SECSRT 063 A Bowl Game In Memphis Can Do That To You

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and welcome to SEC SportsRoundtable this is your host shane bailey
back at another exciting episode of our roundtable action looks like we got
a any good staff here tonight joining the roundtable
so we'll get a couple things all the way and then some introductions to get right
into something ww want to everyone if they have stumbled upon this for the
first time we appreciate you listening in we uh... do it of weekly podcast on
SEC sports
whether it footballer or
occasionly we will talk a little baseball when there's not enough to talk about an
come mid may early june when the when the college world series is going
on but that we are mostly football and basketball center
so exciting times for us here so you know when we talk about the big game
this weekend all the coaching changes that are up ahead
but i want to a second to introduced those folks that are joining me today and
Blair Smyly we will start with you just work our way
from left to right across the screen at the bottom there
and i'm here and it sounds and that
Good to be back, I'm here in good times and bad.
and your
lower third tells us right there in egg bowl losers
and next to Blair down their is Chris Gray, Chris thanks for making it. I
know you had travels over the holidays weren't able to join us last week so
so that for making a safely back to the Nashville area and joining us tonight
and it's going to be back in town and then went over the weekend i'm excited
to start talking about what's going on the s_e_c_ this week guys
and then we got Cole Hodhes coming up next on the
uh... pre-show very excited about it being able to be on the podcast with lots
of things down in mississippi to be happy about that
at least on his side of the state so i welcome Cole.
you'd well you know the
well if you can hear me, it's good to be here.
uh... long organization money always easier to have you know that that is
your friend
sometimes it's not so which if you go on with what we can with our with our audio
and work through that sometimes you might have been you coleman he's going
to happen mainly fix enforcement background on it but uh... definitely
wanted to uh... included him here after an exciting
uh... weeks gains in the s_e_c_ i think something's became clear
uh... and some other things became a lot
not so clear in that that might be the whole picture
uh... metformin e_s_t_ see my outline some of these games dot and uh...
call like you to stop by the year
your team has worked out were caught will have a game where where some of
these other teams in the bull might end up going now
burger made to look at it
working for core so
without that
or are
though it might be a lot of rabid ravel
boat program together
honorable it's article dog will
but uh...
we uh... we're really rewrote yet you've been looking at the state particular
were up in a written about enormous build fall
and if you look at it and i think we can talk about that here in just a few
minutes or we can talk about it right now
i'll leave it up that the
everyone here to decide which route we want to take with that but uh... you
know that that b c i picture is going to make some
i think modeling as well because it depends on what happens there i_d_c_
you know for example of georgia can come in and pull the upset
uh... is alabama left out of business in florida still takes that position or do
they give it to alabama by now florida's out by
because and we can go through all the different scenarios there
uh... but but that second tier jeans on your home and put some
some bartenders in people's heads it's a a program that i don't think anybody
expected to get to six and six except for the old man stands
uh... and they are making one more thing can happen to the are probably late in
the season when it really solid you frequently went down there
battlements have been able to do what he did after caballero nobody wins he will
come if you have about that
picture or other comments on that day and we can talk about the game in the
little picture or managing you know basically
uh... insisted
you know the cold and uh... tested this whenever you have
uh... us an area where you have a robbery
any of the euphoria waiting
and a new entry in a row you know whatever that actually ends
it's gonna get forwarded intimacy
and its contents itself in india and that indeed it
you know it's funny i was talking with someone today at the court says this
you guys if you are set for strasse uh...
down another buys in the city center on his friend
does the craziest first-half because it was a scenario where almost good enough
thirteen to nothing
stated in a thirty forty seven uh... and they ended up in seventeen seventy main
uh... i kind of a off even after returning to work
uh... couple change past and we get three points out
those four five possessions uh... that uh... we're in trouble
and uh...
there's a frustration is facing
standpoint because awake all was a horrible
and then once they got him for senator like that
uh... i'll tell you one thing after all
but also the point of view it
are great and he did
on the kandivali retailers some action in the first happy to take advantage of
the battle of the ball game
along quite well without their defense ploy extremely well
uh... others of the two
biggest things uh... in
anterior and at that
seymour increases the best largely for in this c or
i think is better than just a matter of it is better or anderson is six forty
two hundred twenty pounds
and he's a complete package when it comes to water saver in and the
distribution of secondary it's needed abused the last four games anyway uh...
and uh...
systems mary's but
you know that that's a averages about as bad as you can be answered you move with
blame on king inspired thing up
that whenever it and it was going to be a pretty uh...
isn't it really shouldn't even and sonar he got only real quick
in media well again no i was taken by surprise you with no missus overall
season that is that one game i think that that encapsulated
uh... everything at home as is done through this whole season i think the
definitely over performing koi mai
what went on then let me know what you think about that but uh... you nobody
had those kind of expectations for this program coming into the season
and now you got some high expectations to go in with all that
but there were members along with or
deals with some of the boardroom
i believe i think uh... the wrote dear corinne are died
jeremy cover or a global are brawley buat
they were related work starts or
your brother
what are you
woodbridge elementary or
or set the standard workbook over world wonder there are getting some of them
lawyer robert downey
uh... words ordered them to say order were a lot of all this bill will bother
you can see it as alone state where incredibly happy after school but i'll
probably just a little bit
workable a great deal of more than the fact is that the without crying display
at harvard veterans for alabama to me that wasn't on the
and it wasn't like a a blow-up
cannot alabama argue or even put some forms of big entitlement the
terrible literally or there
or you know
late-breaking without paying a little time alone
war or or or are had all day
for into orbit but of you know who were here
problem if proper products that
well we are
rodrigo harp or federal worker birthright
were getting or go-getter
orbiter clarence harmon or or uh... you know terrible talked about popular later
people or or
and restore or or or europe barbecue or so
which for incidents are or cover or
or bulk harbor or serb are
per over or properly
wearing you're literally
made yourself up her record breaking your problem or korar
over about network preparatory reverberate worker
dr turnaround of our
welcome order
but whatever or whoever
company for one more year that's brought about it this is a bit off a tiny bit
next year
or and only has to be me if you look at home is a seasoned as
turnovers is widely though that they had all of our fuchsia resolve finances
their status
one corroborated next fall
bombay yet and that's really a lot of times if you could ever
trying to balance it back at all just a little better
yes i think that heard a couple times no doubt leads
uh... yes texas a man in some of his allegiance vanderbilt where you could
have been able to run the clocks
on cannot turn a baller wrapping oakley boat while a student in two more years
of that uh... you'll be able to be more efficient but i think that was the thing
that kinda stopped you guys
uh... get you a little bit all bush people so uh... dot offense needed
something goes pretty tough to handle
categorical bob
but there are proposal what's
he was on finding a lot
uh... what was not a funny one
hand-lettered unless you're looking for a heisman candidate
within a minute by minute
he is one of planning but now that the whole of humanity
did it did that solidify his
husband chances
operated in shame uh... glut
he started hearing people the
you start clearing
uh... kind of rolling stone wealthy pitted against lotsa india needed yes
for an alabama game out here in florida stopping them
you're on there and he's a second here's what you say it is made absolutely no
chance whatsoever but
to maybe when you have to take a look at what he did i meet it is valujet's
arteries are too three what he did last year forecasting standpoint
monarchies resent dating her family are trashing his kids are set twelve hundred
you started passing in the s_e_c_ in first in a rush
freakin quarterback and he's done more statistically then ten cbo i've seen
people realize it until yesterday process that's crazy
general what four
all seem they were three or four all seen that year sophomore year
and uh...
