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Uploaded by ChernarusTV on 26.11.2012

They are in prison for more than two months for taking pictures of military facilities. Only last week, both the President, Mr. Vaclav Klaus, and the Prime Minister, Mr. Necas, become involved in the affair. They asked Greek president, Mr. Samaras, to take a look at the affair.
Prime Minister Samaras was very forthcoming, he said he will investigate the affair and I consider this to be a positive message. I would like to emphasize that the Czech Government and I personally want to do everything in our power to help our citizens imprisoned in Greece.
We are now watching the rally in support of the Czechs in prison. Let's now head to the building of the Greek embassy in Prague 6, to meet Mr. Daniel Vavra, one of the organizers of the rally. Good afternoon.
Dan Vavra: Good afternoon.
AW: ou wanted to present your petition to the Greek ambassador. Did you manage to do it yet?
DV: No, not yet. This will happen in a moment. We have about 20 thousand signatures, from all around the world, because both guys are well known internationally, and we plan to present it not only to the Greek embassy, but also to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
AW: What are your intentions about the petition? What are going to be the next steps? As we have already informed, Czech MFO, Prime Minister and even President have already contacted Greece and they strive to resolve the affair. Event he attorney of the two detainees, with the backing of the families of the two men, says that it helps when the Czech Republic presents unified front in this matter.
DV: This is surely great. But it is three months too late, we think. The whole situation is absurd and it needs to be said -- because we still keep hearing that they took pictures of some military facilities, and with very high degree of certainty we can say this is not true. They are accused of being Turkis spies, this is patently absurd. And they spent these three months in a prison cell with another 25 men, sleeping on the floor. I just don't understand how this is even possible, and I think our country -- even if they did took some pictures, and we think they didn't -- or maybe they did, but only by chance and I have some pictures here with me of what could it possibly be -- our country should act sooner and more decisively.
AW: The information you have, about the conditions of their imprisonment, do you have them from the families? How can you be sure that it is as you say? 2:45 DV: I have it from the families, from their representatives, from the people close to them, the important thing that needs to be said is that they were supposed to take pictures for their game -- this kind of denies that they are Turkish spies, on the other hand, the truth is that the game is almost finished, so they have had no reason to go there for taking pictures, and another problem is that the facilities they have supposedly taken pictures of -- they might have accidentally taken pictures of, somewhere in the distance -- pictures like that are easy to get from the Internet. I have some pictures here with me. The whole point is that the military airport they are accused of spying on is located some hundred meters from the civilian airport. Almost everybody that lands on that airport can see the base, can take its pictures as much as he pleases, so the whole story that Turkey would higher these two well-known guys to get this readily available information in public domain, such story is utterly absurd. And considering they are detained for three months already, under appalling conditions -- and everything I just said was known from the beginning, so I think our country should have acted sooner than it did.
AW: On the other hand, there are discussions within Greece, that point out that it is nothing new that Greeks are very sensitive about this and that in case somebody takes such -- and Greeks point out that this might have happened -- such an amount of imagery, including details of local terrain and access routes to the military facilities, then really, in laymen terms, this could have irritated the Greeks. Moreover, this would not have been the first such case.
DV: These are speculations from some Greek blogs. According to my information, it was already in 2010 or 2011 there was some kerfuffle about the game being set on that island. The island is of course heavily modified in the game and the game itself takes place in 2035, so there are not going to be any present day military installations there. But our point is that everything there you can readily find on Google maps, you can buy satellite imagery, so to think that Turkey or anybody else would send somebody to take pictures of something they can get for free or snap a picture of from a satellite, is absurd. The creative team behind the game -- I am not part of it and I have no relationship with them -- emphasize that everything in their games from public domain sources and the Greek Minister of Defense, then, two years ago, said they were not concerned about this game and nothing can be done about. This leads me to believe that this is some petty affair of the local authorities and I think that we should stand for our fellow citizens rather than suspect them of some nonsensical acts they could not have committed
AW: We mentioned Mr. Petr Necas who mentioned this during the EU summit. He said that it is unlikely and improbable that the two men were actually involved in espionage. But last week new information surfaced about a witness that could shed more light on the case. Of course we do not know exactly the next steps of Greek justice. Do you know anything about this new witness and what is next in the proceedings?
DV: That's one of the things we would like to learn here in the embassy, we would like to have more information. Of course we do not want to be involved directly. There is a speculation that just before the guys went for their vacation, right after they finished the game, that some alleged fan offered them to take them around the island and show them everything. What I hear -- and this is a mere hearsay, I do not have any confirmed sources for that -- that this alleged fan was a... how to say it, an agent provocateur, so you see
AW: So this of course means that the Greek Justice will take more time looking into the things. You yourself have said that you want to find out the schedule at Greek embassy. What are going to be your next steps?
DV: Let's see what happens. We are surely glad that the president, prime minister, EMPs, after the fans, families, their lawyers made themselves heard, that the whole establishment sort of got moving, that is certainly a welcome development. We started planning the rally last week, so things started happening in the meantime, I surely think that quite a few people gathered here. These are not only fans but also people from the Czech interactive industry, that has a good ring to it worldwide, there are people here that managed to sell millions copies, people from established international companies. Some of them are here, some of them signed our petition, this is not an action of some young gamers, these are adults, people that have already achieved something
Yes, but on the other hand, this is business. Somebody could be interested in it, somebody not. What you are saying now, who came here and who didn't, this is an issue for different occasion. The issue at hand is that there are two Czechs detained in Greece, on certain suspicions... Moreover, some in Greece speculate that possible one of the detainees might have committed at the same place something similar some time ago, that is to map whether the people in this section, in this business, the people who make computer games, whether these people have Greece intensely in their viewfinder, but at this moment, we must focus on Greece justice system as such, what kind of evidence will be presented. The Greeks are certainly also considering what you have just said, but on the other hand it is necessary to present evidence of either guilt or innocence.
DV: And because of the judicial strike in Greece this takes much more time than it should, in my opinion. And we are here to point out that they are being detained under very peculiar circumstances, we are sure that if they were filmmakers or musicians
AW: Thank you, thank you. We were talking about presenting the petition to the Greek embassy and we are going to follow it closely. Good bye and thank you.
DV: Thank you and good bye.