Dr Reath Gets Coolscuplting Procedure - Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Uploaded by LisaReath on 16.07.2012

Hi everybody. I'm Dr. David Reath and I'm here to discuss this week's Truth-O-Meter
Tuesday question. What we asked was: "True or False, it's possible
to remove fat by cooling the fat--or reduce fat in certain areas of the body."
And the answer is "Yes," it is true. And yes, I am having this done as we speak.
The process is known as Cryolipolisis, or licing fat cells through cooling.
What happens... through this machine, which is made by Zeltiq, and the process is known
as CoolSculpting. This head is extracting fat and putting it between two plates, which
are cooling it now to about 10 degrees Celsius. It's a level where we can make fat crystals
form in fat, just like butter in the refrigerator will get solid.
But it won't hurt the skin or freeze the skin or the muscles.
So what happens is that as you chill the fat down to about 10 degrees Celsius and leave
it there for about an hour, you get fat crystals that form within the fat cells.
These crystals cause the fat to undergo a natural death either immediately or within
the first 2-3 months. And it's a very good procedure who weigh close
enough to their ideal body weight--10, 15, 20 pounds--and that you've got an area of
fat that you can kinda squeeze to be able to pull it out and get it in this little aparatus.
So perfect areas are, for many areas, men, are hips and love handles. Women: muffin top,
maybe the lower tummy, or the back beneath the bra line.
These are areas where we can extract fat, put it in this head, freeze it, and you can
see in about three months about 22-25% reduction in that fat.
Now, it's not very uncomfortable. I'm in no pain, I've had no medication.
It's a little--I feel it pulling the tissue a little bit.
It's not bad, I've been catching up on some of the journals I've been meaning to read,
answering a few phone calls and emails. And I'll be done in another few minutes.
So this is a great new technology. We've been thinking about it for a while, and as we've
always committed to people, we want to bring in technologies that are proven, technologies
that work. The FDA has approved this. The studies we
looked at showed it to be very effective. It makes sense scientifically.
And so we are up and running. So if you have an interest in this, there
are some videos which you can look at. You can just click right here on the head and
it will send you to something from Dr. Oz. Or another one about the whole process of
consultation and getting ready for it. And hopefully this is something that we'll
have appeal to a number of people. It is not without downtime totally. You're
going to feel a little bit tired aftewards, maybe take some ibuprofren, but you're fine
the next day. Probably wouldn't--I'm not going to go to
the gym this afternoon, I'll just take it easy.
Drink plenty of fluids. But it's a very tolerable procedure, and we're hoping it'll be a big
hit for Knoxville. Hi everybody. Back again. what you just saw
was from yesterday when I was having the procedure done.
This is what the head looks like that gets placed on the area we're having the cryolipolisis
performed. So it works quite well; not very uncomfortable
at all. Today I'm feeling fine.
I've got a little soreness in the area where I was treated.
But I'm back at work, seeing patients, no problem at all.
Maybe I'll take some ibuprofren if I'm feeling like it later in the day.
So let's find out who this week's lucky winner is.
Nick Williams. Nick, you're this week's winner. Congratulations. We have a $100 gift card
for you, so come on into the office and pick it up.
Anybody else that's interested in CoolSculpting, give us a holler.