so i just
i don't see how you cut off aid uh... the kid from notre dame actually given
heisman moments but he's got notre dame it well twelve a narrow and you got a
bunch of programs that are ready for last right through that
might hold it against me and so uh... these i think you're trying to find
people to start picking up or n
about the fusion
so i think he's a winner
in the area but i never what is your story or hurry hurry
they gave him a developer your record is theory rather than simply broke a record
back a couple of years illinois golf course
already get better government who hasn't broken or cut bait already radicals
arbor james
you know apartment my program i don't care for the biggest thing about those
numbers equipment here exaggerated reform space lab yeah
without the regular karo
records and available
then you have any seriously confront an enormous as well
me he played
florida people he'd ellis he'd be played out panel
in within the city state he went to all those is undefeated on the road
i mean there's a lot of things we start taking a look at yahoo yet for
nonprofits gains anymore
so whatever by putting numbers of all that but
you know l_s_u_ in florida it was like
industry of horrible albers let's say that's what i was growing up pending
al gore
krithika job but i do find approx
no i did not have time with a number of record
yeah i think you know we if we can talk about a sleep last week about just how
do these numbers for easy really only has
not great but still decent gains uh...
and i think the you've got a really given credit for knocking off alabama i
at alabama i think that's huge and i don't think so
you know he has really been doing hindu usc uh... mars u_s_a_ we needed it
make a big claimed he didn't believe that defense and um... from what i hear
you got it might still get invited to all
to new york it along with congress
but i just don't see how anyone could not vote for this changes as it is crazy
as then i think blair you know talking about steamboats the perfect samples
you know why not give it to mister there's there's clearly no one that has
been better treated close to the country
well i mean we're
is the anybody doesn't know him and his work on it
uh... unsure about the busy
he plays and cupcakes came to me and he
believes he got pay dues but he started out the season with florida after week
they they lost their their first cut that you may forget that you play that
bluff louisiana lafayette unifil
one of the hurricanes down south
so he starts off with florida that he was working as he was twenty three
thirty four hundred seventy three yards no pics no touchdowns wrote for sixty
but in his other off against l_s_u_ may have some strong numbers he was two
hundred twenty nine fifty six hundred seventy six
passing yards and three percent
not to mention that would be right for
rumored to have the briseno they flight forty yards is a pretty low number
the problem with it
the fundamental issue game was in if you guys watch that is the first passed
the dominoes used for the first
you know twenty five minutes of that first-half but they only have nine ports
but only if they went down there to get a kick syllables all three times in the
next thing you know elegy goes to the president of the past it's fourteen a
twelve or fourteen the mountain and i have time to know what she was able
makes just lets in
uh... caroline with it but
you know i think i think it was done all year
uh... i just think
uh... and i think he's a freshman as they say you saw and did better as the
year lol
i think colin tell you what he did in the last seven minutes it'll at oxford
was unbelievable
uh... united comeback in make the boys if you may
uh... it's just
of special in at the center of the year
about see anybody else thats
it's really kind of stepped-up level
uh... none of the
the guys that he's going to be the heisman winter weather
uh... ko gets a lot of those goes to new york or not i think that's wrong i think
that climb kill his chances with the performance he had two weeks ago and
patches so far produced as a person to become the heisman winner
uh... i think they're trying to find
ways to put the whole into mental performance of the decade by the reason
not to vote for leah and i think that's what you're starting here in our own
people coming out more
these reasons why we should go forward
you know when you when you get yourself they're doing swot analysis are or some
other you know rational way of looking at the numbers in the way he performed
you know if he's he's just well he is the most desiree player in the and
out there to do that
will go on and i think that's all you say on that as we get a little bit
better idea
of what might happen out there but you know some of your day
higher than uninspected do this for a living you know they basically said it's
a done deal it's
is his his trophy counting words
personally more common that argument though net
the l_s_u_ gay men in particular honor your look is likely to look at is that
as well
it looks like he'll again he threw under urls or each week passes or um basically
was a lewis is not too rosy made was against south carolina state uh...
seeing in a legitimate luther's rebates he threw the ball fifty six times in
iran seventeen i mean
it that game
you see that texans relying on him heavily
uh... to run an offense but i don't think they knows these guys you've
picked the heisman trophy paredo living can really all that it is interesting
oppressive that much outweighed all the shores
buzz word for that as i know that maybe one day may own against him but
underlying religion other than to say
well when they put the whole you know team i'm against all the best teams in
the country unit was able to get done but then he comes back and beats bailout
uh... what three weeks later so yet
but the technics iteration is his silence
on this is an interesting thing is that candid and you know it's six fires in
two sixty and he's just
he's anyway
aidid just barely over people when they just dominated college football this kid
is you know what sixteen eighteen six foreign policies were two hundred yet
two aircraft he's a little is a little guys collector ordinary dot at the johns
new mentality that is
so fantastic that outrage
is really what makes it even more intriguing stories that he just seems
like they were adidas plan pickup ball right back in
is doing this and
that's that's the whole conference ah...
