing that gives me power to keep going
I mean I get big support from her and I can withstand all the rubbish words said about me
Since I began friendship with Wema I have created loads of enemies
there people who told Wema that I am not her type
but GOD will judge them for all what they are doing to me
There is a lot of unfair accusation put on me
by different kind of people
They portrayed me like a useless person
a worthless person that can not be with Wema
as if Wema is a very different person comparing to me but Wema is err but
Wema don't mind and don't give monkeys about it
Wema is very generous person; she loves and cares about almost everyone
that's why she loves me and that’s why she close to me!
But outsiders thinks that I am not entitle to be that close to Wema
I don't understand the reasons behind it I real don't maybe because they hate me
Zamaradi I really don't understand why and I feel so bad about it to be honest
But I have to endure all that put on me
Zama there are a lot of people who are busy spreading this rumor and talk shit about me
and I don't want to mention the exactly occasions cause those responsible will say I that am talking about them
still I don't want to name and shame them
but the've to understand that it heats me and they're wrong
everybody who backstabbed me
'cause they're some people even confronted Wema and tell lies
there others who tried to expose me publically
But what I want to say to them is that GOD will judge them
what I am telling them is that life changes
always; today I am with Wema tomorrow I will not be with her
and Wema won't be with me she will be with other people and vice versa
because even before Wema had befriend other people and now she is with me
In the past I also had different friends, and met different people
I don't think that many people still have childhood friends that you used to played Kombolela with
if so then maybe few
those were the friends that came to your home and wake you up to go to school
and do everything together
but it reaches the time that you grown up and pursued different life
So please people don't hate me 'cause I am with Wema
I have done nothing wrong why you guys hate me so
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will not be with her
then your chance will come and have her as your friend because life changes
That was Snura! But I decided to talk to Wema in order to hear her side of story
I've been seeing Snura around alright!
I've known Snura as just someone that's all but we were not friends, you see!
The first time I met Snura sit down and chat was at my movie premiere The Super Star
because I casted her and actually I didn't spoke to her but someone else did
He asked me why you don't put Snura in it because she can fit the role
and then I said ok if she can accept. When she was called she accepted it
That was the first time to get close to Snura
I believe that friendship begins naturally and when happens it does!
you just feel comfy to be with that someone, you see
but you are not when you're with someone else
When I am with Snura I feel very comfortable
Up to now I can proudly stand and say that she is my friend you see this is friendship
Look, is not that I don't have friends no I have a lot of them
but within the friendship ring there might be a friends that you see
that's how I see Snura, she is my very close friend and.. showed me that I..
and a lot of people has said bad things about her especially newspapers
they wrote that she is my bodyguard! She is not you see,
if I need one then should definitely be a man who will protect me
she loves me for who I am and not because I am Wema
She gives me what a friend is suppose to give to a friend.. I think better
Snura gives me good advice and I think we..
I think..
we interract very well with each other
I had a lot of friends in the past Zama
betrayed me,
showed not to trust them as friends
show me their weakness that disappointed me
because when u got a friend that disappointed you then u don’t have love for them
the trust as a friend is gone
...they will remain to be just the people I know and not friends any more
In a very short period of time we have gone through a lot of rough time
but she showed me how brave she is
As the days goes by I am like whoa this girl! Beause she has endured and resisted a lot of the pressure
and she have to keep absorbing the pressure
because she has just jumped
she showed me that she is brave to keep up with pressure
A lot of people say that friendship here in TZ is a myth
when you got a friend then it has been said that she/he want something from you
or the friendship is a fake
I know when a friend is a real one
I know you are real, cause you never showed me any suspicious behavior
As days goes on you keep proving to people that...
I promise you that...
....I am not going to listen other peoples words
Let them say, but they are just snitches
What I want to tell you is this: the way I see you, the way we've been together
the way you valued, the way your love to me,
I want to promise you in front of the public that I will love you eternally for eternity
If it happens that our friendship ends
don't think that I will expose you for any bad things you have done, I promise you!
As you have seen the two friends complaining over the rumors and name calling
is something that put stress into their life
but more importantly is how they've shown you that they're very close friends
at the moment
no matter what you guys hear but according to them they are real friends
But back to our exclusive
last week I showed you a short clip where by Wema's mum was talking about her daughter
did get her and we discussed a lot of stuff but most important
I wanted to know what she makes of her daughter
and what kind of her daughter she is
maybe others have different view of her daughter comparing to hers
So please listen to her and I will get back to you
this is Takeone exclusive which is a continuation of the last week episode
Tanzanians will ask themselves why I have mentioned Jack Wolper.
I have forced to mention her because she is the main player
She is the one who spoke a lot about Wema role in her movie
she said that she is going to give Wema a role in her movie
because she sees Wema as a low life
right now I am mentioning her 'cause she announced that
so that she can earn some money in order to buy a bed
that's cool!
but as you can see this is my home and for Wema this is also her home
But I want to insist that I don't hate Jack no
Jack is my daughter (literary) and everybody is my kid
all the artists are my kids so long as I am older than you I regard you as my kids
It harts me so much as a mother when your kid is backstabbed and humiliated
that she can be given a role in a movie
so that she can earn money to buy a bed
Wema is not a person to be given movie role by Jack to buy a bed!
I warn you Jack and I will continue mentioning you in this
and for those who will get angry let them do
I don't give a damn but I will keep talking about you Jack because I don't like
when people talking behind other peoples back. I speak it openly
if you like it or not but I have said it and said it publically
common guys that is not good manners
you artists are supposed to love and help one another
This nonsense backstabbing won't get you anywhere
I beg you artists to real love each other and stop backstabbing
Wema had it all, the newspaper has tormented her lot
Wema is a girl just like you so you need to be together and give each other a hand
I am not the only one who is pissed off or Wema
even Irene was pissed off and told you
concentrate on how you go about your life and not concern about other people's business
Is not it fair my daughter to be harassed by newspaper and also by you as a woman
Wema was a very quite girl
To be honest Wema as Wema I didn't breastfed her
I suffered from gallstones for 15 years
one months and half after her birth I had an operation
But Wema was a very quiet and good girl, the whole street (loved her)
the third house from here there was a friend of mine called mama Mena
Wema used to go there and 'cause she was very decent
girl they used to call her (Wema) Mama Wema
Wema was quite good girl who loves people
if you're out with her you feel proud that you've gone out with a decent girl
my other my kids were wonderful thou
thank GOD for that