uh... out there uh... treachery and he's and he's really battery cleanup you know
crazy statistics web
aren't they
thorough we are oreo cookie order
clip all is i don't think he's a pro prospect of uh... but uh... it was
admitted it with my anniversary
that's even more
feminist is to get a demon
and many have said kelly could be something with another when he when he
moves out
became marathon itself he wanted this time
but i don't know if they were quick and then we'll move on at this on the other
that one thing that's not getting a lot of press release i haven't heard or seen
is his own line i mean if you look at their sees it
he's able to scramble out and then key plays a lot of but he's only able to do
that because that online is giving him so much time to do that i'm in the
protection he's giving out their duties unbelievable those guys or like a very
uh... tennis stars alignment in the country
you know you they all talk about them but if you look at the
uh... i think i think loans under classes are not stated but this is the
travels or
n_f_l_ for shalom
talents and so
uh... elite
but i think it was the one thing that i've noticed expressly
but this last day many
yeah it was an inferior team
but not that i'm not have a damp
may place
and scramble around out there
and break for you to make stuff happens just unbelievable and that's that says a
lot as the you know how the player years because he had such a good allotment and
i think that's gone a little bit i noticed at least i haven't really talked
about it out there
some of the other games out there poses is brown already weakened happened
and have very few of the rival gangs
uh... for f_e_c_ related we had the eyeball
uh... we had the iron all and then for the only thing to say there is you know
that finally i got to take out of their area and we can talk roses in a minute
but all ahead
but that there was a lot to take from that game i don't think i mean we can
talk about if you want to know that
you know it's out of them in the number two team in the nation that colors just
awful yet
hadn't been literally critter restitution are slightly sixteen minutes
though been late reply topping
as a kid is rested everybody in that two weeks to get prepared for this interview
defended lehman uncharacteristically getting that done yet
he actually had guys in there
academics enough games did you know it's not the kind of those cities because
they act could they have not brenna ian
at the very likely that
below the all-time score
and installers for margin of victory in a manner
round the clock out with the new york ny accepted as forty either later shorter
day out
when it happen
we're going to have been better off
dumpster fire right now
on the planes i can tell you that right right now
no more discussion about that option hain well i'll say one other thing that
details the path for t_v_ all
listen i read his stuff
here at the top nine coaching
uh... openings
uh... and all college football being hit alternates force
ideas with with mikey said the
the prairie fire after it happened the planes down there with the investigation
to stop there's no way that support that coaching position our coaching job in
the uh... in college football right now
it might be the forecast in the s_e_c_
detonated it's reneged on her
second trial on the side of this factor
i don't know the works to travel
bodyguards all their job at it right now because i think our consultants who are
not a place like five-and-a-half million dollars
and as yet
crystalline student workers not gonna happen hitler
uh... but
you know it's it's still in town and it's still got money still got a bizarre
it's still the number one thing at the school
but it has an n_c_a_a_ clout is makes a dent in its own backyard
and naked anything you know better for alabama cheese to stratford crazy
your biggest rival and wanted this compares one exchange the two years ago
just complete disaster
things go in the exactly at that point
uh... you know the other games alec offer of south carolina clemson
uh... hopes for a ride
and even further back a corvette in their house
so it tells us not carolina they'll do for her online
correct ok vat
but a m disease first and second day
talentos off and testing date i mean the gak is jewish aus
kidney is first come in after the game was every time we play cleanses seems
like every time play clemson
we always play a bad day
this i think some of the statement aquatic we always see the struggle
you know and it's just like you don't believe that you for your generous and
loving hands from the pretty gain at least in the first for stafford quarter
first up three quarters almost marriage of a clamp and he is just
isn't saying too
before a access uh...
thirteen for the season's an s_e_c_ record i believe
uh... we're seeing is a german soccer arsenal signal
he is the reason everybody's the same for another year
i mean
the gas so if this is an example
starring had a
technical issue and take care over here
uh... was the one that last year they have no
wake forest i mean
your availability makes
james franklin
uh... you know its money on a military operation but go ahead
they have to think about two years ago when on a lot of people ministerio work
on a question and i think a little bit james regarding your comment in maryland
uh... was a
had chosen way sort of thing n
i think we you know i didn't get a chance talk about it almost four
grateful of
really just like we discussed that or not i mean
they just really irvine to what he's doing it to go to wait for example you
can amounts taken last year they struggled in its wake forest
enabling us six straight games and i think was the first time since the
nineteen fifties i believe
uh... so much happier map but
i mean dot this really press list so you know maybe this is like we said the last
i was on this could be the your stanford of the s_e_c_ and
just keep getting better
thank you uh... i think that they don't get a wake forest in last year's they'll
they came awfully tennessee overtime loss and it would only five and six
ahead of your work force last year
toledo and i remember going i was in the anglo because the game was at night yet
benefit white at two thirty cokie business week
and i remember poured into the game and looking up and bengals are blocked
supporting one forty
it isn't a straw poll for the first draft arrived at the latest blew the
doors awful
and i think that's a huge step where program because
if you are if you listen to james franklin and he said in a regular this
near the first four gains he felt like the team was ahead of schedule for me to
what they were doing last year
but the the schedules different
it was you will be place after our first you play jordan thurday
you played
some of these chipper competition so the schedule was much different by
northwestern at northwestern
uh... and so you know when they were sitting there and i think we talk about
this you know that
for them to make a right to make up their last a_m_ intranet charges that
they had to go z repeatedly admitted milk cheese
uh... and
now there's no sixteen when in truth i think is a testament
in and how many programs like the inability
gifts that seventh win against tennessean can be seen at home
and then they had a chance to give them a twin on the road
and they don't just not a sharpened their knives focused uh... and they end
up in the uh...
acidified instead of a warplane
for them to go in there
you wait for staff went ahead and take care of business discussions is a
different now gluten they will have to miss gets a little bit like last year
medoff enough of that workforce planning
it's exactly the opposite because they went into the ballgame flat
i mean if you watch that whole day that's where they became flap in in so
king james keep that's a moment of this year because
with that time off
uh... you know
i forgot it and they have and it was rejected by last year
now lives in with them at this time yeah
if there was an issue that the news it's illegal
but that was again loop that then about ten of easily pat
center for whatever reason reason rogers was injured
i guess
yellow straddle that game
and then so that it doesn't matter
well ministers of the that
back of the virus
that that has been signed stuff office
uh... right
the the next at a conference game
door-to-door tak
did anybody expect that to be closer
representing seven hundred thousand b
ya you know i've always all those kinds of now myself intrigues director global
there one of those things and it seems like
there are women
uh... the games today she went on occasion but then they
they've get blown out by some of the day but they always tend to to surprise
somebody like
i was really surprised they got it down that by georgia
yeah i think back to you you know my school hotmail tennessee determined i
wonder if that's just kind of showing how far this team has fallen from what
they used to be i mean they've got some really good talent
uh... in the n_f_l_ you know megatron challenge on sand to start with
and uh... um...
unforgiven i wasn't
demands more work to get it
president yet know there was a
exploded out their stocks various taxes when i mean that you could also talk to
your talent
i know there are no option but
that you know maybe george us whenever one cellular weren't where to put a
straw man on this team in
and make sure that we are in the you know discussions for national change
you know possibilities that you know obscenity panna sweet but
uh... i was really surprised that they
they'd be in that that is usually seems like georgia tech trends around i'd give
them a good fight
let me let me ask this question
do you think
then having to
plan for jordan thanks for not hurt them
come the sanity installment because you get your you get on that they had
planned for the options
and for that matter weekend equal
and realistically let's look at brown bear book by are heading similar
and that maybe not exactly but they're often citizens
two different than what george is going to do
clinic where the body guard
what your guests order
yet for rivers northern remember we before roads overwhelmed
why didn't give a lot or upload
completely stop amendment clearly states will deliver
what from updated require
for people with world
there beside the are
at mapping
the easy have bothers uh... other than the simple fact that bothered me
uh... newsman repair
i'll talk about the arkansas l_s_u_ game just for a second that will go into the
p_c_s_ is saturday
can talk more about that uh... since christmas ornaments
in other a lot closer game than i was expecting
she's either
yet you're talking about the arkansas incorrect yes idea you know
i don't like that i will have a lot to say game
and some say there was anything are a few noel issues got blown out and and
we're gonna
you'll run away with it
and um... you know i think that that just shows you that there is some part
left in arkansas it this isn'ta isn't a bad teams just a poorly coach changed
um... when lightly burt you know l_s_u_
defense right near the entrance of retirement
i can't even though i i think the last three weeks now that that's happening
plane mississippi state um...
could not take a shot at lake entry into the game
i mean that the defense has stepped up their minds wheaties
for l_s_u_ to take off and just
members did not play as well as i expected and i think he saw a little bit
of a hesitation miles you're really just our account of all that
a mighty hot tip my hat targets offering in there as long as it didn't really
nation okay
badly off my expected for oakley's opted out of it i mean
we'll talk about the console season
that decision
microcosm of their whole season just take the first opening dry ice
they drove the ball right down else use the road
and then dennis johnson is rolled out to the right fit in the past
gets hit by three guys in the ball just cons losing just options bedded tiara
though she picks up the ball so far below him
now also this drought as they put together for seventeen
or charge
is no ports
and and and i lost and salt lake st
two weeks ago
in if you are saying
stays there for ten to seven
embarks on a total control regain within their kids trying to get a fair all
ages drops the ball statuses easy score
indeed from their home foreward turnover stressed again
misses the mark
casa several seasons that they've got opportunities and the term all over
religious make for declares in their first task they put together so many
and then just just came away with turnovers those types of things that
just kind of their seasons all been about
let's let's take a look at the week ahead ah... maureen reason talking about
kentucky game
markings they don't know what i already felt as later i was going to say
uh... if i can't wait until the last comment on arkansas is it
that tyler wilson i'm looking at his numbers
is good he's good you know i'm wondering until sharad talk about this reform
arguably perspective on the n_f_l_ side
he's got the tools the sixth reaching twenty in his numbers are good
and when you think about
the wave of the season one for him
i know the records bad if i know that there was turnovers but i think there's
turnover cindy affiliated by outside coaching staff
an army watch over this kid when he comes in the growth
i think he's got the tools that they selected you know he may not be in a
first-round pick uh... scenario just because the numbers but he could be a
really nice sneaky pickup or somebody um... to throw in there maybe have a
surprise that draft them is a number to call her back
on a veteran scene with someone or probably
he can really become something later com i so i would i would definately been on
the skit coming out into the pros
then the barrel
well you know for a cabinet that employees began guess alabama and the
call out his teammates like he did as a captain
one not swine
uh... and then to be able to come back in can perform like he did for a number
standpoint and then have all the dow scott rally around e under you know that
they're making mistakes and
we're just kind of disaster uh... he didn't lose the team uh... which china
does show that hit a little bit of uh...
uh... leadership for interest and portable and it would take you to get
secretary brown ditka uh...
you know
citing a source for and got a sure
well i mean he's
but he wasn't there was a sense that he was going on last season was a lot of
exotic comeback
yet you think about that is anything and it might have heard his stock not
when you know in reality it should have helped him
non-gay specially with issues crop of quarterbacks and
you know that it is going to drop in the middle of the kids are drop and then
that is because of that i don't think there's a huge number of just
all-star quarterback for the coming into this trap teaser
if you look at it from that aspect
but you're right that he's
he's gonna lay it on an n_f_l_ programs and i think he's going to do well in
advance of women you compete for
for a position and lost blair
he'll be back at some point yet here the steelers are looking for someone to
start a career in perfect and spot so
you know it'd be sitting there for a few years
well ben's aside when i use it
do some other bad rotator cuff regis was a tough it out but it does stuff but
i don't know how much water is got left
is that the plan like that waz kinda like a a
uh... pretty battered steve mcnair whitmore spots
brings on his finger
okay or are
or gordo alabama game where there were
ever talked about aaron murray
whatever or a rogue brokers corporate crop program so also
so lettering
uh... priore
margaret are drafted and library
corporate here
inhibitory armor
where are working with the character or about rollover cudlow said seven
record working here
lol or broken employment animated character or will be recorded without
and what's different about this than this happen in the past and they've all
been prefect
you know i had blast uh... you know you don't have the right in the summer
some of those times rap drafted for a friend ruby and then it can help from
kentucky uh...
metroliner traffic
yangtze that their quarterback there are
where appro
jump on
sleep here on sunday night josh never
but some you know that's one thing that's different now is that these
quarterback through coming in right from the start
and be effective
uh... so you know who knows what's gonna happen without signing and let's talk a
little bit about the uh... the championship game
i guess did does anybody think short hesitating
co-star this yes
yours yet
a hydraulic oil larger i mean i hate to work howlett
and i are inevitably go october or job or any state because i hate
dualism so much are
uh... i think
clearly armor demand i mean what do you have i think you can go up against it
started to speak
and that's the thing that
you know it's
i don't know what i'm thinking of people talking about georgia
never to uh... i think we can also taliban is not as his they were last
year i think there's any question about that
and i think they're secondary sparkle
uh... especially when you have a guy even like men berger who's struggling
struggling struggling also attn
on their as well as a really big game steph
in our home here in murray
at the end
they just doesn't play well those
beijing's history recently
in in whether this failure in that he just shrivel and those opportunities
uh... you know and even this form and this year you know he farming up lately
buddy perjury kids that were so horrible case in the first game in the first half
uh... helping the nazis
turnovers between both teams in the first act nineteen seventy
at the
george just playing really well right now and i think they're defense can't
line up and
possibly stop around about grammar uh...
and uh... if you can do that didn't you commit the game and andrew states on it
time rich are
ideas opportunity if he has a good day picnic
inaccurate uh...
development one yet
ever are
you'd never we're having personnel alabama when or or overrunning
a look at the border
or where there are no or other well i better get where if you're a rap singer
they're not granted but particularly the address
you know jordan yaar we didn't go
impact or powerful capital probably right
obvious world
but no it's felt weird went well
more people will be or order they have or here
pre-war here in the last six weeks
about about the great depression about they've gotten a lot are here
worded you all more
unit parlour or or or joking around with the process yet for orbit
for that or so
uh... obviously georgia ordered from american broke the probability of the
park apparatus character or about their whatsoever proposal or
retroactive per hour
or are
upgrade your data gathered evaporated away again
are reporting
against murder
i don't know that sort of what we are over my house program
give acl recycling
i don't know toward orbit corporate cover-up double-murder well
yet i think uh...
articulate coughing removing that
uh... georgian play this game last year
i was i think is a huge factor uh... i still think that they got issues with
when they get their blacked out
about four or five years ago predicate in a rich ordered for fall
uh... and i think it's an opportunity where
more refused to gaze away from international chicka chicka so we would
what he's done their on a
on a huge level of the students away
uh... insiders as much an opportunity for georgia's areas for alabama and
uh... and i think the scenario is that if you get late today and it's a close
you know alabama
you know that i think that it's a little bit of the pressure from that sample
what do you think it's a better match up for women in the national championship
game yesterday because having notre dame unlikable alabama because i think they
would like to play the undertow
underdog court
you know because alabama would be a huge favor but
and i think uh... the drug and be more conventional history for t_v_ was the
same alabama notre dame yet
manages the marine standpoint because of
how they go to the programs are but you're right george
they can pull this off it takes a lot of monkeys and it's really good
takes an awful lot of people back screws and more is not been able to when the
big one
georgia has not been able to win the big one riches
not been able to winnebago
and this goes back for years and years and there's always been that one program
that one game is on the calendar georgia must win the helmet duit uh... and they
had to do that this report that uh... a cocktail party
and so that they kind of
overcome that hurdle a little bit let me ask this question next in our policies
you guys all think of georgia kentucky m if that were to happen
the alabama or florida the second bcr n_b_c_ has been for the s_e_c_ floral
and a lot because they they have the best day of the vessel resume right now
of the story
they got a better estimate in georgia
and they got their resume development yet to put their numbers together teens
and so i think if you look at those three stains
on for what they got that resonate
uh... and and forcefully sister for
that's dealt with her with regards to it
florida doesn't have to play a game and i don't have to loose arguendo also
uh... in unix a incident
you know is interesting about this week with
also liked it must have been are back at him
uh... you know the time you know you
b dot that's our report released four type of bill so uh... you know they've
benefited from not playing in the day cc championship game last year
and now they could possibly not as this will be in it
coming here or there
you won't have anything to add to that
uh... not to the floor generative i'm going to make a or not what we're
talking about that
we made a comment about
team with c_ which is pamela in uh... in notre dame
and i was backtracking a bit late
one of the cold days are just looked up and there was no mention a few times is
that how many seniors brian kelly as a listener and swap
so what comparatively i tried to look and see when you compare payment you
there is a much more in experienced team in comparison to georgia no this players
left in a damaging it played last season
george is a created better not emailed mostly juniors and seniors i think that
really weighs heavily go into this game that uh...
maybe this is like we said at the time for margaret actually when
a big game i know that
they've consulate onshore every time that uh...
that there are favored and uh... right now they're not favor i think you know
and the minds of most people i think a lot of people think
ben was going to go in and get things done
i mean yes he's a championship games in atlanta so
idea fat man as well as saying is that that's a little bit of a home builder
dancer for george so
uh... i'm personally would rather see
george in there and just because of that pettitte used c_q_ guarantees waxy who
comes out to us
working around may play a little bit more passion go ahead
against and i think there might be a couple other alters
you know they've been there
i might add that says you know i definitely agree with that florida as a
better resume
and i think they deserve it made
they surprise a lot of people who come in there and
i don't think he i don't think it's
the better second half team a country united
height is delightful
tristan it at
as donors as not fight cell matches
that's my opinion of course
it's like to see george winston also doubt that organs to drop in
down everything allow onto
and that happens video also
catherine redfern nsw handler it out of there was this is the
whatever bowl game they did to you that the p_l_o_ workers and destroying
whatever came there
well in a meeting
you're going to probably go to work hard at the cotton the uh...
but what i want to get out the cabin
and they've got some predictions about this came out on
on the twenty six the canary if it goes yesterday uh... uh...
and that's what it is out there right now uh... georgia is slaughter the
capital wat
so yeah i guess that would that would probably switch in the scare miller has
the benefit
mister totten mission there
nishi here at the indecision philadelphians gut
amino acids and an informal training on what happens
you know there's all those scenes of their switching your texas aliens come
out and said
pretty much says it unemployment bible texas is the
is the
yet the other team they basically it out
wash our hands that deal so that the other
another even if there is the leading up to that and it's one of the citizens
come out but it's a powerful system
that's where it ought to use possibilty of
but giving in to
the uh... and the cotton bowl now
that's out of the morning
as far as to the chief away or to florida or today said
there's a lot of stuff is gonna get worked out there uh...
before thing and i think that the rest of them
but there's an issue in the last six years after i was supposedly carolina
together to polite about points and
is most likely going to be the a_c_c_ team so there are rematch there
you know there's talk between pecan vanderbilt or
necessary for the date at all
but northwesterners
is possible in thousands that wisconsin so
even if they want and then a bill that i want to have a rematch wasn't lobbies
rematch is in stuff that you can
when we got to get away until all the stuff sells with the s_e_c_ championship
his life
from their and that's really the only thing that matters in forest where the
dominoes pollen on it
impact wealth is
that has no bearing
really right
is going to be
well we just know that this this is not going to have delivery bowl
approach is that enough to think of it is only because we don't have enough
teams of divers logical correct
the uh... the loophole in the because
birmingham or whatever it is p_d_a_ encompass yet
they are
both of them were they they shared a tonight and then rotate each year since
these birds are back circuit before deliveries at least liberty out
but the good thing for music city is never done a cc team
uh... they have enough a_c_c_ team stood
together without the baca what happened so you can always grantor
now well nothing virginia tech walter bull
but there's also one of the officers or detectives and uh... and impacted in
they would have to get an appeal they've also
then and i think for orange bowl
to noble
buddy that's crazy to think about aside of terrible racism unit
usually they are
and that is not bordering
gore right of character let's take a break the premier the
at camp david grover well it there are a bit of a
said but they are here to get better or dollar
but if you think
they path popular park plot or rather corrupt for outreach that uh...
repetitively dr
has only
images think about this weekend at the big scene
championship it means nothing
you got out of the pat
twelve bets on a friday night if i'm not mistaken
best nothing really the f_c_c_ has this whole week in it's all about that one
thing i mean everything else's hannah
you know she's it's just kind of amazing and say yes favored and u_c_l_a_ playing
began six days later right
so but that's not how the pact well-reasoned
when nothing at the box game is it not
having possible under have the game friday night there was a oregon usc
ami is not going to throw out west and south
you know you've got those games beating each other
is is playing attracted safer yet
everything this weekend yet
to iran you're right i mean this is to deliver this message here
s_e_c_'s saturday this weekend so all of them that this is the
meets the national teacher for a dancer
yemen net that's where all the other downfall cell
but what does the s_e_c_ chambers are going on at four o'clock
especially retired fellow january doused is no rasco wisconsin
are actually i'm sorry local government argues
texas kansas state florida state georgia tech nebraska wisconsin and knows a lot
south alabama burst out of line eleven p_m_ so we wanted
that led to a nationality but
it was a serious scandal
and is it not as the increase is you're correct
so the minutes that they like that happens a lot too because he has been
anything longer than i thought with that's that's why that's at four o'clock
in the course of active labour activities normally
you know to thirty central three thirty so that there be an extra half-hour out
of it but
limits when i'm holding out tuesday b c
flashy is being passed that nineteen slot
and so they're not given up even if it is going to be better ratings for
uh... you know
c_b_s_ if that were the case and visit lead i want to give up the slot because
i'm more of all told a_b_c_ at that point yeah
so is it all comes down the dollar in other words and phrases last year
with the allies you gain where l issued the name of a a switch a roo to get an
extra c_b_s_ scheduling it's my game
and i think that will happen this year
with c_b_s_ news p m
first season developmental student the last two years and i
uh... announced predetermined before the year
uh... just like there was this year
uh... and then they have
you know happy to delta lantern for whatever they have
uh... indicted
i think what you know that negotiation though that was that i had to be given
up for maybe he had given up one of the adventure than i thought the in exchange
for you know uh... priority congressional at that
you know that it was all about and ratings appliance where it isn't and who
has the games live scripts is one that's who is
we'll talk all the things we've talked
bathroom and partners with him
uh... will know course after when we had free podcast all the ball games
and match-ups are cool with some of them a little bit more
and next week
uh... basically theres
i think three tiers you have to be c_s_ championship
manatees yes as you see then you have
what three or four programs
by from that
line instead of ball games
new you have probably three
with home is in the next mississippi state and very well
uh... in that that lower for
uh... for proponents
his surprise there is that there's actual in the rumblings that the owners
could conover jumped up and about
uh... and u
you know whether to win differential
well read about being happy wins
on his biggest city in a better
a better games because of a travel better so he's gonna be curious to see
how all that's gonna shake out you know that all the whole representatives
around some
some back
uh... behind a closed-door meetings a lot of negotiating is going on right now
no that they have a consideration is that there's about three or four others
for roles
that are in the last year
other contract
uh... so allot of the stuff
uh... if you want to interact with the s_e_c_
but i was actually play into its own or are they willing to
blue in the world this is the office
uh... and do some things uh...
a little bit consistent so it's it's is finishing sit out
alternate and that
i think that they may be able to come down a bit of illnesses they say
and i still they say it's gonna be at the gator bowl path is still available
send it
music cd
always ended up in the army campbell
uh... but
that's kind of talk to this man
and one of the things that was in a related
uh... vanderbilt this or gives chosen for the gamble
going into music cd i'm missing you say that you had last year and now you've
got a choice between home esteem
that is coming off of reviews
and you've got a large contingent of nudists in this state
alumni did uh... sadness at least i started that paul this week and so
because i think he is worried about wednesday vanderbilt big match up or
something of that affects uh...
and before stashed the
the all talk on the bottom third
and never
you know the other thing that i heard the name of the with music city wraps
it's important that doesn't mean that people
and ninety-one left the cctv and so the musician involved uh... theoretically
could actually had been
non a c seattle yet yes in our database
and sort out all messed up but that's the situation here
tendering for george had to do that appeal to help everybody out
not that i wouldn't mind seeing what continues to be called
you know but yet
that's the as it doesn't another reason but
uh... for the outlaws the dollars it's gonna be spent years and and the
national air
uh... the only other thing i think we've got on the agenda that is is coaching
uh... and there were some big news coming out of lexington today
uh... so the first domino fell
and binod keeping up with id i don't think he was high on anybody's radar
until into the very end here allison he's interviewing their spirits fault
but you know you don't watch list
inositol couple weeks back a week back
markets was never on that list i'll let you get the something different down
there but
uh... you know i a might end up being the best thing for kentucky you know i
avoid them
have been on this podcast
talking about how all these offenses minds
uh... but john play a writer author
uh... brought hope for today that they have a struck me in my head home a
little bit the last time
the that you can't have a winning record in the f_c_c_
uh... that was nineteen seventy-seven
uh... and that was andy defensive minded team
or in our might not be a bad thing for kids like you have to have a defense of
mud courage
you know i i think you're right
main uh...
at the contract is
say uh... you don't have the first won the first ones to go
make a decision on them
uh... all firing joker
and your you're our first quarter of the for toward the couple trigger set
you know it's it's one of those things where
it's a little bit out of the box for the world people were expecting because i've
been thinking it needed to be more that basketball grass offices minded
stuff but i mean you see in this to say that doesn't always work
uh... and specially with water will wash champs done at
of florida midnight that for a kentucky or
benefits and he told but
moral defensive minded uh... down what he's done three years before stated that
the defense is building to recruit
yeah i think it i think it's uh... i think it's a good move but you can
you just don't know the depended resilient did that
unanimous all calvary between a doubt that the whole basketball programs
perhaps that's always good
well he has anything else and
realistically donating
here's a few more to is made out there
with regards to nothing to do about it
anything that uh... to make the program meant for and he's he's as implant
message that is that
uh... unified front there infection
we're still solid goes for four this is in his first around right now
is his first his brother of mine doesn't look like that all of these remarked
that there's all of it
and the fact that bombs
astaire performances the corner is one at that
the defense's
just ridiculous easily edited for wednesday's got there
luger roast agents corner there's over for about five years
it was a lot of range but this guy marquis is the offensive coordinators
for net for the five years side of this doesn't talk about
the oklahoma city virtually has been the same sense he left and right in looking
for states the handsomely art alec regards the gentleman's time but
uh... you know i wonder until the end on in the n_f_l_ entrench more is any team
manager accounts manager dot
you know in the schemes as much i wonder
how much is uh... a head coach in college
involved because they're probably our c_n_n_ cancer-causing more art not just
in setting up the stains but getting the recruiting trail account to be in that
one it dot the difference in the big fish
and they just got put something in their c_e_o_s wonder
uh... is it so let's jim those defense this year we're isn't
more cheques it's very hard habit i think that was a great higher
uh... in china caused serious students
in the s_e_c_ really
now would it be strange to see bob novak like in arkansas
his wasn't that everything for market so i i don't think he was referred to vote
last week
and the one thing that and also the kentucky which is opening up and
use the caribbean capabilities you've got
the whole state of florida our people come from indiana for last three or four
of the midwest balanced hasn't acted as a home arizona as they've got all those
recruiting hotbeds out there that they can techie hasn't had
you're going to really
acute into indian tribes like the they would like to because
the the main recruiters for kentucky was joker felons
who's a kentucky gap
and beforehand and along with him up until this year was t martin uh... bt
you know this is this is going to open up some some new avenues of contend he
hasn't had to pass out
you know i would it was a name that wasn't on my radar as part of the things
i was looking for
uh... but after reading about it and i'm excited about that because nobody said
reaching kentucky
by the artist on twitter today huh
eunice simpson
talk about all these recruits these
four and five star recruits are actually at least gift
back because it now
uh... and that's that's all he has the announcement celeste
that's encouraging news for us
uh... what would the people from the white house
yeah all you need to do that's just ahead and send them in their workers
budget committee in their lives for basketball
been bypassed other methods that they are
we can get the money that is uh... embedded in our satellite veterans
there was information about that enough content coming on that well i think that
they didn't know you know that i think the team are thing was a big deal with
this to use for mobile area
and if you really look interviews
uh... slow audino every recruit a broader
to three years
your he was all over it and a lot of that had to be in that panhandle uh...
that alabama be south on where he was a boycott uses thousand and burning
incense using huge parkinson's recruiting and i think that that was
that wasn't and uh... on top of our really big deal
uh... in kentucky coaching staff when he went left for sought her out of it and
he was
he was due to his that bob but you can see in the contract like that
what about the other three three positions out there either
then we went out on a nurse it's the same rumors that we have left because
they're not
uh... the monday when the let's not forget now for some finance insane
amount of money to go to our excel
are you know it
i think it was a
are not one of four five of the sunday talk about how
every coach in the country as
in in the world in the minds of arkansas as
is a possibility coming that's cool like
i think there's a unrealistic expectations are
there in arkansas tonight
and then the family's history they were believed to have a good of the program
but i think
you also see that maybe that some of you know summaries in this program has been
they need to be honest with
who they are not what they are within their coach and be uh... infant
they get irritable less miles nl issuer that pipeline declares that he's got is
about is
uh... silly as they did it dot john chavis gonna come out
obviated events coordinator concoction c in washes say that ok john tomorrow
i think arkansas on his own look for a game this is my
opinion tennessee is well
in maybe an already look for the next dot
uh... looking
um... blair is uh... chose right there with with uh... demo is he was the next
uh... youngsters is going to be the next i don't
quit looking for the guys that
should be a good bit like john bruton or trying to pull
all you know jim molinaro palm leaves
oklahoma and look or
it like for a quick trip tennessee i look at the guy like uh... maybe willie
tired i think that any kind of a a little bit nervous that no one from
the sun belt of the s_e_c_
look at uh...
was a guy's name appeared since any uh... blizzard dorms yet was john's
it'll be fun
charlie for all the people who played deliver the drug program right
unlike that city are like their kid they select their passions i think it's
almost falls into um...
alone it was shannon's issues which we talk it's more of a basketball school
uh... but then i think i'm and i think that he's more brother
the other things that shifted any like they did
technology like this one i a m tonight if he doesn't quite serious w_s_p_n_
right now we're central broken out for club
the joint russell's name has now been thrown in the uti coach uh... carousel
sort of interesting
that could be released on they can move forward popeye
i know he's not the show cause he's got some issues with it by
uh... that could be back in the cottage dinner a county one of those i love
arceneaux the tennessee valley over prime the john bruton leases nice cozy
distrust of the political on arturo program like tennessean in really
take the rains in delhi understands the pressure of being the big school and he
understands the pressure uh...
uh... families of expectations that could be perhaps what should be shipping
you know it could be done to be quite interesting
you know pain
a nation we talk about this and then lastly her man and christian minute
bought a couple weeks here
you know when i look at
tennessee or even arkansas
if you just take the top fifteen programs in the country
and look at their head coach in farming warned that left another top fifteen
programmer top forty program exchange that program
we really are souring meyer taken here all man all the mess happenin
uh... multistage on savin human away from a college game and went to the
n_f_l_ realized he was in the fifteen back for trina same thing
came out of the products all top today program but our essay in this
that was a head start start of the test and arrested
and the uh... stuff here are saying
yesterday in that
brown new bosses excused yesterday their goods
fast louvain presidency that
now let me ask you just doesn't usually have a major intact to heart
and maybe they could just do that and have there
students giving for free that we are at the present had
worry about it
yeah i think that's putting us more about it
i'd i was never a troll prior friend
in and i know there was another guy bought their i'm forgetting but follow
their college row prior isn't it
that's a kid uh... and i saw this on jackson is al
for the remainder season because the red injuries
i compare these two because of this tour of our was a pennsylvania katie
more lessons penn state to grew up in a penn state fan
and i think he just couldn't get what he wanted this is my personal opinion
there's no fact-based honest
so he went to ohio state
uh... misconduct you know stated to the man if you will
uh... cannot compare that to discharge actually because
here's a guy with the best talent
grew up as a tire like a southern california fan wanted to be a usc trojan
uh... his entire life n
then he gets recruited by usc
and very uh...
very immature early on his part decided to go to cal because he couldn't have
number y
you know it
you can't always control these kids you know the james russell couldn't be held
responsible for
you know his cormac with all those kids and all his responsibilities just like
you know any other country but i definitely think there was
you try to cover her body got caught by
i think we all know
arbonne about how teens to get around now
some of the rules when they get caught me
deny deny deny it to you show proof
i think it's a it's an interesting conversation and i think that at least
for jobs tennessee is
is the most desirable
just because when you talk about the new athletic facilities
little bit different position arbonne arrived on the back yard bama stuff
arkansas i think is an extremely hard place uh... to recruit
you look at it
all the schools surrounding the state of arkansas and that she was poorly
uh... and i think tennessee has a little bit more or reach me comes into georgia
and uh... alabama and i did anyone see the story on they're doing about him on
that collecting
the tri-state area
g garcia
double ice-cold yeah that is pretty
paperless neglected ncar southeast tennessee which is where i grew up
northside northwest
in the northeast alabama just completely disregard it where
they their schools in that area did you know
coop the recruiting contact was for tennessee
to the point net
the only thing they heard on the tennessee in that region was
allow any other football camp i've just got out let's just go ahead clustered
always filled out
but yeah i mean
i think the tennessee has that was the best job audits open the s_e_c_ it's
probably in my opinion
the best in the country audit is open at this point what you guys see what you
think about that i was kind of a pacemaker now humanity came from it
you talk about a seven hundred forty million dollars including they're better
than ever before in the end of the law complexes
sniffing whether all indications is
want the best in the country
uh... and and demanded read that article that was a very sharp backing article
from the standpoint of there was a here's five high schools out of fifty
it was like
thirty-two coaches out of thirty seven interviewed and said they may have been
even know who the recruiting
designated to rupert school
and uh...
in indoors i never heard from tennessee is when they needed money for their care
but as his i mean there's a lot of free patsy has got to be done you're talking
about a school that uses
uh... but as long as both its for pretty in their sixties it
influenced and for that day
and they're desperate i mean that's the thing i think makes it even more
is that they're willing to
day-to-day far it looks like he's willing to take a step
uh... in gas if you remember in
critical moment and then was doing their search
know what's in it
did a year in the late december
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making a decision in the next week
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uh... it's that time we do our open micah anything that you wanna felt happy
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lady dozens of family expert
on alaska lasagna shout out to uh...
you know my school that i'd send mail tennessee state as we get another shot
out to orlando l_s_u_ fan but
undergoing probably raters when in eight games at bt when his program in the
state of tennessee so
liberators and uh... now love four right here
and uh...
yet as i'm i'm looking for next week and see how the uh... the dominoes fall
and uh... seemed
what we can expect a ballgame and as always you follow me on twitter at into
the great
and actually all kinds of things
hockey college you name it and i'll be sure to call you guys back well and i
think surrounded uh... but uh... blair
thanks for having me on the obviously follies' and layers finally met system
why l one
and uh...
and not looking four days in the crash and as for the next three hundred and
fifty some odd days i will be fed by all of my uh... boldness for and such as
gold uh... birthday
together take it his for that
conditioner can take a hike was right that's right
and we're gonna represent uh... handbag
because so much for them
drawing is listening in the f_t_c_'s for granted we do this every week
generally monday and tuesday evenings and it is back up on our website is the
csr heat dot carl uh... shortly thereafter we often do the video version
of this i'm going to be a hangouts
uh... and so you can watch it on our youtube channel and it's generally up
that evening
uh... was moderate editing
uh... after the fact was from shows like throwing out some
and descriptions of the fact that he's an image that
posted right up by our store after we record so
uh... almost immediately available for you onto enjoying watching and
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how you can follow me personally at p shane daily
uh... if we buy anything done
wife you never know what you might get from it
a little bit like a tom hanks and
and that's one movie
but that does not like that i was awful
popping up
though that your listeners that we have heard on the house and i think factory
one recall this podcast dot